How College Virtual Tours Benefit Multiple Student Segments?


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Back in the day when prospective students wanted to gather more information about a college, they would look for brochures and other advertising material. But nowadays, the initial phases of the college search and application process are completed almost entirely online. Many times, students do not even visit the college in person before finalizing it for their further education. And this trend has been further propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic that imposed restrictions on travel.

Consequently, colleges and universities today require a robust and dynamic online presence to grab the attention of the prospects. And thus, the importance of college virtual tours cannot be overemphasized.

Social media and engaging websites have become indispensable tools to attract prospective students, especially those residing overseas. But only photographs and videos of the college campus aren’t enough to give the students an idea of the place. With intuitive college virtual tours, the students can virtually visit the campus and have a look at it. They can easily build familiarity with the campus and make sure it is a good fit for them.

Understanding Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual reality tours leverage VR technology to craft interactive viewer experiences. In these tours, the students can use a dedicated VR headset and virtually visit a college campus. They can navigate on their own, zoom in and zoom out of areas to view all aspects of the campus.

For universities, these tours present an excellent opportunity to showcase their campus and highlight any iconic infrastructural aspects. They can create interactive maps that link to different areas of the campus and provide the viewers with supplementary information about each location. Thus, college virtual tours are a brilliant marketing tool that can help universities around the world entice prospective students and generate enrollments.

College Virtual Tours Work for Multiple Student Segments

College virtual tours are an exceptional tool for universities that help them to recruit students at a much faster pace. They can easily serve students belonging to multiple segments:

Increase the number of applicants who have been accepted into the college but not yet enrolled by showcasing the vital strengths of the university.

They can arouse a feeling of eagerness and enthusiasm among students who cannot visit the college due to the Covid-19 restrictions on travel.

Offer prospective students a great way to visit the campus virtually and make the best decision for their future education.

Enable students residing overseas to virtually visit the campus who might otherwise not have been able to afford an in-person visit to the university.

Apart from colleges and universities, even accommodation providers can leverage these virtual tours to showcase their housing options for prospective and incoming students.

Other Noteworthy Benefits of College Virtual Tours

If you are a university that is still contemplating the use of a college virtual tour for your campus, here are some noteworthy benefits that you must know about.

  1. Develop a familiarity with the campus: College virtual tours help prospective students and their families to find out more about the campus from the comfort of their homes.
  2. Build a robust online presence: These tours offer an interactive and engaging experience that goes way beyond the otherwise static nature of the website. They also provide much more information than regular photos and videos.
  3. Highlight your college campus’s unique aspects: Every campus has some unique features that make it different from the rest. With college virtual tours, it becomes easy to highlight these features and grab the attention of the prospects.
  4. Engage your audience: With virtual tours, the prospects get a feeling that your university stays on top of technology. It leverages the best tools and technologies to provide a good experience to the users and keep them engaged.

Visiting a college is the best way to determine if it’s a good fit. Until you see a place, you would never know whether or not you will like it. But at the same time, visiting colleges can be expensive. Between airfare, hotel rooms, and food expenses, you could end up spending a lot of money. So, to avoid this, you could opt for virtual college tours to screen different universities and find your fit.

Walking around campus and meeting

Virtual college tours give you a preview of what a college’s campus is like. You can get a feel of its atmosphere and culture. Although no one can replace the experience of actually visiting and walking around campus and meeting the faculty, you can still find out by these virtual tours if the college is worth your time. So, you can use a virtual tour to finalize your list. And once you have taken a virtual tour, you can follow up with an actual visit if it does feel right.

There are different ways in which you can experience a college online and gather info about it. Here are some ways in which you can virtually tour colleges and extract out maximum information about them.

Also, if your university has some impressive statistics or figures listed on its website, you can use them in the tour to create an impact. Often, facts and figures mentioned on the website go unnoticed by so many students. However, when included in a college virtual tour, they can be easily consumed. For instance, sports records of various athletes, achievements of students in extracurricular activities, etc. can be included as a part of the tour.

The universities that have an especially long and tedious college application process can. Also create a virtual tour to walk the students through the process. This will not only ease the process but also make it fun for the applicants.

Invest in College Virtual Tours

Even before the coronavirus pandemic began. There were several students and their families who could not visit campuses to make the best decisions. But with the emergence of college virtual tours, these students have found a huge respite. They can easily take these tours from the comfort of their home and explore the entire campus within minutes.

So, if you still haven’t got a college virtual tour for your campus, you must get started right away. You can get in touch with an experienced photographer to get your hands on an engaging tour with interactive media.\

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