How Explainer Videos Can Boost SEO


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SEO is an undisputedly important element when it comes to running online businesses. Having a higher SEO rank can significantly help your business gain more profits.

But, why is it?

When your audience searches for a specific keyword, the most relevant search results like websites and social media profiles will land on top. This often triggers them to click on the first few page results immediately.

After all, people just don’t want to waste time scrolling down, let alone checking on the next page to find their needs. It isn’t time-worthy, and they know that the top ten search results can answer their queries.

Therefore, it’s crucial to find the right marketing strategy that helps you improve your SEO rank. And one of the most effective methods is to use explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is well-known for its simplicity and conciseness. This type of video breaks down complex topics into smaller chunks, making it much easier for the audiences to retain the information. Unlike typical videos on the internet, explainer videos include engaging components, such as animation characters to address the audience’s pain points.

Since it effectively helps the audiences’ to better understand the content, explainer videos can drastically increase conversion rates in a short time. Their effectiveness in delivering messages can leave a good impression on those who watch the video, making a perfect marketing tool for your business.

Several explainer video types fit your marketing purposes.

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Whiteboard
  • Motion graphics
  • Live-action
  • Kinetic typography

Five ways explainer videos improve your SEO

Other than helping you deliver complex ideas, explainer videos can also help you increase your SEO rank significantly. Many businesses have used this marketing strategy especially in improving their search engine rankings.

Here’s how explainer videos can add an extra boost to your SEO practices:

1. Grab the audience’s attention faster

First and foremost, videos are an excellent attention grabber on the internet. When compared to other conventional, static content like articles, videos can attract the audience better.

Since visuals and narration are presented on a video, many people have found it easier to remember the information. As a result, more internet users have shifted to consuming videos than blog posts.

If you haven’t used video content on your marketing strategy, it’s the right time. Videos will soon dominate the internet world. In fact, 82% of today’s internet traffic comes from videos. This suggests how powerful video content is when used for promoting a business.

2. Boost search results

Videos have a higher chance of being found on Google. The reason is that Google places embedded links from YouTube in a separate section about videos, which is on top of search results.

Not to mention that Google crawlers can quickly detect your video content on your platform. When you host explainer videos on your site, users who type a particular keyword can find your content much easier.

Moreover, YouTube is now the second-largest search engine platform in the world. People use this platform to search for video-related information faster. That’s why hosting your explainer videos on YouTube can also help you land on the first result page.

3. Pull more traffic

When you have a higher SEO rank, chances are you get more traffic to your site and social media profiles.

Good SEO rank is associated with credibility. Your search engine page result shows your brand’s authority, and Google can filter which sites are relevant to the audience. The higher your page rank is, the more relevant your content to users. Thus, giving you more traffic results.

Explainer videos are a great investment in pulling web traffic, as well as your social profiles. Incorporating explainer videos can help you compete with other types of content, especially in winning competitive keywords. The reason is that explainer videos can attract the audience faster compared to other content when they’re presented with the search results.

4. Improve engagement

When it comes to measuring engagement rates, videos have outnumbered other traditional content. Videos are shareable across multiple social media platforms. With a single click on your fingertips, you can share videos anywhere.

In this case, explainer videos are perfect content to share. They can include marketing information without leaving viewers uncomfortable in the sense of being overly promoted. In contrast, explainer videos convey messages in more fun, engaging manner. Your audience won’t mind watching the subtle advertisement on it.

Moreover, when your explainer videos are shared many times. They will leave traces on the internet, allowing Google crawlers to find your videos. The more popular your explainer videos are, the easiest people will find your content on the internet. Eventually, you can increase your SEO rank.

5. Retain visitors

Last but not least, having videos on your sites can significantly improve visit duration.

When people come across your page, they expect to get the information they’re looking for. However, people can sometimes become overwhelmed when visiting a website due to the number of articles on it. And they close your website tab quickly. This will hinder them from finding out more about your brand.

The faster audiences leave your website, the higher the bounce rate you’ll get. This metric will disadvantage you in the long run, causing Google to lower your SEO rank. That’s because your page doesn’t seem relevant to the user search.

To avoid this problem, you can improve your site content by adding explainer videos. The video presence will help in capturing the audience’s attention once they visit your page.


Video content offers a quick and concise explanation. The visual and sound elements help your audience understand without leaving them bored. Eventually, visitors will stay longer on your site.


Explainer videos are an excellent tool to improve your business, especially in bringing more conversion rates. This highly engaging video content allows viewers to understand your marketing messages in a short time.

Besides, this marketing strategy has other benefits, including building brand trust as well as improving SEO rank. The latter is exceptionally important for every marketer as it defines the brand’s online visibility. The higher your SEO rank is the higher chance of you getting more customers in the process.





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