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  Top 6 makeup tips that can help you in starting a fresh day


Every makeup enthusiast how it feels to start the day all glammed up and have your makeup look smudged by lunch. It is dreadful. The saddest thing is that this makeup can be prevented because either our makeup can lead to beauty, or to a disaster. If you use the wrong type of tool or forget to prep your skin, this could come back to haunt you later in the day. Therefore, our beauty experts have come up with these makeup tips that can keep you mesmerizing for the whole day.


1- Always prep your skin.

It does not matter what measures you take to prolong the wear of your makeup, In case if your skin is not prepared properly, your make-up will not look smooth and last long. Oil, bacteria, and various dead skin cells might pile up on the surface of your skin. This might lead to breakouts and open pores that show through when you apply makeup. That is why you need to exfoliate your skin smooth so that your makeup can last for a bit longer. Apart from that, also use a toner after exfoliating and cleansing so that you can balance out the pH of the skin. This can give you a smoother and brighter appearance and complexion.


2- Don’t Forget to Use a primer.

Another makeup tip is to apply a primer before you apply the foundation. Primer is the basic but crucial first step for cosmetics to help in keeping your makeup intact throughout the day. Make sure that you apply the primer on your whole face. The reason behind this is that you can cover all the oily area and blemish through this. Do not use an excessive amount.


3- Use the Oil-free Foundation.

Foundations that are oil-based tend to get out and slide out of place after a while easily. Thus, if you are suffering from dry skin, I would suggest that you should properly moisturize the skin before you go for the oil-free foundation. This way you can stay fresh all day long.


4- Choose waterproof eyeliner & Mascara.

If you want a long-lasting look, opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. This makeup technique is among the best on this list. In case your eyes start to get wet, make sure that you apply a powder under your eyes. This way you can keep the mess from forming.  If you are unsuccessful in controlling the water from your eyes, I would recommend you to skip the eyeliner. Yet, if you cannot handle it without it, you are welcome to try out a waterproof liner and mascara.

5-  Applying bronzers and blushes.

Make sure that you use a light hand when you apply powder blush and bronzer. Gently apply them to the face. Apart from this, make it noticeable when or if your makeup starts to smudge or fade.

6  Eye Primer.

Eye primers are the best option for keeping your eyeshadow in place all day. When you use an eye primer, you will not have to suffer from creasing or fading of your eye colors. An eye primer creates a surface for the eyeshadow that shows its actual pigment and blends easier.


Final Word

The world of makeup is big. Therefore, if you want to start afresh day, you should follow the best makeup style. Here are the best makeup tips you can go for.



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