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3 Tips to Avoid Burnout Working From Home

 Avoid Burnout Working From Home with our Garmin Vivoactive 3 music review.

Amidst the global pandemic, millions around the globe have made an important transition to work from home. However, the real priority and concern should be about working smart and avoiding work burnout. Find out about the Garmin Vivoactive 3 and learn about this special watch that will make working from home more productive.

Working from home can present so many challenges, but what can we do to separate our work and personal life so that we can adjust to the new normal? Also, what can employers and managers do to help one another cope?

What would seriously help is a watch which helps you track your required daily exercise, reminding you to take work breaks during the day, while also managing stress.

The Vivoactive is an eclectic, multi-purpose watch that you can use for exercise and lifestyle, in fact, the design is somewhere between a stylish yet minimalistic watch with a sporty twist. It offers a fitness tracker, great for walking or running, a stress tracker that monitors you throughout the day, and even a sleep tracker, helping you get better rest.

The watch comes in three premium color styles, including black slate with black, silver stainless steel and black, or white silicone and steel. There’s also Garmin Vivoactive rose gold. This Garmin Vivoactive 3 music review provides more detail.

With your new watch ready, here are some further top tips on avoiding burnout.

Create a Dedicated Work Space

If you’re lucky to have a dedicated home office workspace, with a desk and computer setup, you’re very lucky. Get a comfortable chair too! Since there’s usually no strict timetable for people working remotely, make sure you can work comfortably and efficiently, and try to switch off from work at the end of the day and leave your dedicated workspace behind.

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Place Boundaries

You don’t need to be available all the time just because you’re working from home now. Ideally, you need to establish a firm start and end time in your working day, just like in an office. Make sure you take time for breaks, meals, and exercise, even just a short walk.

Set a Schedule

Set a work schedule and try your best to stick to it. If you ever find you’re falling behind and struggling to keep up, make arrangements with your managers to shift your schedule so that you have more flexibility. Make sure your work schedule wraps at the end of the day and ensure you have time with your family, or catch up with friends over the phone or on video calls.


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