How to Hide Your IP Address in 2022


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Change your IP address by contacting your ISP:

Ways to remove your IP, If an ISP registers your IP address via DHCP, you can force it to change the external IP address assigned by the ISP by restarting or powering the router. This is probably the simplest solution.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you use a good VPN as a security tool, it will hide your computer’s IP address and replace it with a private one. A static address is shared with users or changes dynamically with each connection. Your ISP cannot see it.

From xResolver and xResolver to monitor IP addresses

Xresolver provides a service where players can blacklist their Gamertags. And remove them from the public IP address. The information from xresolver is public and comes from the running octosniff program.

Manually remove xResolver (IP) official site.

If someone has your human-readable IP format, you cannot prevent them from using it. If you lose your social security card, you cannot prevent anyone from blocking your social security number.

You can manually delete the IP using the data deletion form on the xresolver official website (by searching xresolver legal). If you are on the list, this action will fetch the data from the database. You can follow other tips to avoid being added again.

Why should you protect your IP address?

Hackers and spies are looking for the easiest way to target and steal your information. If you don’t hide your IP address, it will be easier to attack their target. Once they get your IP address, they can easily find out your identity and where you live. This can create major problems that can lead to serious headaches.

If you want to use search engines anonymously, it’s best to hide your IP address. There are many reasons to hide your IP, but this is an effective way to increase your privacy and security.

How to change your IP address

If you want to change your IP address to protect your account from suspicious strangers, it would be helpful to change the OP’s address. The public IP address is used when connecting to public Wi-Fi, but each device has a local IP address.

Most people talk about changing Wi-Fi and refer to iPV4 public addresses. Most websites, servers, and online games can see and use this IP address. You can use the following options to change your IP address:

  • use proxy
  • use Thor
  • turn off the modem
  • via ISP
  • When changing networks

Do I have to pay to blacklist my IP address?

This is some kind of business started by xresolver and other websites. Since IP addresses are public information, it’s not illegal to keep them public. Xresolver knows and uses the benefits.

If you want your IP address to be blacklisted to protect it from prying eyes, you need to take advantage of their premium service. However, the downside of this site is that sites like xresolver are plentiful on the internet.

If you play online games, you should make sure you know the warnings. Blacklisting prevents your Gamertag and username from being resolved. Purchasing a blacklist will get rid of the database forever.


Players and other users must protect themselves from being hacked in an online session. They must be mindful of their personal information to hide it from the spies and enemies they defeat in public hearings.

They play as a random player on special and different game platforms. It doesn’t matter if you use websites or play games.

You need to hide your IP address from a website like xresolver because hostile ones can steal your IP storage and use your information against you.

This article will help you solve this problem and protect your information and identity from theft.


What is XResolver used for?

It is a database service (website) that stores publicly available information. For example, players’ IP addresses, affiliations with Gamertags, and online profiles. People steal your IP address and use it against their enemies.

What is the IP address of my Xbox console?

There are several reasons to know your Xbox IP address. Finding it is an easy process. Open system > settings > network > network settings > advanced settings. The address will be displayed on the screen.

Is it illegal to use XResolver?

This is a website that stores your data and makes it public. They take advantage of the players that Xbox live plays games online. Players use their data against each other via xresolver as it has the IP address of your account or router. Therefore, its use is illegal.

What Does DNS Do?

DNS is the phone book of the internet. In other words, we can lichen the DNS system to a giant phone book where IP addresses and domain names are kept. Thanks to this system, when we want to visit websites, we can connect to our browser by typing meaningful or meaningless but catchy domains instead of IP addresses.

If the DNS system had not been established, we would have to keep in mind the IP address of each website.

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DNS History

DNS is a system that was established in the 1970s when the internet was first created. This system, which was established to enable devices working on Arpanet, the first internet network, to use the domain name system, also operates a very large structure in the same way.

In the Arpanet period, the IP address and domain name mappings were recorded in the file created on a computer that served as a DNS server, and name resolution was done in this way. HOST.TXT

The TCP/IP system -which today’s internet still works with these protocols- started to use the DNS system for name resolution in this way. Today, we still have files on our computers, and you can create your own IP address and domain name registration if you wish.HOST.TXT

What is DNS Server?

Special servers working for the Domain Name System are called DNS Servers. Every unit in the internet environment is defined by IP addresses, but it is not possible for people to remember that many IP addresses.

To solve this problem, the domain name system was created and the problem was eliminated with the DNS servers running in the system.

DNS servers are actually special computers configured to run 24/7. All DNS servers are conveniently located and distributed in DNS Zones in the internet network. They each work in their own region to constantly query IP addresses and match their associated domain names and keep them on record.

DNS servers work in a way to synchronize this information with Root DNS servers by recording the IP addresses assigned to the Domain Names connected to them.

All companies that have a Domain Name in their system and provide hosting services also have their own DNS server and they record the domain names they host in their own systems in the DNS system by associating them with their IP addresses.

There are only 13 Root Name servers all over the world. They divide the world into zones and control them into zones. They are the servers at the top of the DNS system. All other DNS servers provide data flow to the Root DNS server they are connected to, giving information as to which domain name (Domain) is located on which server and therefore which IP address.

In addition, many servers of Root DNS servers, called Mirror DNS Servers, are located more widely in regions and work depending on this system. They are distributed around the world to ensure that the system is redundant, working more widely and faster.


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