How to Fix iPad Won’t Turn On: 8 Ways


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Most of the people who are rather the new Apple users face such issue like iPad won’t Turn On, it’s not a big deal. There are several reasons for that, and the most common reason that why this issue occurs are as follow and the solution to Fix iPad won’t Turn On is explained below in this guide.


iPad won’t turn on black screen? or the iPad won’t turn on the battery icon red? and if you are thinking that my iPad won’t turn on even when plugged in to get the solution for all these problems we will provide you different way’s to fix that problem.

Charging your iPad. 

The first thing that comes to mind when the iPad won’t Turn On is that maybe its Batter is not sufficiently charged to turn it on. iPad is an electronics device, and it’s pretty much common that without a power source the electronics devices do not operate, same is the case that could have happened with your iPad, due to the reason that your iPad’s battery has no sufficient power to turn ON the tablet. This was the fix on iPad air won’t turn on or charge.

Simply grab your iPad’s charger and plug it into your IPad and plug the charger into the charger to charge it, wait a minimum time of 15-30 minutes and after that check either your iPad is charging properly.

Once the iPad has sufficient charge in its battery, that will automatically Turn on with the Apple logo which indicated that your iPad perfectly in normal condition and is getting ready to turn ON. If this method doesn’t work, then …

Try another method to Turn ON Your iPad.

Still, the problem occurs and the solution to fix the iPad won’t turn ON, didn’t work then there is another method, by which you can turn ON your iPad manually. Here’s how you can manually turn on your iPad.

Step 1:  you can see a Power button at the top side of your iPad, press and hold it for a few seconds to turn on your iPad. While to keep the power button pressed, the Apple logo will appear on the screen after a few seconds. Do you know what does this means, this means your iPad is starting up and within a few seconds your iPad will turn ON and you will be good to go and enjoy your apps?

If none of the above tricks didn’t work, that doesn’t mean that your iPad’s got a problem. There are some other possible issues that you might not have noticed.

Check either your iPad’s Charger/Charging Cables is in good condition or not.

If the issue persists that your iPad won’t turn on, then there might be a problem with either your charging cable or you’re your charger (charging adopter).

If anyone in your family or friend list is an Apple user, you can also get their help to check either your phone have a problem or the problem is just with your charging cable or the charger only, simply borrow their charging cable and also the charging adopter to check that whether your iPad charge with it or not. You can also check your own charging cable and the charger both by asking your friends or family member to plug your charger into their iPad or iPhone to check whether it charge their device or not. Hence you will find out if your only charger or charging cable is faulty or both, or the issue is just with your device.

If your charging cable or charger is damaged, then there is no need to worry, because you just got saved from a high loss. Because some users have also faced a problem with their charging jack (the port where charging cable is plugged to charge your device) and costs a lot of money and time to repair it, and to repair that the device needs to be unpacked and the iPad is not considered genuine, once it’s unpacked. Simply go to the nearest vendor a buy a new cable if the main problem is with the charging cable or the charger the problem gets Fix when the iPad won’t Turn On.

Force Restart iPad to turn it ON.

Most of the Apple users faced a common problem that led them to the issue that their iPad won’t turn ON because of this issue. This issue can be solved easily with just one simple step is Force restart your iPad but doing, this may cause you some data loss. The data that is lost while doing the force restart or you can say that Hard Reset, will be that unwanted garbage memory ‘cache’ that creates itself whenever you connect your device to the internet or by installing new apps the extra files that are downloaded with that app. But no need to worry, you won’t lose your personal data, because along with your device, it is also stored on your iCloud.

Simply follow this 1 step explanation below to understand that how to force restart the iPad.

Press and hold down your Home button and the Power button of your exactly at the same time for at least 10 seconds, as soon Apple logo will appear on your iPad’s screen release both the buttons and after that, your device will continue working.

iTunes to the Rescue.

It is a well-known saying that prevention is better than cure. The reason that we quoted this is that most of the time a lot of users stay disconnected from the internet and forget to sync their personal data to their iCloud and that may lead them to a really serious issue of data loss. So better connect your device to your computer and sync your data to your computer using iTunes. This will save you from regret that you could have copied your data before doing a Hard reset.

  • Connect your iPad with your computer and open iTunes on your computer,
  • The first thing that appears in front of you will be the recognizing of your iPad with iTunes.

So? Did your device got recognized with your iTunes? Then without any delay backup your iPad to your computer.

Once your backup has been completed, then do the hard reset step to force reset your iPad. And on the other hand, if iTunes doesn’t recognize your device then force reset your iPad while it is still connected to your computer.

Check either your device is Physical or Liquid Damaged

You can say that iPad’s is another form of iPhone’s, and the physical difference that makes the iPad resemble to iPhone is that of its shape, iPad’s are bigger in size than that iPhone’s, and these iPhone’s are famous for being too much delicate.

So you must keep your iPad away from moisturizers, what we want to say is that these devices should be kept away from water and other liquids.

Hence we are human and it’s a natural phenomenon that we often forget to take care of our belongings and this causes us a lot of trouble later. There might be a time that you are in a hurry or busy in a work and have not noticed that you spilled something on it and in a rush you just jerk it or simply wipe it with a cloth to clean it. But this doesn’t really clean your device.  You can check either your device is damaged because of this, this can be checked by these few methods.

  • Check whether your charging port is clean or not.
  • Check whether your hands-free jack is clean or not.
  • Check whether there is any liquid or water sucked between your screen layers.
  • Check all the buttons one by one, either they are working or not.
  • Check the speaker grill if there is anything sucked or not.

You can claim the warranty of your iPad, only if the device has still a valid warranty or the damages are just minor ones.

DFU Restore method.

Doing the DFU restore, will get your device to the same condition as you have just bought it, all the user settings, and other apps go to their default settings and all the data is lost by doing this and the iPad will look like you have just purchased it.

Call the Geeks.

Now is the time to visit a Genius Bar to your nearest Apple Store and as a geek to help you sort out this problem or just visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support center can also help and instruct you if you don’t have any authorized Apple service provider in your surrounding or if there isn’t an Apple Store near you, that how to Fix Completely dead iPad problem, either by doing a courier to their head office or they might send you their expertise to help you overcome this problem.

That was all on if you have any questions related to this feel free to ask down below in the comment section. Also, you can like us on Facebook so you never miss any latest updates. If you find this tutorial helpful then feel free to share it with your friends and with family members.


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