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Heritage resort coorg review

Heritage resort coorg review

All About Heritage Resort

I have been to Madikeri a couple of times but never stayed there for long. This time, it was a road trip from Bangalore and we reached the place on a lovely rainy evening.

Heritage Resort Coorg” was our home for the next few days. The moment we passed the gate, I knew the place was going to be memorable. I saw the front office building merging into the trees around and not standing out, unlike other luxury resorts.

At some time, we saw similar camouflaged cottages with thatched roofs drenched in the cold rain.

The entire property, as if there was no boundary wall, merged into the hills around as we checked in. The very sight of twilight from the balcony just got etched in my mind forever. The chirping of birds faded and then the sound of crickets slowly crawled in. I wished that evening was longer!

 Day Starts

I got up early the next morning to see the veil of clouds all around the hills. We had our morning tea amidst all the glory and gloom. Since the property itself is large enough for a long morning walk, I decided to explore the place.

From the man-made pond to the yellow flowers climbing the walls, I gazed as I walked around .. all the cottages stood in silence, with an old-world charm. I felt the warmth of nature on every step of my walk.

The best thing during that day was the spotting of several birds of the region. You know what, most of them will not fly away.. the squirrels aren’t scared of you. birds are always around.. singing and chirping. After finding numerous reading spots for myself.

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I went out of the resort and walked through the Galibeedu village streets. Plucked wild roses and sunflowers.. met with villagers.. stopped at a natural water stream. I could see life uninhibited. I felt connected all along!

In life, at times you need to take a step back and just observe the energy around you. It only helps you to move forward. Despite all the general notion of Coorg being a fancy tourist destination, I found it endearingly close to heart and healingly spiritual.

I spent the day reading in the woods and then on a wooden bench near the resort’s bonfire place. Even though they have a huge recreation center. I chose other unusual pretty places to open my books. One amazing thing I found inside the resort was how committed they are to nature. You will find concrete dustbins all over the property.

No plastic can be seen used or littered. It was also wonderful to know that they are recycling almost all used glass bottles.

On one of the evenings at Heritage Resort Coorg, I went for their Heritage Special Ayurveda Treatment. Miss Sarasu was the masseuse and I will recommend the treatment for anyone who goes for long walks and trekking. Especially, the kizhi (potli) massage works like magic.

About Food

The food was exceptionally good. They serve a pan India menu and special Coorg delicacies. Chef Sivakumar was really helpful throughout our stay. They also served us two specially curated meals by the infinity pool which was all very fancy.

I saw magical evening skies every day. Sometimes it rained throughout the night which kept me awake, but I would sit on the balcony sipping my coffee and listening to nature’s blissful rhythm.

I wish I stayed longer. Because one can never get bored of both Coorg and Heritage Resort Coorg. I am taking all the nice memories and moments I had there. I shall wish them the very best in bringing joy to their guests.

Reasons to Visit

  • -Getaway resort located atop a hill near Madikeri
  • -Resort overlooks the reserve forests and plantation area around it
  • -24 Cottage rooms with LCD TV, tea/coffee maker, safe deposit lockers and room service
  • -Multi-cuisine restaurant serving wide ranging cuisine
  • -Recreation facilities include swimming pool, cycling, kite flying, pool table, table tennis, board games and Ayurveda centre
  • -Conference, banquet hall for business meets and events
  • -Other services include doctor on call and currency exchange
  • -Recommended for getaway seekers to Coorg



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