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How to get rid of rats without poison

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Home

Rodents, particularly rats are very familiar with humans. They come to your life to make a mess. The health challenges are there.

If you have pest infestation for the rats and more, then pest control can help. You can take pest control in Faridabad to make your home free from these unwanted invaders.

If you are thinking of keeping them away, then there are some basic things to take care of. Want to know what those are? If so, then continue reading this article. The best information will be here for you.

What are rats looking for?

When you find the rats in your property, then it is for sure that it gets any or all below things:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water

If you stop providing these, then they can’t even think to give the visitor to your property. So, to stop their access to your property, it will be good to stop providing these. It will help you to do the Pest Management in Faridabad.

Why Rodents such as Rats are dangerous?

  • When you find rats on your property, this can create various problems. These are:
  • Different types of diseases can knock.
  • The property can meet with damages.
  • They can chew the electric wires and more. The risks of fire can be there.
  • You may have problems with food storage and more.

Ways to make your home free from rodents like rats?

Are you not sure about the ways to get rid of rats? If so, then I will tell this in this article. Read this write-up to know the ways to make your home free from rodents like rats.

1. Inspection

The first path is to inspect your property well. When you check every corner, then you can understand the ways from where it is getting into your property.

Also, you should inspect the outside of the home. You should check the cracks, drains, and more to be sure that no way is there to get entry to your home.

When you find the right space from where they take their entry, then it will be easy to stop their access. You can think of sealing those areas or simply putting a trap to make your place free from unwanted invaders.

2. Sealing

You have to seal each point of the entry. If you don’t use your finger to get that in, then also you have to seal that. This will be the place through that they take their entry. So, you have to stop them.

Here I want to give one additional tip. If you find the entry points of them, then it will be good to consult with the expert for Pest Control.

The professional can take care of it well. They will analyze the problem in deep and give you the solution. There will be nothing wrong when the expert will make that for you.

3. Cleaning

You have to make your property cleaned and you should do it in deep. You can’t allow yourself to provide food to the rats. If you do that, rat control will be impossible.

So, do the cleaning. You should do it not only indoors. Make it cleaned outside of your property as well. No clutter should be there around.

Trash should be in the dustbin. Also, you have to dispose of it daily. These steps will make your property cleaned. So, pests will not take the entry. It is for sure.

If you have a garden area, then you should clean that place as well. Drainage and more should be perfect. You have to trim the trees. When you make that perfect, then you can make your home free from those.

4. Set traps

There will be many traps available in the market. You can use those to keep the rats away from your home. Those will catch the rats, and you will get rid of these unwanted pests.

5. Use the natural ways to make those out

There are some natural ingredients that will make the pests away from your property. Do you want to know about it? If so, then these are:

You can use peppermint oil, pepper, or cloves for keeping them away. Yes, these are the things that will make your home free from rats for sure. You can spread these in the grounds and each corner from where they take the entry. After that, you get positive results from it.

When you are spreading the peppers, you should crash those and then spread. The positive result will be there without worries.

Also, these will not give any negative benefit to your health. So, go for it and make your property free from rodents like rats.

6. Call the professional

These all will not help you to get rid of rats. If so, then it will be time to contact the Pest Control This will help you to make your place rats-free. The expert can understand the nature of the pests. As per that, they will suggest the treatment. When an expert will take responsibility, then you should be free from worries.

But here you should remember one thing that you have to hire the best. There are many companies that will offer their services. But you need the best services and for this, you can check these before hiring.

  • The license will be the first thing to check. When the company has this, then it means that the professional has the permit to do words. You don’t need to think more. You may hire that company.
  • Experience will be another thing to check. So, ask them about their projects. When you find that the company handles this before, then it can be a trustworthy name. You may give the responsibility.
  • Success stories will also tell you trusting this company will be perfect or not. When people appreciate their services, then it will be the company. You can take the services from them.
  • The equipment for providing the services should be the best. You don’t even think to take their services without checking that. When the company has the best, then it will be reliable.
  • Customer service should be the best. The company can’t be trustworthy without this So, check their responses and more. When you find them awesome in that, then it will be the reliable name. Hire them to find the best solution for removing the rodents.
  • The professional should have the training. If they don’t train them in every gap of time, then it can be trustworthy. There are new things in the market and the training can only give that information. So, when the company keeps taking the training, then there will be no worries. The company is reliable.

When you find it all in one, then this will be a reliable expert. You can hire them and the problem will not be there.

Even you get guidance about how you can get rid of rats by the periodic pest treatment and more. You should know that and follow it. After that, there will be no issues. The best experience will be there.


Now, you have the information about how to do pest control. Follow all and the rest will be awesome.

All the best!

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