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English learning.

Today  We begin to worry about the future of our child even before he comes into the world. These concerns justify by parental instinct. However, the current situation of unemployment and crisis probably does not help to reassure you. Will he come out and be successful anyway when he grows up?

How to teach English to children?

Do you often ask yourself this question? And as a parent, you want to put the odds in his favor to make it happen. Globalization has made English an essential language to know to evolve in the professional world. Children from northern European countries master Shakespeare’s language very early on.

For example, if you’ve ever met Swedes, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that most of them are perfectly bilingual. That is not the case with the French! Indeed, despite discovering the English language from the first grade, the French educational system in foreign languages ​​remains relatively weak. You can also teach your kids about vocabulary words start with a

Children are natural sponges.

Therefore, you are aware that his mastery of English when he becomes an adult depends partly on you. Do you want to get him used to speak English from an early age? Know that children are natural sponges. From 3 or 4 years old, you can start teaching him the basics of English. 

There are many methods for teaching English to children. His ease and speed in assimilating new words could greatly surprise you!

Step 1: Use English every day.

Parent, you are your child’s benchmark and generally the example to follow. If this situation changes, unfortunately? During adolescence, it is common to hear little ones say.  I want to be like daddy / like mum. Use the English language in everyday situations! Practicing English regularly allows for better assimilation.

For example, don’t hesitate to cook in English or speak English to him at bath time. That will initiate him effectively. Child psychiatrists agree that teaching your child to say a word in several languages ​​promotes multilingualism from an early age. Daily jaguar

Speak English to your children every day

Today, learning to speak several languages ​​as soon as you wake up is an incredible asset. But what are the real benefits? Learning English daily for the youngest can bring them many benefits: The child will benefit from natural intellectual stimulation:

It is proved that bilingual or almost children have more excellent conceptualization, symbolism, and analysis faculties. It is important to alternate between English and French at different times of the day. Be an example for him. At first, the child will indeed mix idioms and expressions, but he will quickly learn to use them appropriately.

The child will learn faster:

stimulated from his first words, the child living in a multilingual environment already has the baggage to learn other foreign languages ​​during his schooling. Ease of oral expression will help him to express himself easily during his studies.

The child will open up to the world:

Learning English will arouse the child’s curiosity to understand the cultures and the world around him. Speaking daily a second language (or foreign language) other than the child’s mother tongue is an opportunity that will serve him throughout his school career but also later in his professional development.

 Step 2: Learn English in song 

Even as an adult, can you recite the words “Frère Jacques” by heart? Do you still know, like the back of your hand, the songs that rocked your childhood? It will be the same for your offspring! Learning numbers in English, introduction to English culture, writing games in English. Here is our selection of games available on the web for your little ones to learn English quickly:

Teach her the language in a fun way.

How to improve your child in English with nursery rhymes? You can translate them together so that he understands the meaning. Very quickly, he will surely know them even better than you! Do not hesitate to put songs in English regularly in the background. His ear will thus get used to hearing Shakespeare’s language, and his learning will be even more accessible.

The song is one of the safest ways to introduce your children to the Beatles language.

From the age of 3, our toddlers have the opportunity to express themselves in English. Many songs and rhymes running on an academic listening and rehearsal program allow the youngest to understand the notions of the Anglo-Saxon language. Without realizing it, young learners develop their autonomy and work on their pronunciation of English. 

Rhythms and Lyrics.

The rhythms are lively, and the lyrics are simple, the intonation is precise. Everything is done to inspire your children, who will want only one thing: to listen again and again until these rhymes haunt your days. Children learn English linguistics while having fun between English vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, and the basics of syntax.

 Step 3: Educational games in English

Learning English while playing is undoubtedly one of the best methods to apply with your child. There are many English and online educational games to teach them modern languages:

  • Maxim,
  • Genikid,
  • Little Pim 

On the web, you will find what you are looking for in English for children. There is also software for learning English for free, and the web is full of free English lessons. Download English applications from the Appstore or Google Play. That will make this activity educational.

English with online games

Help your child progress in English with online games. Of course, you can find fun games without going through the Internet. Why not organize role-playing games, for example? Or plan a game of hiding and seek! Instead of it counting in its native language, make it count in English! Remember that the pleasure of learning is essential.

Websites promoting the learning of English in children

No matter our age, learning English in a fun and playful way is the best way to progress quickly. This rule applies more to children. Arousing their curiosity through Play will allow them to learn a foreign language without even realizing it! It can be helpful to take an interest in educational resources in English on the Internet in the digital age. Among these resources, you will easily find educational games in English for your children. 

Selection of games

  • Abracadabra: to learn to read and write in English.
  • A very lively and colorful online resource for learning about numbers, colors, hours, and English.
  • ideal for working on pronunciation and “so British” accent.

Learn English while having fun on a tablet

Like foreign language learning applications for older children (Babbel, Duolingo, etc.), the developers offer many apps to teach children English. There is an accurate learning methodology behind the games and riddles.

Step 4: Read stories in English

The moment you read him stories the night before he falls asleep is undoubtedly one of your little one’s favorites. Alternate languages! After the book in French, choose a children’s book that will provide him with gentle and effective learning of English.

Teaching with tenderness

He will thus become familiar with oral language and will remember words and expressions much more quickly because he will link them to images. Teaching English to children with tenderness, isn’t that a delicious option? Also, if your child is learning to read, take the opportunity to introduce him to the English alphabet.

Developing English in Children Through Reading

The little bedtime stories of the child are an excellent time to introduce them to the language of the Rolling Stones. It is between 1 and 3 years old that children will develop their language, from its first words to complete sentences. To arouse his interest and enrich his imagination, it is wise to alternate stories in French and English. To make the learning experience of the English language pleasant and rewarding:

Choose short stories: The attention of the little ones is short, so focus on short stories of 10 minutes.

Choose a specific theme: Choose an account with a particular piece to develop your child’s English language and vocabulary. A story about farm animals, for example.

Make the reading dynamic: Be expressive to link the text and a child’s representation. Mimic animal sounds, for example. Reading English then becomes a source of learning and fun while being a moment of sharing with your child. How to do without it?

Step 5: Watch cartoons in English.

Some parents see television as bad for their offspring, which is understandable. However, children have the exceptional ability to stay in front for hours without seeing the slightest inconvenience! Please take advantage of these moments of great concentration to introduce him to cartoons in English. Like Dora the Explorer, some are educational cartoons that help the child learn words in both languages. You also can put an English cartoon directly on it. At first, your child may have a hard time grasping the whole meaning of the film.

But he will get used to it quickly, and his understanding will improve.

Master the English language from an early age with cartoons

Our articles for English language learning for teens and adults have advised you to watch original English movies. A very effective method to work on your oral expression and comprehension.

How to apply this method to children?

Quite simply, thanks to the cartoons in English! The first fear you can have as a parent is that your child will miss the story. Know that a comic will as hypnotize children in English.

Through these colorful animations, your children will not have finished learning from the basics of English linguistics to awakening curiosity on themes such as history, science, and the environment around us.



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