Top 10 Funny Cars of All Time


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We all have seen fancy cars, expensive cars, old car models, new car models. But have we ever thought of the “funniest car”? Haha! Believe me, it’s is the best thing to search, for a good laughter.

We can call funny cars failed inventions or as, way too creative for being cars or Funny cars. In my eyes, they are kind of failed invention, one tried. Just like when we think to make something extraordinary and end up making a disaster. Well, funny cars are the same, inventors just did too much with these cars.


But anyway, who cares how were they formed, I think every reader in here is looking for some fun. So, skipping these inventory thought aside, let’s switch to some laughter.

Here, we are going to tell you the funniest 10 cars of all time.

10 Funny Cars of All Time 

  • Double car
  • Art car
  • Cat car
  • Telephone car
  • Bath car
  • Photo camera car
  • UFO Cars
  • Phantom cars
  • Monster car
  • Shoe care

1• Double Cars


Okay! One question, why? Why would someone invent the car like this? Probable answers, either out of mind or beyond thinkers. Haha! This invention, to me, seems the most useless invention in the history of cars.

Neither is this car attractive nor is it helpful in anyways like managing space, increasing speed. The only thing this car gives you is “creeps”. Nonetheless, our work here is to laugh. So be it!

2• Art cars


Should we actually call this car “art car” or better “trash car”? I mean look at this, what is this? In the world of uniqueness, in the world of technology, in the world of class people made this car, and not only this, they even call it an art car. Why? Where is the art here?

Art is something that pleases one’s eyes, is something which is beyond imagination, is something extraordinary. Well, precisely this car actually is extra trash.

But, people who know what car specifications are definitely going to laugh hard on this one.

3• Cat car


Before seeing the image, one might say why are Cat Cars here, they are bubbly, cute-looking cars, why would someone call them funny!? Haha! After watching this Cat car, they might change their perspective on cute, bubbly cars.

This car is anything but cute. And I am like 110% sure, even cat lovers won’t Like this car.


Why? Why would they invent something like even kids will call “trash”. But inventors are inventors, they try to make something which and is not actually wrong, but sometimes they end up making this. Haha! A burst of good laughter.

4• Telephone Cars


Why? The first time anyone will see this car, the question which will strike their mind will be: Why did anyone invent this? Will it also help in calling? Do these cars have some specifics which will actually speed up the quality of cars. The answer obviously is a “Big No!” It neither helps in calling nor does it speed up its quality. Mere an unnecessary invention one tried. Probably, to catch eyes, to have phrases, to feel a bit creative.


But, there is nothing creative. As you can see that, another failed invention. Invented in a subconscious situation without brain involvement. Well said, people must be in their zones: if a car designer, be a car designer don’t try to be an artist.

5• Bath cars


Okay! So, are these designers trying to give, drivers a good bath? This is ridiculous! Haha! A design, totally depicting how much car designers lack a sense of arts. Why? This car is typically another level of stupidity.


The quote to these cars will be “have a car which not only gives a drive but also a bath” haha! Or these cars advertising will be “Are you late for your office and haven’t bathed yet, bath cars are the solution to your problem” you can bath any time, anywhere just in your car, do buy bath car”. Haha!

But anyway, it might not be listed as better designed but definitely as better laughed.

6• Photo Camera Car


A very funny car ???

This is ridiculously a waste, waste of plastic, waste of steel, waste of brains, waste of fun. One question, How will it help the car in terms of the specification? No ways! Just a car, with a camera, to capture good comments, have good phrases for the creativity. No! This is not, what these designers will catch, trash it is! And trash it will be called.


Look at this! How dumb a person can be. I won’t even call it best out of waste. It is waste out of waste.

7• UFO Cars


Yes! Let’s laugh first. UFO cars or I say UFO unwanted cars. Same question: why? Why would you invent this? Will these cars let you explore the space or will these cars actually start flying. No! Why are designers so desperate to make anything out of anything for no reason, for no specification, for no use.


Another failed model obviously is failed because it’s useless. Also mentioning, not attractive.

8• Phantom’s cars


This, by all means, is ugly! Looks like moving trash. Dirty, incoherent, and unwanted. Either you are these ranger’s fans or not. These cars are mostly not liked by anyone. They consume space, they look like junk, do not have actual cars feature.

People won’t waste their money on something as bizarre as this car is.

9• Monster cars


Holy crap! This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I mean there are monsters, but they also have some level. Monsters are ugly villains depicting the ugly faces of the world. But this car!? this car depicts the sheer uneasiness one would feel while sitting in it while driving in it while watching it move.


Ignoring its horrifying looks, if we jump to its specifics we will find there are “none”

Consuming space, irritating eyes is what this car can do! And believe me, this car is doing very well in terms of irritating people.

10• Shoe Cars


Shoe cars!? are these designers out of mind?

In the world of uniqueness, in the world of technology, in the world of class people made this car and not only this, calling it an art car. Why? Where is the art here?

This is far away from art and too near to trash.

So, these were some of the funniest cars one would ever see. Haha! Good for some laughter! Now wasn’t it. If you feel the same do comment and tweet.


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