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Honeymoon Places In Medelln 2021

Honeymoon Places
Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places In Medelln

You’ve finally made it, and now it’s time to unwind. Medellin offers everything for you. Whether you’re a couple searching for a once-in-a-lifetime location, world-class food, and architecture, or just a night out on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches or honeymoon travel places. 

Medellin, Colombia’s second-biggest city has perhaps seen more transformation than any other city on the planet. Despite its violent and chaotic history, the city today is modern, innovative, and generally appealing.

You’ll find numerous parks and areas to enjoy the sunshine from a street food vendor with a fresh juice and a few empanadas in the ‘City of Eternal Spring,’ which is nicknamed for its nearly perfect weather.

Visit the enormous Plaza Botero next to Botero’s statues for a sightseeing tour of street food, markets, and public art. Grab your seats with Qatar airways booking to experience love and luxury at its best.

Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places In Medelln


Surrounded by gorgeous islands, Guatapé is located on the banks of the Guatapé Dam, making it one of Colombia’s most photographed locations. It’s easy to see why: the city’s gleaming architecture and serene natural surroundings make for stunning photos.

Pueblito Paisa

Located just a short train ride from contemporary Medelln’s El Centro’s skyscrapers and international art galleries, Pueblito Paisa is a monument to Colombia’s colonial heritage. Recreation is a little hamlet with traditional white-washed houses, a lovely central square, and breathtaking views of Medelln’s surrounding mountains.

Arvi Park and Piedras Blancas Park

Medellin’s urban jungle is only a short walk away. The neighboring parks of Piedras Blanca Park and Arvi Park in the countryside east of the city are interwoven with pathways and surrounded by lakes and stunning vistas, and nature museums.


The Metrocable in Medellin is much more than a public transportation system. It was built to help the besieged town recover after the reign of Pablo Escobar. And it offers access to the town for inhabitants of the poor highland regions. Use Metrocable to visit previously inaccessible parts of town.

Lleras Park

In El Poblado’s high-end neighborhood, the Lleras Park (Parque Lleras) serves as a social hub.Haven for fine dining, trendy cocktail bars, and youth hostels. During the night, when lights pour out into the park and pubs with DJs and young, stylish Colombian crowds, the area is without a doubt one of Medelln’s safest neighborhoods to visit.

Antioquia Museum

The Museo de Antioquia at Plaza Botero houses a magnificent collection of ancient and modern art, including Fernando Botero’s exaggerated sculptures. The whole third story is dedicated to Botero, with controversial pieces like Pablo Escobar’s death on display.

Barefoot Park

This park has a joyful and participative environment, in which people and people can take their shoes and play actually. This sensory experience for your feet is made up of three distinct areas: sand, forest, and water, all of which have different surfaces and textures that massage your natural foot.

Medellin Botanical Garden

A testament to the city’s remarkable recovery and innovative use of space in the aftermath of the war is Medellin botanical garden. The garden, which spans 40 hectares and is home to over 5,000 Latin American plant and animal species, is a welcome respite from the rush and bustle of Central Medelln (0.4 hectares).

Explora Park (Parque Explora)

Explora Park is a museum that is open to the public. With its contemporary façade, brilliant red roof, and unique urban architecture, Explora Park is a modern-day museum from the start. It is a lively, dynamic, and engaging museum for people of all ages, with 120,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits. It is one of Colombia’s most popular science museums.

The museum has over 300 interactive displays and activities concentrating on neurology, physics, communication, and a 3-D projection theatre. The Indoor Aquarium Center, Latin America’s biggest freshwater aquarium, is another popular destination in the region, where visitors can see more than 400 fish species and the world’s most venomous frog.


Mountain village, Jardn, is about 4 hours south of Medellin and has retained its colonial appearance despite its modern advancements.

The city’s name is self-evident—it entices visitors with its wonderful garden-like setting and lush green scenery.

Medellín Planetarium

Couples can enjoy the Medellinian Planetarium, bringing science and space to life via immersive movies and interactive exhibits. Investigate the scale of the solar system and learn more about the Maya.

Medellín Modern Art Museum

Modern art is a favorite of sculptor Fernando, who was born in Botero’s hometown of Medellin. The rebuilt Museum of Modern Art in Medellin (MA Museum) opened in 2009 in a converted steel mill. Featuring a theatre showing independent films and various rooms containing works by local artists.

San Pedro Cemetery Museum

During your visit to Medellin, be sure to stop by this unique museum—a living museum in a cemetery. The San Pedro Cemetery Museum is a spectacular open-air funerary art museum. Great marble and bronze statues, monuments, and mausoleums. Brilliant painters in Europe completed most of the work and brought it to Colombia.

El Castillo Museum

Poblado, a wealthy area, nestled among Medelln’s beautiful hills, may surprise visitors. Behind enormous iron gothic gates and amongst Spanish moss trees are a 17th-century castle in the manner of those seen in the French Loire Valley.

Medellín Metropolitan Cathedral

Formally known as the Immaculate Conception Basilica of Mary, The Metropolitan Cathedral in Medellin is one of the world’s biggest brick structures. And is the largest cathedral in South America. Emile Charles Carré, a French architect, created the tawny towers in 1931 and worked on them for 56 years.

Santo Domingo Savio Library


Santo Domingo Savio, located north of the city and nestled among the hills, was a neighborhood that transformed from one of the city’s poorest to one of its wealthiest, all thanks to a library project.

The Bottom Line

This town encompasses all aspects of Latin American culture. including Spanish and colonial heritage, as well as a current and distinct identity formed from a mix of prehispanic practices. It also shows Colombia’s new international face with art, science, technology, and contemporary, colorful streets.

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