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5 Things to Do Before Developing a Food Delivery App

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Isn’t it amazing that we receive hot food at our doorsteps just by ordering it on the phone? This has been made possible with the phenomenon called online food delivery.

Food delivery apps are thriving in the market. Statistics show that this industry is going to grow at a CAGR of 8.29% for the years 2022 to 2026.

Well, it might seem complex and confusing but we are here to help you. This article will offer you a clear road map and future action plans that will help you with the food marketplace and explain why you should hire a food delivery app development company.

Extensive Research on Current Trends

Studying the current trends is one of the crucial steps. To stay ahead in the game you need to start extensive research on what your competitors are offering. You can choose the technologies they have adopted and benefited from.

You can figure out various modes to connect with your audience. You can add chatbots for customers to order via messenger. You can think of integrating a high-end feature like your app being smartwatch friendly so that customers can order from the watch itself. 

Thus, this research will also give insights into the shortcomings of your competitors, you can target that weak area and make it your USP.

Analyze the Market

Whether you are new or old to the food industry, market analysis will give you insights and a better understanding. To know what factors you should consider before you  move forward, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who will be your potential customers and what will be their age?
  2. Who are your competitors?
  3. What strategies do your competitors follow?
  4. What can you do to step ahead of your competitors?
  5. How will you solve your customer’s problems and offer solutions?

Finding answers to these questions will help you understand your customers better and the problems they are currently facing. This way you can try to solve those problems and build the best food delivery app. 

Choose Model

There are two basic models that you can choose based on your type of business.

1. Order Only Model

As the name suggests, in this model you will only accept and process the orders. This model will not deal with the delivery process or offer support for the same. Here, the deliveries will be handled by the restaurants. 

After customers confirm the order, restaurants will be informed. Restaurants will take care of the delivery and support if required. This model earns money by partnering with restaurants and is a less complex way to build a business.

2. Order and Delivery Model

This model is responsible for accepting orders, processing, delivery of food orders, and also support. So for small and medium-sized restaurants, this model is the preferred choice because they might not have delivery partners or in-house resources to rely on.

You can compare both models based on the investment required and market research. Only then you can move ahead with the best-suited model.

Choose Technology

When you are planning for food delivery app development with all the amazing features than using just one technology would not be enough. To ensure a flawless experience for the customers, create your app with the technologies given below.

  • Android, iOS for OS
  • Node JS, MongoDB for backend
  • ReactJS for front end

For cross-platform development, choose technologies like React Native, Flutter, etc. These technologies will help you build an efficient app with minimum cost. These technologies are reliable even if you are planning to scale up in the future. 

Hire Your Development Team

This is the most crucial requirement for food delivery app development. You need to find a reliable company that has an agile team, years of industry experience, and a unique approach that will get the work done.

The food delivery app development company you choose must have an Android and iOS developer, project manager, tester, etc.

You can also find freelancers to get the job done but can be difficult as you have to hire multiple people and then make them coordinate with each other. If it does not work out then you would not be able to have the app of your dreams.

Also, if you plan to scale in the future, you will have to repeat this same process. So it is a wiser choice to choose a company rather than freelancers as the former will have a coordinated team.


A food delivery app is an option that you should not ignore from the business point of view. Make sure you do extensive research and analyze the market properly. Also, choose the model that goes with your budget and available resources.

You can choose the food delivery app development company to help with the development of a feature-rich and bug-free app.


The online food ordering business is popular these days. To jump into this market and have a food delivery app, you must have a clear understanding of the marketplace. To know more about this industry, keep reading.



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