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9 Ways To Get Kids To Keep Their Hats On – Without Superglue

Kids To Keep Their Hats On

Hats, masks, bows, blankets, and tiara adornment on the heads of certain children is something they have always had a fondness for. 

It is that time before you have even picked it up, while some have a very sophisticated invisible alarm system that notifies them of the fact. 

When it comes to keeping hats on our heads, superglue seems to be the only option. However, before pulling out the tube, try some of these other suggestions.

Hats, masks, bows, blankets, and tiara adornment on the heads of certain children is something they are born with a fondness for. 

They will do the runner before you have even picked up your hat, thanks to their very advanced invisible alarm system. 

If your child is of the latter sort, we decided that the ideal individuals to provide advice for encouraging youngsters to keep their hats on were other frustrated mothers just like you.

To help you if your child falls into the latter category, we have put together this list of helpful recommendations from other frustrated mothers just like you. 

1. Choose a Style that Is Appropriate for Your Child’s Age:

Three different styles are available in each of our three collections for children to wear as they develop. 

If your child’s choices overlap, you must work with them to choose the appropriate hat for that overlap stage.

2. Begin Early, No Matter the Season:

Wearing hats, headbands, and beanies at an early age increases the likelihood that children will grow up with a fondness for wearing headwear.

3. Consistent Persistence Is Key:

Do not accept no for an answer; make it clear that they must wear a hat at all times while outside. 

Adopt the “no hat, no play” rule that schools and daycares have and keep putting it back on every time they take it off. 

Your friends and family will either fall in love with it or stop arguing with you over it.

4. Be a Good Example for Others to Follow:

When their parents curse, children mimic them. 

Everything! As a result, if you always wear a hat outdoors, your child will follow suit. 

Ask grandparents to wear their caps when babysitting your children, and encourage older siblings to teach younger ones the ropes.

5. Have Fun with It:

Your hat should be adorned with theirs. Hat them on the head with your own. Put it on backward. 

They may not be able to get started until they put on a hat. During the time they are eating, playing a game, or talking with their dolls, kiss them. 

Alternatively, you may reward them for keeping their hat on for a certain period. 

There will be so much fun that they may not even bother to take off their caps!

Alternatively, you may turn things inside out or backward. Ask whether they like your hat if you wear your underwear on your head. 

Ask them to assist you to locate the perfect hat and “while we are at it, let us find yours too!” when they chuckle at your request. 

When kids wear a hat, make it a game and have them link it with positive times. 

Possibly, they are heading to the park, or to the river to grab an ice cream, or making mud pies outdoors. 

Wearing a hat is a great way to have a lot of fun!

6. Using Distractions Is a Great Way to Fool Them:

If they do not wear a hat, it may be the only way for them to get started! 

While they are eating, playing a game, or conversing with their dolls, sneak in a kiss. 

Another option is to give them something in exchange for keeping their hat on for a count of 20. That number could be too exciting for them to take the hat off!

7. Verify that It Is the Right Size and Fits Well:

Not only is the design important, but so is the scale. 

Before selecting a hat, measure your child’s head to ensure a proper fit. 

If the hat is too large, it will obstruct their view, and if it is too little, it will fall off their head.

Kids will tear their caps off as a result of this annoyance. Our baby baseball hats for boys and girls may help with that!

8. You May Even Let Them Help You Choose the Hat:

Besides the initial purchase (although it helps to offer them an edited variety to pick from!), give them an option of what hat to wear while you are heading out as well. 

In the meanwhile, if you start telling them that they can not wear a hat because they are still apprehensive about it, they may give up on the whole thing. 

Allow them to choose their clothes, including their hat, the night before. 

The hat will blend in seamlessly with their ensemble, so there is no reason they should not wear it indoors as well.

9. Wear a Chin Strap:

The chin strap makes it a bit more difficult for little children to remove their hats. 

The chin straps on all Bedhead Hats are adjustable and come with toggles for a custom fit. 

Even though they may be removed without damaging the hat’s quality, many people have found them to be the best method to keep hats on their heads!

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Give them a choice of hats to wear each day in addition to the first purchase. Even if you are not heading to the beach, let your kids pick out a swim cap!

The night before, let them choose their clothes, including a hat. There is no danger in wearing a hat indoors since it is part of their attire.

Finally, the Inuits instruct their children to wear hats in winter by saying that the northern lights will pull their heads off and use them as soccer balls, should they venture out without one.

As a last resort, you may always rely on the Inuit traditional method of teaching their children to wear a hat when it is cold.

As a warning, parents inform their children that the northern lights will remove their heads if they venture outside without one.



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