Instagram Reels: 15 Statistics That Amazes you


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Before we jump into the statistics of Instagram reels, we can see what this newest feature on Instagram is and how it works well.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the newest feature on the platform, allowing users to create and upload short-term videos. Like TikTok, Instagram reels enable you to film and edit up to 15 seconds of video content by adding sounds, filters, and effects and upload it on the platform. 

You might ask why you should utilize Instagram reels when you are using TikTok already. For many influencers on Instagram, the Instagram reels feature helps them in many ways as you have spent more energy and time on building your followers.

Do you wish to put that same effort into another network when keeping your presence on Instagram? No. You no need to do with Instagram reels. 

You can also ask, “what’s the difference between stories feature and reels feature on Instagram?” An exact answer would be “not that much.”

Both features allow you to film short-term videos that you could share with your target audiences. The differences between the features are tiny, but it’s crucial.

Instagram reels contain more powerful tools such as speed controls, effects, and video content editing than stories feature. You could utilize the align feature to join various video content on Instagram reels for seamless transitions. Unlike Instagram stories, reels features won’t allow image content.

Thus, every reel’s content must be video content. Another significant difference is that Instagram stories’ content could be shared only with your followers. On the other side, Instagram reels could be added to Instagram’s Explore Page where the content is visible to the entire community(only if your Instagram profile is public)

You won’t find any hardness on the Instagram reels feature if you have already used TikTok or any TikTok alternative. Also, if you didn’t, practicing with Instagram reels is not that much of a challenging process. Here’s a quick review of the working of Instagram reels. 

How Instagram Reels Works?

At the Instagram camera’s bottom, select the reels option to make Instagram reels video content. Then you would find the Instagram reels editing tools on your screen’s left side. These practical editing tools contains:

Audio: Search and select audio or song from the music library on Instagram. Also, you could utilize your own audio by recording your voice during live recording. Don’t forget that if you use your unique audio, then the audio is attributed to you.

Thus, other Instagram users could make reels videos with your unique audio via choosing the “Use Audio” option from your reel(it’s applicable only if you have a public Instagram account).

AR Effects: You could select from various AR effects in the effects gallery on the platform. These special effects are crafted by both users across the world and the Instagram community. It could be utilized to film various clips with multiple effects.

Countdown And Timer: Instagram reels videos contain a timer feature that helps you craft your Instagram reels video content without grabbing your devices on hand. When you click the record button, a pop up of a three seconds timer appears on the screen before recording. You can change the timing as per your need.

Align: Instagram reels contain a great feature, “Align,” that helps connect your previous video content ideally before filming your next video content. It helps you more to brung seamless transitions for the factors such as outfit changes or showcasing new followers into Instagram reels videos.

Speed: You could also slow down or speed up the audio or video content you are utilizing for your Instagram reels. It helps you well in creating slow-motion video content or to stay on a trend or beat.

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15 Statistics Of Instagram Reels That Amazes You

Now you are clear about what Instagram reels and how to utilize it. Let’s dive into some interesting stats of Instagram reels you could use to better understand your feature and how you could interpret it into your marketing strategy on Instagram.

First Reels Introduced In Brazil As “Cenas”

Brazil acquires the most significant market on Instagram. Thus, in Brazil, Instagram planned to test its cool & new feature, Instagram Reels(similar to TikTok). The Instagram reels feature was introduced in late 2019 in Brazil in the name of “Cenas.”

Users On Instagram Boosted 4.5% In Brazil

Naturally, Brazil gets a just 1% boost in Instagram users every month. Between October and November of 2019(when reels were introduced), users on Instagram boosted by 4.5%.

Instagram Reels Feature Expanded To Germany And France In The Mid Of 2020

Facebook elaborated the Instagram reels feature to Germany and France after Brazil in the June month of 2020. At the same time, the feature and the app were also updated with several elements.

Instagram Installs Boosted 11.5% In India.

The reels feature on Instagram was introduced in July 2020. In the mid days of July 2020, Instagram installs boosted up marginally from seven million installs to 7.8 million installs after introducing the reels feature. It’s a tremendous increase in Instagram installs of 11.5%.

Active Users On Instagram Remained Flat In India

Instagram had an average of a hundred million active users every day before introducing the Instagram reels feature in India. The number remains the same after the launch of the Instagram reels feature.

Average Time Spending Of Instagram Users Boosted 3.8% In India.

A famous person from Facebook India concluded that “the reels feature from Instagram works well, and most peoples & creators all over India are beginning to utilize the feature more creatively.” Research says that the average time spending of Instagram users boosted 3.8% after the launch of the Instagram reels feature in India.

20 of 30 NBA Teams Are utilizing Instagram Reels Effectively

Based on the report, NBA franchises in the ratio of two-third have uploaded at least an Instagram reel video content since the reels feature was introduced in the US(United States) in August 2020.

NBA Team’s Reels Videos Brings An Average Of 23% Higher Engagement

The reels feature on Instagram acquired 23% of higher engagement from NBA franchises. It is extremely higher than the average engagement obtained from the story’s content and regular posts on Instagram. 

Los Angeles Lakers Acquires Most Engagement Using Instagram Reels

Here, Los Angeles Lakers acquires the most significant engagement per Instagram reels video in the NBA, receiving over 395,000 engagements and above 4.2 million pays from video content.

Houston Rockets Achieves Total Reels Play

Houston Rockets stays in front in full reels play, gathering over 11.5 million plays across five video content. It is mostly enough for the team to remain at second in total engagement per Instagram reel.

Louis Vuitton Grabs 7M Average Views

Louis Vuitton, a famous fashion brand on Instagram, stated that their every Instagram reels video went viral, grabbing nearly 7M average views for Instagram reels videos within a short span and reaching a larger audience.

Sephora France Obtains Over 455K Views

Sephora is a makeup brand that obtains over 455K views on every Instagram reels video using product demos, UGC(User Generated Content), and makeup tutorials.

Red Bull France Acquires Above 2.5M Views

Red Bull France already contains many viral Instagram reels videos, with their great reel acquiring over 2.5M views.

Junesixtyfive Collects Over 2.6M Views

A fashion influencer, Junesictyfive, sees her Instagram reels video as her feed extension. The outfit change transition is her favorite reel video content which collects over 2.6M views.

Balmain Bagged Up Above 100K likes and 1.1M Views.

Balmain, a fashion brand, analyzes more on their target audience neediness and how it works. They bag up above 1.1M views and 100K likes on their every Instagram reels video.

Instagram Reels – TikTok Alternative

It is crucial to see how the Instagram community compares to TikTok(short-form video content giant). More influencers on TikTok step up to Instagram reels feature if TikTok disappeared since they’ve got a decent following and presence on Instagram.

But if we know something about Gen Z marketing, they wish to march for their unique beat. In simple words, Millennials, Xennials, and Gen Xers who have found a home on TikTok will land on Instagram reels, but Gen Z still goes for the other TikTok alternatives or gets something new.

Instagram reels are one of the features of Instagram and are built inside the platform itself, so it’s not an easy thing to get and watch Instagram reels.

You need to jump steps to get your reels feature, unlike TikTok. And also, influencers on Instagram who have a good following, Instagram reels may be a perfect option for them than TikTok, where it’s tough to maintain and gain traction.

Also, TikTok gives more elements in sounds, effects, and video editing tools. Other social media networks like Snapchat are making lenses and filters for TikTok; it also seems that TikTok continues to outstand reels on Instagram with its stunning features.

Wrapping Up

Instagram reels are a great addition to the Instagram community and provide unique elements from Instagram stories since you could share Instagram reels videos with the whole platform if you have a public Instagram profile. But Instagram stories are available only to your fans.

As the reels feature grows well, many influencers and brands could leverage Instagram’s popularity to create reels for their brands and businesses. Many brands on the platform gain maximum engagement when using Instagram reels. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s show off your creativity on Instagram reels and grow your business.


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