How to Organize Your Moving and Make the Process Easier


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It’s exciting for moving from one place to another. At the same time, you might be feeling nervous and frazzled. As the day draws nearer, the anxiousness will build-up, and you’ll start dreading the scheduled day.

If you plan and strategize your move properly, you’ll find it easier to shift and settle in your new house. Things can go on smoothly with easy organizing tips, and here, we have compiled some of them to help you out during the strenuous period. Check them out for initiating a smooth relocation to a new destination.

Start preparations early

It can be not easy to find time for something so unimportant as decluttering. Leaving the task of decluttering for the last minute can hold you back from packing and moving smoothly. It can get harder as the date approaches. One thing that you can do to avoid time-consuming tasks is to start preparations in phases.

Start one month before the date of shifting. You can remove a small part of the clutter every day by spending just one hour. It will not become a burden on your professional as well as personal life.

You’ll easily organize the shift once you get things that you don’t need out of the place. You can start with one room and then move on to the next. You won’t even know when decluttering got completed.

Don’t pack things yet, as you may need to end up living around the cardboard boxes. Calculate the size of your house and then divide your packing that to complete within 7-8 days. It will be enough for getting all the packing done in time.

Declutter thoroughly

Wherever you stay, the time doesn’t matter, as clutter can get accumulated there. If you are shifting from a place where you’ve lived for one year or 10, you may have accumulated so many unwanted items if you look closely. Bringing those things to your new home may not be the best idea.

They build up extra weight for the packers and movers to carry, and they charge you for that. If you don’t want to increase the packers and movers cost, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Either sell them or donate them to the needy. You can also gift old unused gifts to the needy. To gather all these items, you can go from room to room. Bringing all these things together can clear the place, and you will have only a few important items to relocate. Don’t try to get this all done in one day. It will exhaust you. Try to keep a clear mind and segregate properly.

Organize current house

You are leaving this house, then why organize it? Keeping things organized is the best way to keep a hang of things. When you are organized, you can easily pack and move, saving you a lot of time.

At the same time, you’ll find that every minute is precious. To utilize it in the best possible way, you can organize this and keep it ready for the move.

Things that you don’t need can be placed in a bin under the kitchen sink. You can also put your bathroom products in the drawer inserts. It will not only provide you with enough space but also save time while moving.

Another tip to make moving easier, try to purchase a universal size or modular drawers and cabinets. It will save you a lot of headaches from trying to fit your furniture in the new space.

Pack room-wise

To make your unpacking much easier and streamlined, you can start packing room-wise. It will help you keep your things organized throughout the relocation process.

Make sure you pack stuff from one room in one box only. Avoid adding any additional items from another part of the house in that box. Even if there is space in the box, don’t add another item from another room to avoid confusion.

Don’t forget to label

Remember to label the box and track all the things by creating a foolproof system. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up unpacking all the boxes at night searching for particular items. It can be very troublesome when you are in a new place and don’t get your stuff.

Use color markers to label the boxes. Mark each box properly and room-wise so that when packers and movers in Pune shift your things, you can get them placed right away.  In short, labels are your best friends.

In the labels, you can mention the contents of the box. If you keep a corresponding checklist nearby for reference can be of great help.


Relocating to a new place can be a very taxing and daunting task. It can exhaust you physically as well as emotionally. If you accept this fact, it will get easier to deal with the situation. Before you move, if you are finding it difficult to handle the stress, breathe and think.

As moving can be a milestone moment in your life so, it is normal to get stressed. Make sure you take a few minutes and relieve yourself of the stress that may otherwise build up to toxic levels in those stressful times. Try to dwell on the positive rather than the unfinished part.

Remember to go out occasionally to relieve the tension. It will be hard but will get you to accept the situation as it is.

Set goals

Goals are very important to get things done efficiently and on time. When you shift, you need to start with some fresh goals. You need to write down a checklist of all the requirements for your new house.

It can be anything, from adding a new wardrobe in the new place to adding cabinets in the kitchen. If you don’t prepare them early, you may have too much trouble to face when you move into your new house.

Keep a timeframe to unpack

You move in and start unpacking; that’s not going to work at all. You need to pack but do it at your own pace. Set realistic goals and stand accountable for them. Start with the kitchen to complete 50% of the unpacking.

Later move on to the rest of the rooms. Unpack one by one so that it doesn’t become exhaustive for you.

Give yourself a week or two to set the house straight. It will help you stay focused and motivated. So, start at your own pace to unpack effectively.

Start with an organizing plan

You have gotten rid of the boxes. Now you can plan an organizational strategy. You can start by measuring the dimensions of the available space that need to be organized. Take height, depth, and width so that you can shop for the products and supplies to set inaccurately in the corner.

A few options can help with the hit and trial method. Return the leftover or use it in another way in different parts of the house. If you’ve any idea in your mind, now is the time to turn it into reality.


No doubt, house shifting needs a lot of planning. If you prepare early, you’ll have ample time on your hand to handle things in a settled manner. The more time you’ve in your hands, the better. All the best with your shift.


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