6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing An Air Conditioner


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Air Conditioners are a must-have device in homes these days. Imagining a summer without your air conditioner working is kind of a nightmare for many.

However, if you assess the situation in advance and plan things then such nightmares can be easily avoided. What we mean here is that you can plan and get your ac system tuned up before the summer kicks in.

Further, if you need an air conditioner installed then you can plan early and find air conditioning installation in San Diego, California, Texas, etc as per your needs.

At peak season it would be difficult to get the system installed as the HVAC services providers are already booked. Also in peak season, the charges you need to pay would be higher than usual both for the air conditioner and its installation.

If you have got the device already then you can click this link if you want air conditioning installation in San Diego. However, if you are planning an installation then you should stay on the page and read further as we are going to discuss some important things to be kept in mind before getting an air conditioner installed.

1 System Quality

Before getting a new air conditioner installed you must ensure that you are picking a device of good quality. Well, quality surely matters and it has a relation with the long-term durability of the system.

Therefore you must not compromise with the quality for sure. Get the kind of specifications you need to be listed and then search for a device that matches it amongst the quality brands. The big brands are driven by reputation and thus can’t compromise on quality.

2 Energy Efficiency

While you love to enjoy the coolness of the air conditioner in summer you won’t like your electricity bill to shoot up exponentially.

That is why it becomes important that you look for a device that has high energy efficiency ratings. Check for EER rating which ranges from 8 to 11.5. The higher the number in the rating the higher is the efficiency of the device. Not only do the energy-efficient devices save electricity bills but are environmentally friendly as well.

3 Check Filters

The filter in the air conditioner does the major task of keeping out the dust from the air in circulation. The dirty filters can cause the system to get clogged and the performance of the system gets affected by it.

Therefore it is advised to get the filters cleaned and replaced timely so that the system keeps on working without any hiccups.

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4 Keep It Debris Free

The outer unit of the air conditioner faces tough challenges as it braves the extreme weather. Not only in summer when the system is in use but in the winter season also the outer units battle the weather.

Condenser and compressor form the part of that outer lot. Any dust or clogging in them can be critical for the device. Thus, make sure that the outer unit is well protected with coverage at the time of installation.

Also, routinely check the outer unit to ensure that it is cleaned on time before trouble starts to happen.

5 Installation Location

It becomes crucial to place the air conditioner in the right location so that a complete cooling effect is obtained. Getting the air conditioner installed in one corner or side by place would not serve the purpose of holistic cooling.

Further, the main unit should not be exposed to much direct sunlight or brightness or any kind of water inflow. All this can severely affect the device making it dysfunctional in the long run. Take the guidance from the installation service provider in this regard.

6 Maintenance

How many times have we heard that maintenance adds life to the device but have neglected it?  The same goes true when you get a new system installed. Get a contract for maintenance done during the purchase of the device.

Maintenance plays a critical role and this needs to be performed at a regular interval say in 6 months or 1 year. Initially, you get the service warranty from the device manufacturer but that doesn’t cover regular tune-up and maintenance.

To get that you can purchase the maintenance plan at discount during the purchase time. This would save you the cost of maintenance and you won’t have to look for a service provider in mid-season.


Getting an air conditioner installed is one thing while getting it done properly is another. Our discussion so far has cleared that one thing for sure. To keep the air conditioner fit and fine and running for long early and planned actions are necessary.

While getting the new system installed if you put in action the things that we discussed here then we are sure your device would be running longer than a usual lifetime.

We hope that this piece of information cleared you of what you need to at the time of installation. Don’t forget to tell us your views whether you found them helpful or not. Also, tell us about your queries related to HVAC so that we can come up with another informative blog on that.


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