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What Causes Eyelash Pain?

Eyelash Pain

There are many different reasons for eyelash pain. Our eyelashes are tiny hairs and the pain is not caused by the eyelashes themselves the pain is caused by the area around the eyelashes it can be the lower lashline or the actual lash line.

We feel pain around the area of our eyelashes. Our eyelashes contain dead cells so they dont sense pain sensation. Our nerve signals dont reach dead cells so the eyelashes cant feel the pain. 

The nerve fibers present at the base of eyelashes sense the pain. So basically these nerve fibers sense pain.

Let’s see what are the actual causes of eyelash pain;

What Can Cause the Impression of Eyelash Pain?

These are some of the most common reasons of:

Ingrown Eyelashes:

It is a condition in which our eyelashes grow towards our eyes or under the eyelids.

The ingrown eyelashes cause alot of pain because they get rubbed against your eyes and inner eyelids.

Ingrown eyelashes causes;

  • Excessive pain.
  • Itchiness.
  • Tearing or watering.
  • Redness.
  • You feel sensitivity to light.
  • Every time you feel there is something unusual in your eyes.


Blepharitis is a common eye disease in which inflammation of the eyelids takes place.

This disease can also be a major cause of eyelash pain. It also occurs when oil glands get blocked in our eyes.

Blepharitis causes;

  • Itchiness.
  • Redness and burning sensation.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Foam in eyes.
  • Light sensitivity.


A stye is a bump that looks like a pimple. It is red in color and forms at the outside edge of the eyelid. Stye gets developed when tiny oil glands around the eyelashes get blocked.

When these glands get blocked bacteria tend to grow inside them which results in stye developing. 

Stye causes;

  • Itchiness.
  • Pain.
  • Redness.
  • Tearing or watering.
  • Photophobia.
  • Every time you feel there is something unusual in your eyes.

Eyelash Mites:

The two types of mites that live on human skin are Demodex Brevis and Demodex folliculorum.

If the number of these mites get increased extremely then it will cause demodicosis. These mites are present in body follicles and can affect that part of the body.

They are present on eyelashes also and it causes;

  • Irritation.
  • Eyelash crusting and dandruff.
  • Excessive tearing or watering.
  • Vision problems.
  • Burning sensation and itchiness.


Entropion is a condition in which our eyelashes fold inwards. When the eyelid folds inwards the eyelashes start to scratch the cornea of your eyes which causes extreme eyelash pain.

Entropion causes;

  • Redness.
  • Irritation.
  • Wind and light sensitivity.
  • Discharge of mucus.
  • Crusting of eyelids.
  • Tearing.

Eyelash Ptosis:

Eyelash ptosis is one of the common eyelash problems.

Eyelash ptosis is of two types. The upper eyelash ptosis and lower eyelash ptosis.

In upper eyelash ptosis, your eyelashes of upper lids bend downward. These bent eyelashes touch the inner surface of your eyes which results in eyes irritation and redness.

In lower eyelash ptosis, the eyelashes of lower eyelids bend upwards. These bent eyelashes touch the inner surface of your eyes.

Eyelash ptosis causes;

  • Pain.
  • Redness.
  • Irritation.
  • Every time you feel there is something unusual in your eyes.
  • Discharge of mucus.
  • Floppy eyelids.


Distichiasis is also known as double eyelash growths.

In this condition, a proper set, or few hairs, starts to grow under your natural eyelash row.

The common cause of this problem is genetic mutation but this problem is also caused by the discharge of meibomian glands or any chemical injury.

Some people think that this extra row of eyelashes looks good but it’s not true. Distichiasis is painful.

Distichiasis causes;

  • Eyelash ptosis.
  • Stye.
  • Pink eye or conjunctivitis.
  • Wind and light sensitivity.
  • Excessive pain.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

There are different reasons for eyelashes hurting. These extensions are tiny real or synthetic hair that glued on the base of your eyelash to make them appear thick, long, and beautiful.

Sometimes extremely bold eyelashes also hurt because of their weight.

Removing eyelash extension also hurt if you dont do it properly. The glue used in sticking contains latex and ammonia which irritates your eyes and also causes blepharitis.

These extension or glue causes;

  • Burning sensation in eyes.
  • Dryness of eyes.
  • Redness.
  • Your eyelids swell.
  • Itchiness.

If you feel any discomfort then consult your doctor and ask them to remove the eyelashes. It’s better to consult early.

Common Causes of Eyelash Loss:

Eyelash loss can be caused by many different reasons. You have to worry about the time when your eyelash hair loss more than your eyebrows or scalp hair loss.

Following are the most common reasons for eyelash hair loss;

Irritation from Cosmetics:

Using an excessive amount of makeup products can lead to eyelash pain and hair loss.

If you use eyelash curlers on daily basis then there are many chances of eyelash loss.


Diseases or conditions like blepharitis or stye can also cause excessive loss of eyelash hair.

Skin Cancer:

Skin cancer is another main reason for eyelash loss. 

How Do I Know if I Have an Infection?

If you feel and symptoms from the above-written causes then you need to meet your doctor on an urgent note.


Eyelash problems are easily visible and they also cause alot of pain too. So if you feel any discomfort or unusual in your eyes it might be a reaction to any infection. 

Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt when I Wear Mascara?

Mascara is a cosmetic product and contains chemicals. The chemicals that get used in cosmetics are safe for the skin but sometimes some ingredients didn’t turn out to be safe for sensitive eyes or skin. 

If you feel any eyelash pain or allergy after using a certain mascara then stop using it immediately.

If you have sensitive skin then is recommended to use products or mascara that contain fewer chemicals or are labeled as “hypoallergenic” or “suitable for sensitive eyes”.

How to Prevent Eyelash Pain:

If you want to avoid eyelash pain then start following these tips;

  • Daily use soaps or cleansers that are specially made for eyelashes. It helps to remove the crust of eyelids. It kills the bacterias also which creates many eye problems.
  • Whenever you are using contact lenses make sure they are clean. Always use clean hands to wear them.
  • Hypoallergenic use products. Always check and remember the expiry dates.
  • Do not share your eye product with anyone else especially contacts lenses.
  • Use good quality eye drops if you need them.

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Eyelash pain is very serious and painful too. You have to always make sure that you are using good products that are safe for your eyes and eyelashes too.

If you feel any unusual behavior or discomfort make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Always try to keep your eyelashes clean and your eyes hydrated. 

We have tried to share everything possible related to eyelash pain causes. Hope it will help you.



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