5 Ways to Overcome the Instagram Application Not Opening


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 The perfect solution for how to overcome the Instagram application that cannot be opened by following these easy steps. As one of the most popular public media applications, installing the Instagram application is mandatory for Android smartphone users who want to always exist. 

But indeed in use, it is not always smooth, sometimes errors and errors appear that cause us to be unable to open the Instagram application.

Errors that cause the Instagram application to not be able to open will usually be accompanied by a notification such as unfortunately Instagram has stopped, there is a problem when starting Instagram until an unknown network error occurs on Instagram. 

Which at the risk of us being unable to log in or even the Instagram application exits itself and closes. Then how to Overcome the Instagram Application Cannot Be Opened?

Causes of Instagram Cannot be Opened

Before I explain how to fix Instagram, hopefully, it will be able to open again and upload photos or videos, we must first know what reasons cause this to happen.

The reason the Instagram application cannot be opened usually occurs because there is an error in the application such as accumulating cache that has never been cleaned. On the other hand, the smartphone’s RAM capacity that is already full because we are doing multi-tasking can also be the cause.

How to Overcome Instagram Cannot be Opened on Android

Some of the ways that I usually do to improve the Instagram application on Android can be applied to all smartphone brands with an Android operating system such as Xiaomi, ASUS, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, LG, Vivo, Nexus, Lenovo, Smartfren Andromax, Adavn, Sony Xperia and others. other.

1. Force Stop and Delete Instagram Application Data.

The best solution and always works are to force the Instagram application to stop so that it doesn’t run in the background. Next, we clean the data that has been stored in the application.

The trick is to tap Settings »Application manager» then look for Instagram. After the App Info screen appears, tap the Force Stop button and Clear Data. Next, open the Instagram application and log back in.2. Clear Android Smartphone Cache.

Cache stored on Android has many benefits. But this can also be the reason for errors such as Instagram that an unknown network error occurs. For that, clean Android from junk files using a cleaner application such as Clean Master.

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3. Update the Instagram application.

Update the Instagram Android application to hope it always receives the latest performance and features. This will also minimize the possibility of errors and repair any damage that has occurred so far.

4. Delete and Reinstall the Instagram Application.

The next way to overcome the Instagram application that cannot be opened on Android is by deleting and then reinstalling it from the Play store. Delete Instagram then use Clean Master to clean up the abandoned files. Then you reinstall.

5. Shut down Android and Reboot.

The purpose of this last method is to reload the Android system when it is rebooted, hopefully, it will be easy in the process of opening the Instagram application. The trick is to turn off the smartphone then unplug and remove the microSD, battery, and sim card from the slot. Let stand for a few seconds then turn it back on.

By applying the solution to the How to Overcome the Unopening Instagram Application that I have explained, the application will be able to be used again. If you have any other issues please comment.


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