Why Is Foamex Best Suited For Hoardings?


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Foamex is a kind of plastic that is made out of expanded PVC, it is not to be confused with Foamcore, which is another kind of spongy board. People often get confused between Foamex and Foamcore.

There is a vast difference between both these materials. Foamcore sheets are often used for much simpler uses like supporting or mounting photographs. But in the case of real, actual hoardings, a Foamex board is the perfect and most ideal material. 

There are several reasons why a Foamex board is preferred over other materials like Foamcore for printing hoardings because Foamex is perfect for direct printing.

It is not just lightweight and durable compared to other materials, but it can also be cut easily into different shapes. Also, because it is plastic, it can be easily used for outdoor usage and is also waterproof. 

Foamex board is not only lightweight, durable, and easy to work with, but it is also a highly fire-resistant material and offers excellent value for money. A foamex board usually comes in three different thicknesses: 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, and 10mm foamex. 

Amazing choice for printing solutions

Talking about the structure and quality of foamex, you will find out that it is thick and closely compacted in nature and has a smooth and premium finish. The 3mm foamex and 5mm foamex are usually much lighter in weight compared to the 10mm foamex.

The 10mm foamex is slightly heavy and that is why it is a more sturdy material for making hoardings. Again, the 10mm sheets are quite sturdy compared to 3mm foamex and 5mm foamex. But even with the thickness, it is still pretty agile. Even the thick 10mm foamex can be easily cut into different shapes.

Even the edges of the foamex board can be easily rounded off if required. The point is that no matter what your requirements are, it can be easily met with foamex board printing, so foamex board is a material that can easily satisfy all your hoarding and printing solutions. 

The major reason why a 10mm foamex is the perfect choice for outdoor hoardings in places like construction, sales hoardings, advertising, or exhibitions is because of its thickness and the increased durability of a 10mm foamex. Plywood was a material that was preferred a lot in the past, but that was because something like foamex wasn’t easily available everywhere.

But since foamex has been made available, plywood and other such materials have been reduced in their usage for hoardings and boards. Also because plywood panels are costlier and heavier when compared to a foamex board. Best for outdoors

Hoardings are something that is usually placed outdoors in open areas where they have to be under extreme weather conditions and surrounded by all kinds of things that can damage them easily. Foamex is perfect for withstanding extreme and harsh weather conditions be it rain, cold, or heat.

They do not lose their shape and also the printing doesn’t fade so easily when placed outside in extreme heat. 10mm foamex boards offer at least 7 years of unparalleled use. That is enough time for almost any kind of material. Even some of the strongest materials suffer damage in some way or the other in such a long time. 

Long-lasting results

Hoardings are usually used for creating promotions or advertising banners for events or just general advertising regarding your products or services. In any kind of business, the marketing campaigns are given meager budgets and they are only allowed to play with such a limited amount.

When you are faced with such a situation, foamex becomes the best material for you to be used for most of your marketing and advertising needs. It is not something that will burn a hole in your pocket and also provide durable and long-lasting results that do not require too much care. 

Foamex is durable and sturdy and that is a big reason why you can attach it easily to design elements that are easily adhesive naturally. This is why foamex is said to be such a versatile material and easy to change to any kind of fashion. You do not need to be a professional to be able to create amazing designs or graphics to create something beautiful with a foamex board. 

Print high-resolution images

Another special feature about using foamex material for hoardings is that hoardings require high-resolution images to be printed on large surfaces. A foamex board can allow that easily and you can also use easily legible text. Foamex boards offer a very uniform and smooth surface to work on, this is a basic requirement for printing and producing good, high-quality images on a hoarding. All you need to do is use the right kind of design and eye-popping colors and you will get the best results easily. 

Doesn’t hold moisture

Foamex printing being a plastic material doesn’t hold moisture in any way, it does not absorb water and no amount of water will affect the board or the printed images or text on it. This gives the foamex board an edge over other porous materials.

10mm foamex is the thickest material and that is why it provides even higher protection against moisture. So in case if you are looking for a material that can easily stand moisture and heat in extreme outdoor conditions, foamex is said to be one of the best options for that. 

Foamex is a versatile material

Foamex board printing has found its uses in various industries for different functions. Foamex boards are not only common as hoardings and large advertising materials but also in places like schools, colleges, corporate offices, etc. Even stores and malls have been using foamex for hoardings and boards because of its durability and resistance to harsh environments.

It is better to choose something like foamex rather than going for an expensive material that wouldn’t even last for that long compared to Foamex. Foamex proves to be a thick, sturdy material and can provide value for money for all your marketing and advertising campaigns.


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