How to deal with financial stress 2021 :complete guide


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Stress is a kind of emotion or way of expressing feelings. Which happens to everyone once in their lifetime.

During sudden grief or a moment of sadness which just degrades the mental stability.

The most common stress faced by the majority of the teens in their early twenties is the fear of unemployment, especially for men.

Due to social conditions, men have been given a responsibility to go and be the breadwinner of the house.

Earn a living handle all the responsibilities of the family etc. Even sometimes people are afraid of losing their jobs.

Especially in pandemics due to heavy dips and losses in the business many people have lost their jobs in quarantine.

Stress is a sudden change in the emotions of a person during any challenge or sudden really bad incident. Our body releases certain responses according to the current situation which makes the person.

To Behave in a way, act, and take actions according to that response which is called stress.

Stress most common reason is when they face a really tough challenge. Which they think after that everything is over they failed their entire life.

For eg:- A student takes stress before the exam and thinks that if he failed his life will be gone in vain or all his hard work goes into vain which is not true at all.

There are two types of stress.

Acute stress:-Its a kind of stress which happens for a very short span of time and then disappears.

For eg:-You need to prepare a presentation in front of your colleagues so you get stressed, or you have an exam after a month so you work hard.

Chronic Stress:-This is a type of stress which remains in your mind for a longer period of time. You can have chronic stress even after a very long due to a very bad experience in your past.

For eg:-A very close friend of yours betrayed you or cheated on you. An unforgettable accident of you or someone whom you live the most.

What happens to our Body During Stress?

There are some systems in the body which are not affected directly and some get directly affected with negative results too.

Effect Of Stress on Cardiovascular system

During stress, the blood flow into the heart starts getting rapidly increased, and sometimes there is a slight pain in it.

This happens because we are breathing at a faster rate than in normal conditions so that’s why we are advised to drink water during stress to cool down the disbalance.

Patients with problems like asthma and respiratory problems are advised to not take stress as it will be harder for them to breathe and can worsen their conditions.

Due to the stress hormones released in the body, our heart pumps faster so the blood travels faster delivering oxygen much earlier increasing blood pressure.

2. Central Nervous and Endocrine.

Central Nervous System or CNS responds in two ways either to fight or to flight which means that during an emergency a person either tries to find and solve or either gives up.

When this situation happens our body releases hormones called cortisol which results in beating the heart faster.

So that the damage that happened to the tissues due to stress gets repaired and increases blood sugar level.

Most body cells contain cortisol receptors which help and perform different roles during stress our cortisol level decreases and our brain starts producing to go back to normal.

After everything calms down our cortisol is at its normal level if doesn’t happen many health problems will come with it.

Stress leads to diabetes

During stress, our body requires energy to repair the damage so sugar is broken down by the liver and turned into glucose but if our body is incapable of the extra sugar we maybe begin suffering from diabetes.

The acid in the stomach sees a sudden increase and might cause the old ulcers to react inside the stomach.

Stress has also a negative effect on our digestive system due to an increase in heartbeat and breathing.

You may not be able to eat something or the hunger may decrease due to the increase in cortisol levels which can lead to a decrease in energy levels.

When the food in the stomach is not properly digested it can cause diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, body pain, and fever.

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Stress On Muscular System.

Our muscular system has a propensity to get repaired or has an ability to self-repairing so whenever there is damage to muscles it gets healed or repaired by itself only.

If the body continues to be under stress for a long period of time our muscle loses the ability and our body continues to get injured.

Stress on Reproductive System.

Concerning both the female and male bodies both the genders experience different changes in terms of hormones and bodily changes in the Reproductive System while under stress.

In females, stress can cause more painful period cramps or a delay in the menstrual cycle.Also, it can be a challenging condition to her emotional state

When it comes to the male reproductive system while being under stress for a short span of time increases the male hormone testosterone while being in a long stress time starts decreasing it with low sperm production also.

During stress, your libido or desire for sexual activity also gets affected because you can’t move your focus from stress to something else.

Stress symptoms can be affecting our health really bad sometimes or even get worse sometimes we feel that we are drowsy but it’s not the stress it’s the illness we face.

Stress can affect the behavioral changes in the person like even a very funny moment happens it can’t make him happy.

If the situation gets worse the person also gets suicidal thoughts because he loses his self-confidence thinking that everything he is going to do he is going to fail.

How to Treat Stress?

Having many negative effects on the body stress is not at all good for our body the possible or high-risk diseases can be diabetes, high blood pressure, and increase fat.

People suffering from stress need emotional support and empathy no logical solution and tips and techniques will work on that person if he/she is not loved.

You don’t need any tips and techniques if you get empathy and support from a loved person close to your heart who can understand you.

Following these tips will be more helpful and work if the person is supported emotionally.

1. Hitting The Gym and Involving in Sports.

2. Getting a massage or therapy which includes fragrance oils. Its also proven that a good smell gives our dopamine boost.

3. Fish spa:-Spa where you put the legs into a container full of water and small fish so as soon you put your feet under it fish eat the dead skin cells giving a soothing and tickling and you can’t stop laughing.

4. Listening to music that gives a boost has a nice bass with tone and lyrics.

While the lowest possibility is stress can result positively is that.

  • Sometimes it can be a motivation to meet and tackle the challenges to grow in life.
  • It alerts us to take decisions and actions far before something bad has been driving a car on a busy road we are aware to not speed as it can lead to accidents.
  • Stress can be a booster in productivity to complete tasks before a deadline.

For eg:-You need to prepare a presentation for a very important corporate business meeting and you are just chilled and everything will be fine you can make it a day before the presentation knowing that it’s so important for your career.

On the opposite side, you are in a little bit of stress you will put your 100% to make that presentation as good as you can to your complete potential to get that deal done.

Basically, we are trying to say that too much confidence is not good or a lot of excitement can make you feel overwhelmed and relaxed.

It’s good to observe these symptoms early to be able to grind and hustling hard. It’s the time when you get matured mentally by facing challenges and be able to see things in reality.

Our nervous system is not too good at understanding physical trauma or mental stress. So if we are in a constant state of stress it will be difficult for our nerves to figure out what’s going on actually triggering all the nerves.

There may be some visible symptoms if you are the person suffering from stress. Your mood your behavior will not be as regular as a normal emotionally stable person some visible traits like:-

  • 1. Problem in remembering something
  • 2. Who laughs rarely 
  • 3. Not even a smile on a face for a long time
  • 4. Pick something negative even from a positive situation

Some stress maybe occurs at the workplace. Which is normal for most people due to loads of work to do. But too much stress can give negative outcomes like loss of focus in work etc. Not attentive very less to zero productivity.


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