Is Artificial Grass Better for Dogs


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One of the first things most people think of when they are considering whether to use real grass or artificial grass for dogs in their yard is whether or not their pets will be able to keep their paws on it. They do have paws and if they can’t hold on to a piece of grass, they will find an alternative.

It has been proven that dogs prefer real grass. There have been several studies that show that when compared to other types of grass, real grass has more positive effects on the health of the dog and it can help to keep his digestive system healthy as well.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it will smell better. There have been several studies that have found that there is a specific smell that dogs find more pleasant than others.

Artificial grass does not have this type of scent and your dog will quickly learn to like the new smell. When choosing artificial grass, you may want to choose one that is a little bit more open than normal because that will allow more airflow through. If your dog likes the scent, he will naturally want to lay down on it.

Uses Of Artificial Grass for Dogs Without Fear of Damaging

Artificial grass can be mowed and watered without fear of damaging it. Many owners have reported that their pets have been very happy with this feature. If your pet gets too mowed over, make sure to put a sprinkler head on him to keep him watered.

If you do use this feature, you will want to make sure you give him plenty of water so he doesn’t dry out. You may even want to place newspaper under the sprinkler head to catch any overflow water.

Most dogs have their favorite spot to rest such as in a dog bed or a pillowcase. Unfortunately, if your favorite spot is mowed, you may find your dog has to move. If your dog has to move, his instinct is to want to stay put. If you provide artificial grass, you will find your pet will love going to his spot.

Real grass also allows you to hear your pet more. Most dogs love to bark, but the sound can be muffled on artificial grass for dogs. It also keeps lawns green all year long. It won’t turn brown as the weeds will.

Your pet will enjoy playing in the grass all year round. He will also appreciate not having to pull his hair out every time he wants to go outside.

pet friendly artificial grass

Promotes A Healthy Environment for Your Pets

Real grass promotes a healthy environment for your pets. When your dog is happy and healthy, he will be happier and healthier too for his master. Grass keeps your dog off of other surfaces which can lead to straining and even dental problems. Your dog will not be able to rip up the grass and soil or pull his hair.

Is real grass better for dogs? Real grass has many benefits to your pets. If you do not have it, there are plenty of pet grass options. It is a small investment for a healthy yard for all occasions. Some dogs will be at the edge of the fake grass.

Others will run off as soon as they lay their seed. Artificial grass gives dogs a chance to play. Dogs can also take off running and chase after their toy. This gives them a chance to exercise their legs and get a good workout.

Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass For Your Yard

If you live in an area where the weather varies from season to season, there is nothing worse than having a dog-friendly artificial grass yard. You can tell when somebody has a dog because their lawn is often covered with patchy, burnt patches where dog urine has burned the grass to a cinder.

Not anymore! With dog-friendly artificial grass, you no longer have that problem. It will not only cut down on your dog’s waste, but it will also cut down on the maintenance costs.

Dog urine is one of the biggest problems with real grass. The dog’s urine is so diluted that it acts like a stain. This means that over some time if the dog urinates on the real grass, it will seep into the very fibers and kill the grass. Not anymore.

With dog-friendly artificial grass, any urine that lands on the synthetic turf will break down and the soil will act as an absorbent and the urine will break down completely.

Different Styles of Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass

Another great thing about dog-friendly artificial grass is that it helps reduce your animal’s waste. Dogs produce a tremendous amount of urine. If you were to attempt to mow the lawn by hand, it would be impossible to get all of it off.

Even if you did, it would take an incredible amount of time. With the help of synthetic turf, you can reduce the amount of yard time needed to keep the lawn looking good.

Dog-friendly artificial lawns are available in different styles. They come with different textures and can be created to resemble either a real or natural grass look.

Some pet-friendly artificial lawns also have mulch built right into them. This mulch helps to keep the grass moist, which is important during the spring.

artificial grass for pets

Helps to Keep the Grass Green

To keep dog urine from being an issue, dog-friendly artificial grass systems come with a sensor built right into the blades. When your dog runs past the system, a sensor sends out a current that gets transmitted to the blades. This current prevents any moisture from getting into your lawn.

The most common type of system that detects whether or not the dog has run past it is a passive system, where you place a receiver beneath the grass and it will sense if there is a dog motion.

Most dog-friendly artificial grass systems come with mulch as well. This mulch helps to keep the grass green and prevents damage to the blades.

Many times dogs will run across the blades while playing and then walk on, pulling and tearing on the mulch, which promotes bald spots in the blades. Other times, dogs may run into the home blades and rip them apart, which promotes infestation and root rot. This can be avoided with a mulch layer on the blades.


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