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Digital Marketing

We all know digital marketing is on the rise, especially for businesses. A past report of 2018 suggests that every human being connected with digital (like mobile or computer) spends 5.9 hours every day using digital platforms.

Digital marketing provides you with a way to present your brand in front of these connected users. The data suggests that digital marketing has excellent potential for growing the business.

You need to find a wise digital marketing strategy that decides how your brand will be exposed in front of your target audience. Digital marketing strategies are a series of actions where you use online channels to achieve your company goals.

There is a lot to know when you are learning about digital marketing strategies for your business. Hence, to make it easy for you, we have divided it into sections like why digital marketing is essential, how to build your digital marketing strategies, and a few examples to inspire you.

Why is there a need for a digital marketing strategy?

In simple terms, any business needs a strategy to reach its goal. The process creates a roadmap for a company to grow. It helps a business to avoid picking up random activities, wasting energy and human resources.

Similarly, to avoid picking up random digital marketing activity, creating a digital marketing strategy is essential. Well, to give you a better idea, let us understand what a digital marketing strategy may include.

What are all activities included in a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy may include,

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Now that you know these activities, it is essential to create a digital marketing strategy.

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

When you know the activities to be performed while running your business, it becomes easy. But to make it easy, you need to tackle the task of creating a digital marketing strategy.

Hence, here are the things you need to memorize while creating a digital marketing strategy for your business.

You need to understand your target audience.

Whenever you start with a business, you must keep in mind who will require your services/products and frame your marketing plan accordingly.

That’s why we say that the first thing is to understand your customers and their problems.  Once you know their problems, you can frame your solution accordingly.

There are several ways to identify your target audience. These are the most popular ones.

  • You can use Google Analytics for websites & various social media analytics available for free.
  • You can create surveys and feedback forms.
  • If you have sales and customer care departments, you can check with them to better understand your target audience.

These efforts will give you an idea of who your customers are, what their problems are, and how your business fits in.

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You must set your goals.

Whenever you are creating your digital marketing strategy, you must have a bigger goal attached to it. The goals must be concrete and inclined towards your business growth.

You must evaluate your efforts.

Creating a new strategy and starting totally from scratch might sound easy. But when you are running a process, it is necessary to evaluate your efforts to know whether it is aligned with your end goal.

You need to keep these three things in mind while creating any digital marketing strategy for your business.

Now let us review the top 3 digital marketing strategy examples to inspire you to procure digital marketing for your business.

Top 3 digital marketing strategy examples

  • Best Example of Content Marketing – Buffer

If you are running your social media campaigns, you might know a Buffer tool used for scheduling. They are popularly called out as one of the best examples of content marketing.

They have two different types of blogs published on their website based on customers’ interests.

  1. Buffer Blogs – If you wish to know more about social media marketing, posting, and scheduling, you can refer to buffer blogs.
  2. Open Blogs – You can refer to open blogs if you wish to know how they work remotely and other blogs related to their culture.

While you are scoping out your website design, you need to keep Buffer as your reference.

  • Best Example of Social Media Marketing – Glossier

Can you imagine a brand making 13000 Instagram followers before launching a single product?

Glossier is a millennial makeup brand that made impossible possible with a dedicated social media marketing strategy. They have made their social media presence awesome. But how?

They have made efforts in knowing their target audience and framed their digital marketing strategy accordingly. In simple terms, they are creating their social media post that solves their target audience’s needs.

No one can beat BuzzFeed in Email Marketing.

When you think about BuzzFeed, the first thing that comes to mind is its efforts to create a well-designed digital marketing strategy. They have made efforts, especially in developing their email marketing strategy.

Currently, we are just filling our email inbox with thousands of emails unread. In such a scenario, BuzzFeed sets an example of making customers open their emails and react accordingly.

They know the importance of personalization in emails and how it will solve customers’ problems. You can check BuzzFeed newsletters to learn more about it.


Currently, digital marketing is becoming a non-avoidable activity for businesses that aim to reach their customers and engage them. But this will not delete the fact that you need to build a digital marketing strategy to reach your end goal.

However, as said, you can follow the following steps.

  • Understand your customers
  • Set your goals
  • Evaluate your efforts

By doing this, you will realize the nuts and bolts of your digital marketing strategy, and it will help you map the output.

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