7 Amazing Gemstones you can add to your jewelry collection


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One of the best things about jewelry is that it can elevate your presence in just a few minutes. Whether you are in simple attire, adding stunning jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, and necklaces instantly changes the vibes.

As the summer is at its peak, it is time to freshen up your mind by adding some stunning gemstones to your jewelry collection.

It’s our pleasure that we have come up with the best ideas for wearing trending gemstone jewelry this summer, which are discussed below. It will help you elevate your inner and outer personality significantly.

Moonstone, a gemstone for fresh starting

Moonstone is said to be a gemstone for fresh starting; it is a unique gem that rules in the hearts of every gem lover, especially women. Shimmering like the Moon, the crystal embeds plenty of magical powers in itself.

Wearing the Moonstone jewelry this summer will allow you to feel the cool vibes of the lunar planet and fulfill you with its enthusiastic supernatural powers. You can wear the crystal with every type of outfit, whether in the office or casual.

In addition, June is the starting month of summer, and coincidentally your birthday falls in June, then Moonstone is the best option to wear as a traditional birthstone.

Moonstone symbolizes love, modification, and affinity for its druggies, and the demitasse awakens our inner capabilities and wisdom. Being a member of the mineral family from feldspar, it’s the composition of Orthoclase and Albite.

India and Sri Lanka are known for producing stylish quality Moonstones, and blue moonstone is veritably popular. The demitasse stands for peace of mind and new onsets to its druggies. It soothes emotional insecurity, removes stress, and promotes stimulant and good fortune in the wear and tear’s life.

Opal, Queen of all gemstones

Opal is the gemstone that never disappoints its wearers. The top-ranked crystal is known for its multiple color attributes among its lovers. You can select the crystal for daily wear this summer as the gemstone carries calming and positive powers.

Moreover, the Opal stands for love, amplification, and loyalty to its users, so gifting Opal jewelry this summer to your close one will help bring you close to each other.

Opal is honored as the queen of all rocks and is one of the oldest rocks since ancient civilization. The term opal is allowed to be taken from the Sanskrit Upala, which means” precious gravestone,” and after the Greek outgrowth” Opallios,” which means to see a change of color.

The gravestone can be set up in argentine, blue, pink, unheroic, and brown colors and looks transparent to opaque in appearance. Ethiopia, Brazil, USA, and Australia are the primary directors of the stylish quality opals.

Opal is a gravestone for suspicion, balancing feelings and purifying our mind and soul soothingly. In addition, Opal is celebrated as a June gemstone and the luckiest gravestone for those born under the wheel sign of Libra.

Larimar, a Caribbean gemstone

Wear the Larimar to grasp the soothing vibes of the Caribbean sea, which is the stone’s finding place. You have plenty of options in the Larimar jewelry collection for the summer season, like rings, earrings, pendants, etc.

As the summer is a time to wear less, you can hold a simple Larimar ring to give an elegant look to your outer presence. In addition, the larimar gemstone is said to strengthen your body physically, spiritually, and mentally and brings calming energies.

Larimar symbolizes the quiet ocean and Sky powers. It’s a rare blue pectolite that can only be set up in the Dominican Republic. It was first discovered by an artisan Miguel Mendez who named it after his son’s name Larissa, and the Spanish word Mar means Sea.

Larimar is an awful gravestone for soothing the mind and soul spiritually. It brings comforting energy and a peaceful terrain for its stoner. The demitasse is salutary for relieving high blood pressure and blockage in the body and guards from unforeseen fear attacks. also, it’s worn to stimulate the heart and crown chakra that balances our feelings and passions.

Turquoise, a stone of transformation

Turquoise crystal is recognized for its soothing and calming energies to its users. The crystal is a composition of the sky and earth elements, which help to connect with nature. Summer is the season of colors and cool vibes, and wearing Turquoise jewelry is the best option for this season.

Blue is a soothing color that attracts everyone with its eye-catching attributes. Moreover, the crystal is considered for aligning the throat chakra in the body, which solves our vocal-related issues.

Turquoise is an opaque mineral that comes in beautiful bluish-green, blue, and unheroic-green tinges. It has been treasured as a rock a thousand times and used to produce mesmerizing jewelry and cosmetic objects. presently, turquoise is produced by the United States, China, Chile, Mexico, and Iran.

The blue- multicolored mineral embeds a lot of mending and spiritual powers in itself. It helps in bringing sanctification, serenity, protection, love, and numerous further positive effects to the stoner’s life. also, the demitasse is helpful in soothing the throat chakra, which affects our communication chops and improves our oral area.

Moldavite, an Alien gemstone

Include the crystal if you want to get wonderful benefits from the stars and other planets, as the crystal results from the meteoroids. It soothes its users with vibrational energies and connects with spirituality.

When the Moldavite jewelry is worn during the summer, it also allows you to get ambrosial powers of the Sun planet. However, Moldavite is not assigned as a traditional birthstone so anyone can wear the crystal without any hesitation.

Moldavite is one of the ancient rocks that’s known for its alluring mending and metaphysical powers. The demitasse is considered the gravestone of metamorphosis that can turn bad luck into good fortune.

Moldavites are the result of meteoroid collation that happed 15 million times ago in the Czech Republic, so frequently called the gravestone from stars or alien gravestone.

Moldavite tones from dark green to olive green and unheroic-green demitasse. The monuments have been cut into faceted and baguette rocks since ancient times, and the pieces of the gravestone have been used in manufacturing rings, earrings, legs, and pendants.

In addition, it’s good for spiritual elaboration and invites you to observe your inner implicit, your limitations, and your boundaries.

Libyan desert glass

The Libyan desert glass is also known as the Great Sand Sea Glass, and it’s a silicate mineral from the feldspar group. The demitasse was formed due to a meteorite impact that passed 26 million times ago in the comeuppance of western Egypt and Eastern Libya. Some more jewelry like Thoughtfully propose your love by purchasing a captivating and lustrous Amethyst Ring. Mesmerizing Amethyst gemstone is bright purple. As per astrology, it’s a February birthstone. The magnetic purple color band signifies loyalty, innocence, and serenity. Hurry Up and order premium quality Amethyst jewelry bands online from the authentic and premium collection of Rananjay Exports, as they are the leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale gemstone jewelry.


All the gemstones mentioned above are suitable to be worn for summer purposes. And the most important thing is that your crystal should be genuine. A natural crystal allows you to get the stone’s actual benefits and provides a stunning look when it embeds in gorgeous metals like sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold metal.

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