3 Ways to Check the Remaining Internet Quota of Smartfren Andromax


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Buy an Android smartfren internet package but don’t know how to find out the remaining quota?

Here’s how to easily check the remaining Andromax smartfren internet quota.

Smartfren is one of the Indonesian CDMA providers which is widely used for online purposes. Including myself who also use their products, namely Modem Evdo Revolution A and Smartfren Andromax Es 4G LTE.

Of the two products, every month I also buy a smart free internet package. Especially when they already support the 4G network, whose speed is no longer in doubt. However, the faster the internet connection, the faster the remaining internet quota will run out.

In this case, I am talking about the volume-based package which is used to watch YouTube videos, read news, play online games and upload large files to cloud storage. In between this package being used for this purpose, I also occasionally check the remaining Andromax smartfren quota.

Now for those of you who use the Andromax smartfren internet package but don’t know how to check the remaining quota, see the following steps.

How to Check Remaining Internet Package Quota for Smartfren Andromax Android

Using the MySmartfren Application

This application is one of the default applications that are already installed in the Smartfren Andromax 4G LTE Android. You can check the remaining internet package quota that you bought, whether it’s a volume-based internet package or an unlimited package.

  1. Open the MySmartfren Application.
  2. Log in by entering the cellphone number that is currently in use then tap Complete Info.
  3. In the Complete Information view, you can find out the remaining credit balance, card active period, package information, package active period, or bonus or benefit from the package you have purchased.

Using a Number Calling Service

If you don’t have the MySmartfren application, then try checking the remaining smartfren quota by dialing * 995. Wait for a few seconds then you will get an SMS response regarding the active internet package information.

Using SMS

You can check the remaining quota of the last Andromax smartfren by sending an SMS format by writing the message “Check” then sending it to number 995. You will also get the same SMS response as in step 2.

Of the three ways to check the remaining Andromax smartfren internet quota, the first way is the one I do most often. Because we will receive very complete information. This method is not only for checking the Android smartfren package quota, but for modem users, you can also use this method.

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