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Modern Interior Decor Themes Featuring Character

Modern Interior Decor Themes Featuring Character

Interior designing can be referred as to an art or a method of designing the interior decoration for a room, a house, and even a building at large.

While a method usually, includes a set of strict guidelines or/and rules, whereas, the concept of Art is way more unsolidified and independent. As a result, opinions of design and style can be a little confusing without a common frame of reference.

If a client cannot express his or her visualization for decorating their residential or commercial space, it becomes a great task for an interior designer. Interior designers are the professionals who are involved in the planning of the architecture of a room which also includes technical considerations like; door and window placement to make sure that traffic flow, the lighting, effectiveness, and acoustics of the room are enhanced.

Also, they are in charge of instituting the color palette, furnishing, and beautifying the space with decorative bits and pieces to highlight a particular mood or style. Interior decorators, on the other hand, focus only on the aesthetics of the place.

In addition to just pleasing the eye; the look of a room if gets these elements to work together in synchronization; will also bring functionality greater than before. To start with, an interior designer will evaluate the room following these interior design elements, and then customize them to cover or improve the various features and flaws of the space.

You can see here if you want an interior design service provider for any of your requirements. Look at the minimum; seven elements that should at all times be well thought of in the creation of any interior.


Space is an important concept to understand, it is the foundation of an interior; which ensures that you’re best prepared to take benefit of what is presented to you. In interior designing and decorating, people have the bonus of working within a three-dimensional space i.e. length, width, and height.

This three-dimensional space can be filled or can be left empty; depending upon what one wants to achieve from a functionality and design perspective.


Interior designers and decorators can form harmony, unity, and contrast by using the furnishing and the structural design of the room. Vertical, Horizontal lines help in shaping a room and guiding the eye.

Horizontal lines are created with the help of tables and other surfaces, give a sense of stability, efficiency, and formality.

Vertical lines are created with the help of features such as windows and doorways and they bring to mind feelings of freedom and strength. Dynamic lines, mostly refer to diagonal, zigzag, or curved lines. In an ideal world, interior designers will try and gain a balance with the incorporation of these different lines.

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It refers to the shape of any object that is present in a room and also the shape of the room itself. Typically, they can be defined as anything natural or geometrical. Another thing that should be taken into consideration with the form of a place is the scale and proportion of the room as compared to the objects that are being placed within it.


Light let it be natural or man-made, is an important aspect of a place. It light is not proper; the other elements make no sense and cannot be used to their maximum potential.

Light, besides its very functional purpose, also can set an atmosphere and change the mood of people; simultaneously, defining the color, texture, and line of that place.


It surely is a science on its very own and very confidently is another important aspect that determines the décor and design of a place. It can form mood, express unity, and modify the perception as to how large or small a space is. The psychology of color shouldn’t be taken too lightly, and surely will be used to its full benefit by any skilled interior designer.


Texture refers to the tangible surface of an object or a place. It is something that is most often ignored, but it does have the ability to bring across a unique dimension to space.

Just like mixing color and pattern, an interior designer should mix the textures within a space to give it a delicate sense of depth.

The texture is of two kinds; visual texture- it is the one that can be perceived by the eyes and actual texture- the one that can be felt with the sense of touch.


A pattern is created; with the use of recurring designs and can be brought into being with the use of wallpapers, soft furnishings, rugs, and fabrics. Joined up with colors, pattern also offers a similar use to texture; and that is; it can add appeal to a room.

Patterns come in several types, such as stripes, pictorial, organic, motif, geometric, and animal prints. When applying the pattern, it is best to foremost think through the size and style of the room.

Bringing together patterns in a small room should be done cautiously the main reason is to avoid overwhelming the space.

When you decide to choose a theme, make certain that the elements of the ultra-modern interior design principles are contained within your ideas for the interior decoration of your place.

This is so that you can very easily pick out and set the basic framework of the place. If your options are somewhere in between two types; you can see here and use these principles:

Following the recent architectural evolution:

To create an ultra-modern space, you first need to select the correct furniture that represents its well-designed style. You can make your choice; the industrial element matches the modern style and creates a sense of industrial chic in the interior of your place.

Radiating Minimalism:

The ultra-modern design and decor principles of home design can be strengthened and enhanced by allowing an adequate amount of light into the place. It is quite an important standard of modern interior designing and decoration and can be found almost anywhere in the world. Look here to find an interior design agency.

Refresher Cues:

Imagine, you want to refresh the interior of the place, and of course, it can be tough at times to find a muse for a modern home design. Maybe, one of your partners is an admirer of modern architectural features such as modern lighting and furnishings, but the other friend likes objects that are more traditional and detailed.

Since today, all the places can have all modern architectural features; it is now and then very difficult to see the variance between the concepts at first.

How to add Character to your Home Décor?

One can add several personal touches with DIY ideas and other objects to create a living room and a whole house for that matter that is filled with character. Your tastes, favorite varieties, textures, prints, and each and everything that inspires you is what you want and should surround yourself with.

This is what adding character to your place represents. Adding character means adding your taste irrespective of whatever it is that is deemed the trend of the era. Here are several ways that you can make your home reflect your unique character.

Updating the Lights: with the right lighting, you can add convenience comfort, and character to your space

Frame the view for yourself:  make your window curtains colorful and pleasant to be looked at. Hang them higher so they look taller.

Put the Unused space at work: convert an area that you barely use to an area that you would want to take time out from your schedule and hang out at.

Be practical about storage: place shelves and pegs in nooks and corners of the house for convenient storage, and ease of things that are required daily.

Old fashioned appeal: a vintage look gives its vibes so yeah fill your home with its friendly charm.

Updating your Doorknobs: doorknobs can completely change the door and shelves look, go ahead give it a try.

Bring in the Rugs: rugs are amazing in adding characters as they have a lot of patterns, colors, and textures that can match your style.

Why hire Interior Design Service Provider?

It surely is something to give a thought to if you haven’t done so by now. Hiring an interior design service provider is a smart choice if you have invested a good amount of money into your home and want to be able to display it to look its best. See here, some of the best reasons to do so:

  • Professional Assessment
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Extensive availability of resources.
  • They work extensively to add that Wow Factor.
  • A trained eye and a visual storyteller.




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