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How Entrepreneurs Can Find Time for a Vacation to Relieve Stress

How Entrepreneurs Can Find Time for a Vacation to Relieve Stress

One of the most common reasons for people to quit their job to become an entrepreneur is the stressful professional life.

They want to break free from the monotonous schedule in a target-driven environment. The promise to decide on your house or enjoy a vacation for entrepreneurs seems one of the perks of social media posts.

However, the reality is far from this misconception of a flexible schedule and plenty of time to relax. You are responsible for managing every startup process to make sure it survives the tough initial stage.

Therefore, you find very little time for yourself to take a break from your responsibilities.

Cost of Vacation for Entrepreneurs

The cost of a vacation for entrepreneurs is not limited to the hotel, food, flight, or other monetary bills. You must include the time away from your startup and the loss of productive hours in the cost. The missed opportunities to close a few deals and the unproductive hours at the workplace.

These are insignificant costs if you have the right employees to manage the various processes in your absence. But many entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury to let someone else take care of their startup for a few days. Though, the financial cost is easy to manage with guaranteed loans for the unemployed.

Tips to Find Time for a Vacation

You can still manage to find enough time to enjoy a vacation amid the struggle of professional life. Your relationship and mental health need to enjoy the time outside the workplace. You can use the following tips to create a small window for vacation in your busy schedule.

Fix a Date

You should mark a date in your calendar for the vacation and stick to it. It will help manage the workload to find it easier to leave on time. Moreover, the constant reminder of deadlines will help complete the task to enjoy a vacation without the constant worries.

No important meetings or tasks should clash with the vacation days. Give notice of your absence to the employees in advance. And do not let procrastination postpone your plan for the vacation.

Communicate Your Unavailability

Your staff should know in advance of your unavailability for a few days. It means the constant interaction to get approval for every decision will not be possible. Thus, you should communicate your absence from work with a clear message to everyone.

Make sure they understand the boundaries while you’re taking a few days off. Set a time to answer the business emails and messages. Also, make sure the clients and other stakeholders are aware of your absence if you remain in touch with them.


Every vacation starts with a plan after finding the destination, hotel, flight, and activities. You need to create a budget to make sure the vacation is not a reason for financial troubles. Moreover, the entrepreneurs need to add a few more things to ensure smooth startup operations.

You must plan your meetings and other important tasks ahead of the vacation. It should also include the task allocation to employees if you manually inform them. And make sure to check on the progress to make sure they maintain the same level of productivity.

Enjoy During Business Trips

Business owners can use the business trips as vacations after office hours. These trips commonly include meetings with clients, investors, or other businesses to grow your startup. Therefore, extending the trip for a couple of days won’t hurt to explore the destination.

You will save money on travel, hotels, and food since the business trip was essential. Your partner can accompany you to spend some quality time together. Make sure they don’t spend the entire trip waiting for your work to finish.

Start Slowly

Your first vacation should not last for an entire week to overwhelm the employees. The ability to manage the work on their own is a process that will take time. Therefore, you should start slow and increase the duration over time.

You will notice the employees are becoming more responsible in your absence after a few times. They will not disturb you by frequently dialing your number to find the solution for basic problems. Moreover, your trust in their ability will increase to enjoy the vacation while leaving the startup to them.

Wait for the Off-Season

Entrepreneurs with a startup offering seasonal products or services can take advantage of the off-seasons. You can plan your vacation during this time of the year to avoid losing too much time in the office. The employees can manage minimal operations required to keep the startup alive for the next season.

Your loved ones will appreciate the time you spend with them during the slowdowns. Though, the school children may create problems with the unusual time of the vacation. It won’t be much if they miss school for a couple of days after the weekend to create some memories with their family.

Train Your Staff

Your absence will have a significant impact on the operations of your startup. The young talent will work without your guidance, and the senior will not require approval for every decision. Thus, it gets important to let prepare them to manage everything on their own.

You should let them take responsibility in your presence to measure their skills. Be patient with their progress since people make mistakes during the first few times. Trust their skills when you think they are ready to manage the business in your absence.

Use Virtual Meetings

You cannot avoid certain meetings even if you’re enjoying time off with your family in a different part of the world. Rescheduling them is not an option if the objective is critical for your startup.

Moreover, some meetings are the result of an unexpected situation in your absence that requires immediate attention.

Therefore, you can use your Smartphone or laptop to join a virtual meeting in a room with an internet connection. These are very common in the current business environment because of the lockdown during the pandemic. You can even close a few deals with essential clients before visiting the beach for a nice walk.


To sum up, you can enjoy time away from your startup as an entrepreneur with the right strategy. It will take time to prepare your employees to manage the business in your absence with complete independence.

However, it will help ease your schedule to share their responsibilities even after returning from vacation.



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