How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone 11 PRO MAX


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AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone 11 PRO MAX

One of the best inventions by apple is Airpods but sometimes you can’t connect them to iPhone 11. This tutorial is all about AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone 11 PRO MAX but if you have to older version of iPhone you can also implement this tutorial on iPhone XR, XS,iPhone 6,iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 if AirPods are not connecting or you can also get an error AirPods connection failed so if you get any error related to AirPods you don’t have to worry we are here to help you.

Sometimes AirPods won’t go into pairing mode we will also give you a fix on that just follow this tutorial till the end you will find all answers to your problem related to AirPods.You can follow this Tutorial if the right or left airport is not connecting to iPhone.

Airpods are the most used accessories they are the most sold airphones since launch because they are very simple without wire and easy to use If you don’t know how to use AirPods on iPhone 11 then there is a separate tutorial for it

For most people, AirPods are comfortable. They can talk, listen to music, pick up the call by using AirPods which can be very easy for them. The Charging process and pairing process of very easy. But some times you may face AirPods not connecting on iPhone issue


How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone 11 PRO MAX

Most of the time airport connection issue is very easy to fix. It can take a minute to fix that issue. Recently Apple launched Airpods pro. The methods which I will give you will work on all the versions of AirPods including the new AirPods or the old versions of the AirPods. This does not matter which generation of AirPods you are using just follow the below-listed steps to solve your problem. So here are simple solutions to fix the issue of AirPods, AirPods 2, or AirPods Pro not connecting with your iPhone Xr or iPhone 11.

Method #1. Make Sure Bluetooth is ON

First, we will give you an easy solution to implement on your iPhone then we will give you other solutions. If you are facing a connection issue on  AirPods 1st Gen, AirPods 2nd Gen or the new AirPods Pro then just go to the Bluetooth Settings to take a look if Bluetooth is enabled on your device or not. If you don’t know the steps then follow below given steps.

  1. From the Home screen of your iPhone head over to the Settings.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth and Tap on it.
  3. If the Bluetooth is of the toggled it ON.

Now try to connect your Airpods to your iPhone if it is working or not. If Airpods not connecting then simply follow the second method.


Method #2. Fix Paring Issue on iPhone

Now if AirPods are not paring with your iPhone then you have to fix the pairing issue. There is no Button on AirPods which can turn AirPods off. They nest inside the case and sleep. When you face a connection issue between AirPods and iPhone just put both AirPods inside the charging case and close the lid. Now, wait for at least 20 seconds after that remove the AirPods from the charging case and try to connect again to the iPhone.I hope that your problem will be solved. If not solved then follow the next step.

Method #3. Refresh The Bluetooth 

If the above-mentioned method won’t work for you then you can follow this method. In this method, you have to refresh the Bluetooth remember do not to use the Control Center.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth.
  3. Turn the Bluetooth OFF.


Now wait for a few seconds and then follow the below-listed steps.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Then tap on Bluetooth.
  3. Turn it ON.

That how you restart Bluetooth on your iPhone now try to connect your iPhone to AirPods I hope the connection problem will be solved now. If you are still facing any issue then follow the next method.

Method #4. Restart your iPhone To fix the Airpods issue.

As I always recommend that whenever you face an issue related to the iPhone the best way to fix that issue is to restart your iPhone.Before you restart your iPhone make sure to Turn OFF the WiFi or cellular data on your iPhone.Now restart your iPhone but I you want to Force Restart iPhone then follow the below-given links.


Once you restart your iPhone.ON the Bluetooth, open AirPods’ case lid, and connect the AirPods.This method will work for you. If this method is not working then follow another method.

Method #5. Use the Setup Button to Connect

Still unable to connect then follow this method in this method you have to use the Setup button to connect AirPods to iPhone.Method five follows below given steps.

Before you start to implement method five make sure to Turn ON the Bluetooth of your iPhone.

Step #1. After you turn ON the Bluetooth put both of the Airpods in the case and then close the lid of the case.

Step #2. Bring your iPhone and iPod close to each other.

Step #3. Open the lid of the airport case.

Step #4. It will say Connect.

Step #5. Now you have to press and hold the setup button (You can find the Setup button at the back of the case).

Step #6. Wait for a few seconds and after few seconds you will see a logo on AirPods being connected (Remember do not release the setup button)

Step #7. Once you see the battery level of AirPods of the Case then release the setup button.


Step #8. Hit on Done.


Method #6. Check if you have the latest version of iOS on iPhone.

Updating software on iPhone is very important. Not only for Airpods error if you find any error related to iPhone then always do two things first Restart your iPhone and second Check for the latest update. By updating to the latest version of iOS will fix and remove the bugs from iPhone.Now If you do not know how to update iPhone 11 PRO Max to the latest version of iOS then for this you have to follow the given steps.

  1. From the Home screen of your, iPhone launch the Settings.
  2. Go to the General.
  3. Find Software Update and Tap on it.
  4. If there is any update click on Download and Install.


Method #7. Make Sure You Have the Latest AirPods Firmware Installed

Well, the above heading is precisely what I wrote. I used the words ‘make sure’ and not ‘update your AirPods to latest firmware’ because you cannot. Apple does this automatically in the background, and you get no pop-up or message or notification saying, ‘Hey, your AirPods are now running the latest version.’ The current firmware is 6.8.8.

Method #8. Reset Your AirPods

If all the above-listed methods won’t work then try this last method. In this method, you have to reset your Airpods. If you do not know how to reset AirPods then follow the below-given steps.

  1. On the Mac, you have to click on the Bluetooth icon.
  2. on the status bar, Open Bluetooth Preferences Right-click on your AirPods name.
  3. Click on Disconnect.
  4. Now you have to hold the setup button on your AirPods case and pair it again.

I hope all of the above-mentioned methods will work for you. Let me know which method works for you down below in the comment section. If you still facing issues related to connectivity issues then comment down below in the comment section. That was all on AirPods Not Connecting to iPhone 11 PRO MAX also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update. If this Tutorial helped you then share it with your friends and with family members.


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