The Easiest Home Improvement Hacks For DIY Phobes


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There are many people in the world who are gifted with bodily/kinaesthetic intelligence, which means that they tend to be skilled with using their hands. As for everyone else, our ability to do handiwork is somewhat limited.

If you are one of the DIY-phobes who find it difficult to do crafty jobs around the house, this is the article for you. We’re going to share some of the easiest and most accessible home improvement hacks for those whose hand-eye coordination might not be the best.

Block those draughts

Tired of the draught that is coming in underneath one of the doors in your home? There’s a simple fix that you can try! Find some old, unused fabric that is longer than the width of your door, roll it into a tube shape, fill it with old socks and tights, and then lay it at the base of the door. This will block the draught, keep the noise pollution down, and work as an excellent insulator as well.

Give your old wooden furniture a lick of paint

If you want to change the color temperature in your home and have some old wooden furniture lying around, why not give it a splash of paint? Just make sure that you lay down a cloth so that you don’t get paint everywhere!

First, you’ll need to sand the furniture, then seal the wood using a primer. After an hour, you can start painting and leave it to dry. Then voila: a quick and easy home improvement hack that is actually quite fun as well.

Reseal your bathroom utilities 

Is the rubber sealant around your bathtub starting to rot and peel away? If so, this is quite an easy fix. Simply peel all of the excess sealants away so that everything is exposed.

Following that, you’ll want to grab a cartridge gun with a sealant tube and then fill these gaps in one smooth and consistent motion.

Unblock your drains

Is the water in your drains taking forever to wash away? It could be that you have an old blockage slowing things down. The easiest way to tackle this is by getting some bicarbonate soda and vinegar and pouring this down your drains.

This is an effective way of breaking up the blockages and allowing things to run smoothly once more. If hair is the culprit clogging up the drains, we recommend getting a plunger and using an old wire hanger to fish out the clumps. It’s smelly and disgusting, but it will work wonders for the water flow!

Hang some pictures

It might sound trivial, but hanging pictures and paintings on your walls is a great way to improve the aesthetic vibe of your home while being super easy to do! All you’ll need is a hammer and some nails and you are good to go.

Just make sure that you find the wall stud before hammering in any nails! You can easily detect them by gently tapping on the walls: when the sound is hollow, keep tapping to the left or right until the sound is muffled – then you’ve hit the stud.


If you are renting, make sure that you have permission from your landlord before making any changes to your property. In any case, the above hacks are only minor changes and shouldn’t be a problem.

Similarly, if you are renting and keep running into problems with the property, you should consider moving out; find a well-designed and constructed development like The Collection in Bangkok, and you won’t need to worry about having to prevent draughts, unblock drains, or get too involved with big and scary DIY projects!


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