Double Glazing Claims – How Effective Is It?


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For many households, the installation of double-glazing will result in lower expenses for energy as well as a warmer home. Indeed 51% of those who were surveyed with double-glazing said they purchased the product to keep their homes warmer and 44% said it would help lower the cost of energy.

It’s also a huge cost, so you need to make the best choice to protect your house. We’ll go over some of the technical components in double glazing u value. Make sure that you’ve selected the right type of double glazing that is suitable for your house.

If you choose to go ahead and purchase double glazing we can assist you in choosing the right double glazing company that will fit in with your house. We conducted a survey of thousands of customers who have double glazing to discover what they consider their double glazing company.

Double Glazing Claims – How Effective Is It?

Double glazing has numerous benefits over single-glazing (where there’s only one pane of glass, with there’s no air layer or gas):

Allows warm air to enter your home, which makes it more energy efficient. This leads to fewer drafts and lowers heating bills.

Block out the noise it’s easier to hear less from the outside when you have double-glazed.

This reduces the volume of condensation that forms on the windows’ interior.

U value double glazing glass increases security as it is harder to break than single glazing.

However, its efficiency and the extent to which you’ll notice these benefits will depend on the item you’re replacing as well as how good the product that you purchase.

The most effective double glazing features gas between its panes (such as the argon) and makes use of the low-emissivity glass (Low-E) that has an oxide-coated reflective coating to bounce light back into the home.

Does Double Glazing Help Cut My Energy Costs?

Many companies say that installing double glazing will reduce your energy bills. 70% of owners reported that their homes are more comfortable since installing double glazing.

This is among the main differences people believed double glazing created. But only 35% of people said they believe it actually reduced their energy bills.

How much does it cost to replace window in a detached residence with A++ double-glazed windows? The Energy Saving Trust says that you’d save between PS115 and PS120 annually.

For a mid-terraced home that is joined to both sides, and naturally uses and loses less heat, the value would be PS60.

What Are The Energy Ratings Of Double-Glazing?

The energy-rating system used for double-glazing (pictured beneath) follows the same pattern similar to the labels on appliances. Windows are evaluated between A+ (the most excellent) or E (the most harmful).

Building Regulations require all windows to have a minimum rating of C. All the major companies boast various energy efficiency levels and some are even as high as A++.

This system of energy ratings is administered through the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). Check for their name on the label for energy ratings on your window. This indicates that its performance has been tested with the BFRC.


When you look at the energy efficiency ratings you’ll be able to see the ‘U-Value’. U-Value is the measure of how easy it is to pass heat through a material. The less heat that a material can let escape, the greater the U-Value.

Certain windows may have an energy rating that is high; however, they may have a low U-Value. It is due to the fact that energy ratings consider the entire window, such as the type of gas or glass, and not just how the material is insulated, therefore they could be more efficient overall.

Double Glazing Could Make It Less Noisy And More Soundproof?

Although only 20% of those who we interviewed opted for double glazing due to the desire for noise reduction, more than half (46 per cent) consider that it actually has reduced outside noise.

Since double-glazing consists of two glass panes instead of just one, it’s more likely to create more sound than single-glazing. Triple glazing can make it less acoustic.

Different companies boast various levels of noise reduction. Anglian, for instance, states that its windows are A-rate and offer an audio level of 31dB. However, it claims that its Safe and Sound windows claim to have higher levels of sound protection at 36dB.

Do Double-Glazed Windows Increase The Security Of My Home?

Two glass panes can be more difficult to break than only one pane; the main aspect is to install keys-operate locks install on your window.

This is crucial for homeowners insurance, which typically requires that windows at ground level as well as windows accessible to the upper floor should have sufficient security precautions.

Making Wooden Windows Secure

If you own wood casement windows (hinged on one side and expanding outwards) Choose locks that lock the frame and window together. This provides extra security (compared to just securing the handle) should an intruder attempt to force the window open.

Secure uPVC Windows

The windows are construct using an insurance standard multi-point locking mechanism. If the handle rotates it engages a variety of bolts by using plates which makes the window extremely safe.

What Should You Look For When Making A Decision On Windows?

The appearance of windows is crucial, choosing the right colour or frame material is an issue of personal preference. However, regardless of the type of windows, you plan to buy, make sure that you have spent as much as you can afford for the windows.

Be aware that while it is very likely you could remodel a bathroom or kitchen in 10-15 years, however, you’ll most likely never change your windows in the future.

Remember, the lower the U-value, the more efficient a window. The average cost to replace windows made of timber frames in Australia generally has a U-value of 3.8 W/m2K to 2.5 W/m2K. However, you can also find double-glazed windows made of wood or uPVC, with U-values that range from 1.8-1.9.

Weather-Stripping And Sealing

But, a high U-value doesn’t guarantee the performance of a window. The installation of windows and doors should perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

All gaps need to close and weather-strip properly for them to function in accordance with the specific U-value. The energy rating only reflects the U-value of the material window and not the final product.

The practice of the majority often results in an incorrect installation, leading to thermal bridges that surround windows.

What Additional Double-Glazing Features Do I Require?

Beyond the door or replacement window prices the window handles, colour as well as decoration are essential to the overall appearance and feel of your completed project.

Colour Options

Certain companies sell window frames that come in a variety of colours, including modern options. Handles are usually chrome, black, white and gold.


Handles of different shapes are available to meet the needs of every person from minimalist to modern traditional, old-fashioned to classic.

Window Treatments With Decorative Designs

You can apply patterns, textures and colours to your windows to create a unique look. The options include:

A leaded glass that is triangular, square or rectangular designs (which will help preserve the look of a period home)

The obscure glass that is obscure (for windows that require greater privacy, such as in a bathroom, or when the window is near people passing by)

Windows And Double Glazing Overseas

Although many countries in Europe have double-glazed windows and even suggest triple glazing, it’s not a requirement in Australia as of yet. Unfortunately, double-glazed windows are nevertheless more expensive than single glass in Australia and in Europe, it’s the other way around.

Double-glazing is the norm, and, while it is more efficient than the standard double-glaze windows in Australia, they can purchase at around a quarter of the cost. For instance, the minimum U-value of windows use for windows in Germany can be at 1.1 W/m2K.


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