Epidural Injections: Technique, Effects, Benefits, and More You Need to Know


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Epidural injections are the injection that provides sufficient relief from severe pain or inflammation. The injection is responsible for reaching into the epidural space, which is around the spinal cord, and eventually provides temporary or prolonged relief from the pain. It is recommended only after going through several other treatments, such as physical therapy, and if the pain persists, epidural injections are suggested.

The injections involve local anesthetic and steroid medication which is directly injected into a specific region of the spinal’s epidural space. It is helpful to use such treatments to find quick relief in times of intense pain and suffering. Patients experiencing pain in the regions of their neck, arm, low back, or leg can widely benefit from this treatment.

Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about steroid injection.

Why are epidural injections mainly used?

  • These injections can help patients find relief from severe pain and control pain in various areas.
  • Promotes proper functioning in painful areas while also providing strength and improved flexibility.
  • Patients who receive this treatment in conjunction with other physical therapy and medications show positive results.

What is the technique used for the procedure?

The epidural injection carries some easy procedures as follows:

  1. The professional doctor uses an X-ray machine to locate the regions of pain specifically. The machine then shows images on the screen to assist the doctor in placing the needle in the right location.
  2. Contrast dye is also injected into the area to confirm that the injecting needle is placed at the right site and the medicine goes to the exact location where it needs to go.
  3.  A local anesthetic is also injected with steroid medicine to support the patient with relief.

How long is the steroid injection effective?

When the doctor has successfully injected the medication, the patient can return to their home and continue their daily activities. The steroid generally comes into action after one to two days and can extend up to one week. It means you need to wait for at least a week to feel the benefits of the epidural injections.

Numerous patients experienced great relief from extreme pain for quite a couple of months. If the patients feel that the injection brings good recovery, they can repeat the injection.

Patients must contact their doctor if they do not feel any benefit or relief from the injection.

 What are the benefits of epidural steroid injections?

Most of the patients will agree that going with the treatment brings many positive effects to feel. Some of the benefits of consuming such injections are as follow:

  • Patients can feel less pain and inflammation- It acts as a huge relief for patients as the steroids decrease the production of the chemicals that cause the pain.
  • Less need for oral medications- With such treatment, patients can limit the use of oral medications, which come with several side effects when taken for a longer duration of time.
  • Facilitate continuing with physical therapy- The immense level of pain is reduced with the injection, and the patient can continue with the physical therapy program
  • No need to go through surgery- Since the injection brings many considerable benefits for the patients. They no longer need to go through painful surgeries, which indeed come with a lot of risks. The surgery can easily be neglected after experiencing positive effects from the steroid injection.

Final thoughts

Epidural injections can provide great relief from pain for a variety of people. However, you should always consult a doctor before going through any such treatment and go for the best recommendation which is suggested. Such treatments come with several benefits for the patients, and they do not have to deal with a lot of pain.


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