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Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes 7 Best Methods

Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes 7 Best Methods

7 different methods can be useful to enable your disabled account in the App Store and iCloud;

1. Check Your Recent Payment Transactions.

Before you go for other methods, the first thing that you check must be the most recent transaction that you had done to purchase any app from the app store using your credit or debit card. If there was an issue with the payment while purchasing the app from the app store and the apple support center received any failure notice regarding your payment then they will disable your app Store and iTunes for further purchases.

Hence, you have checked and it is clear that your account has been disabled for the same reason to payment failure, then you must contact the Apple Support center and submit your dues using any other method, and then they will enable your account right away once they will receive the confirmation message of your payment. Sometimes Apple does charge a penalty for this but there’s no need to worry, you can submit a feedback form explaining to them the reason that why this happened, and also if you had mistakenly got a subscription and didn’t purchase the app yourself to cancel your subscription. If you submit this form in the given time frame then Apple will refund you the surcharge and the subscription will be canceled too.

Whether the payment failure was not the reason for your account that has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes, then you can check the next step to solve your issue.

2. Did you entered Wrong Passwords too many times?

If a wrong password is entered several times, when you don’t remember what was the last password that you used to log in to your account, then this might also be a reason that Apple support center disables your account, considering that someone else might be trying to access your account without your acknowledgment, hence, saves your account from any of the “brute force” attacks. Once the account has been disabled no one except you can get its access back.

In such a case that Apple has disabled your account in App Store and iTunes, then keep in mind that for the next 24 hours your account remains suspended and you will not be able to access it or recover it back until the time period of suspension is completed. Once, your 24 hour time duration has expired, trying signing in to your account using the same and correct password that you had used last time to get into your account. You can also check either your password is correct or not by signing in to your account using Apple’s website.


3. Recover Your Account Password using Forget Password.

Recovering your forgotten password is always the simplest way to get access back to the account whose password you have forgotten, as you have not used it for a long duration as Apple users are addicted to using their fingerprint or the passcode to keep hold of their privacy, so it’s definitely obvious that they will forget it once they stopped using it. Apple does make that it’s the rightful owner how is trying the recovery method to get access to the account. To recover your Account password you will have to go through some of the verification steps before they hand over your account back. The verification steps that you need to follow to reset your password are:

  1. Using your computer or your phone browser, go to Apple’s website and the account section there. You need to enter your Apple ID in the email section then they will only be able to get to the right account.
  1. Before you click on to I Forgot my Password, they will ask you to confirm the phone number that you have provided in your account so that Apple can contact you when needed.
  2. You can choose any of the recovery options like using your Get an SMS or Get a Call or even Get an email, or Answer Security Question.
  3. It’s preferred to use the Get an email option as you will get your reset password link that you need to open in a browser.
  4. Once you will select that option, you will receive an email from the Apple Support Center, Open the email that will be regarding your password recovery. There will be a link highlighted Reset Now, click on the link and that will take you to a new webpage where you will be able to set a new password for your account.
  5. Make sure to enter the same password inbox in the upper and lower box to confirm and use such a password that you could easily remember.
  6. Once you have entered the password in both of the fields, click on the Reset Password button, and Hurray it’s done.


Along with the Get and email option, there is another option that could be also helpful in recovering the Apple ID. Hence, if you have selected the Answer Security Question option, computer self-generated questions will come up asking the same personal questions that you stored in your account while creating it the very first time. These questions are like your Date of birth, your place of birth, your approximately accurate year when did you created this account, and also those two secret question that you answered as the recovery security questions., once you are done with these security questions and have completed this verification process, you will have to follow the same process that was explained in the above passage of recovering via getting and email and after that you when you have successfully changed your password, you are required to do remember or write down your password somewhere safe so that you may not face the same problem in future, and save your future effort and time that you might waste recovering the Apple ID and password again.

Make sure that you have updated your new password on all of your Apple devices too. If you don’t know that how to do that, just follow these steps;

  1. From the home screen of your device go to the Settings.
  2. From iCloud, iTunes & App Store get yourself sign out.
  3. Then once again Sign In back to your account using the new password that you just set using the recovery method.


  1. Recover your account Password using Trusted Devices.

There is an option to use two-factor authentication, in every account like Apple, Google, Yahoo, or any other platform that you use. This two-factor authentication works in such a way that you need a trusted device to get access back to your disabled accounts. If you have any other iOS device added to your account as a trusted device, then your password can be changed without any verification, just using that other device.

Answer to the question that how you do it is here:

If you are using Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or even the iTouch. Same steps needed to be followed to get access back to your disabled account.

  1. Head over to the Settings of your iPhone, you will see your device name here, tap on it, and then proceed to the Password & Security section.
  2. Hence you have the trusted device with you, tap on Change Password.
  1. Use your current password or the passcode that you used to access your phone.
  2. Now enter your new password twice to confirm it.
  3. A confirmation dialogue box will appear, Tap on Change Password on that dialogue box that confirms that it’s really you who have requested to change the password.
  4. Once the password is changed, sign out of your device and then try sign in using the new password that you just set to verify either it’s done or not.
If you are using a Mac book and want to reset your password here, then follow these simple 5 steps:
  1. Unlock your Mac using your passcode and from the home screen go to the Apple menu, then head over to the System Preferences, and in there proceed to the iCloud.
  2. Here choose your Account Details.
  3. Here you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password, click on Forgot Apple ID or password to reset your account password, and following the on-screen instructions you will be able to reset your password.
  4. Click on the Security dialogue box, and then on to the Reset Password message. M
  5. Mac will ask you to enter your passcode before you reset your password.
  6. Once the password is changed, sign out of your device and then try sign in using the new password that you just set to verify either it’s done or not

5. Apple Support App can also help you Reset Your Password.

You can as your relatives, your friends, or even your family members, like your father, mother, or your siblings if they are Apple users to download the Apple support App so that you can reset your password from there and get access back to your account.

Apple support app will also do some verification to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the account, and once the verification is done then you will be able to enable your disabled account in App Store and iTunes.

  1. From the home screen of your device, search the Get Support tab that you may find at the bottom of your home screen.
  2. When you will open the Get Support Scroll down and look where Apple ID is located.
  3. Tap on the Apple ID and then there will be an option to present Forgot Apple ID Password, just below the Apple ID and Password box then press on getting Started.
  4. Look for A different Apple ID and tap on it.
  5. Type your that Apple ID, whose password you want to reset.
  6. Following the on-screen instructions, you will be able to reset your password. After that, you will receive a confirmation message that the Apple ID password has been changed successfully.
  7. Make sure you sign out of your account and sign in with your new Apple ID password.

These steps explained above will surely recover your disabled account in the App Store and iTunes. But if there is still a question mark that still your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes, then you should proceed to the next step.

  1. Contact Apple Support

First of all search for an Apple Support center in your area, if you do not have any in the surrounding then make a call to the Apple support office and explain to them what problems you are facing and what steps you had already done to sort the problem but you didn’t succeed. This will help them understand all the issues and they will fix your problem in an easy and less time taken duration.

Another way to contact them is to send them a text message on their discussion platform asking them to contact you in your available time slot and along with that, it is suggested that you explain all the little details to them and that will assure them that you are the rightful owner of the account and the will make your account safer than before.

The steps to contact Apple support may vary region wise but most of the processes remain the same, the process contains the following steps.

  1. You are required to go to their apple support web portal using your safari browser or even Google chrome if you are using your desktop computer or laptop. Then select your region from there so that they could easily get back to you…
  1. Go to the Music, Apps, and Support Services section, this will then take you to the iTunes Store.
  1. When you will be in the iTunes Store, head to Account Management.
  1. An alert option with the message “Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes” will be available there, click on it.
  1. You can make a Call directly to Apple Support and ask the Apple representative to help you fix the problem, and he will be able to fix your problem from their end. This calling service is free of cost so there’s no need to worry about asking them for support in a scenario as it may be possible that it’s a mistake from Apple’s end.

Apple support also helps you find your stolen or lost devices. For this, you need to go to the Find my Phone section and provide them all your details and get it done

All the Apple users cannot be entertained by Apple Support through their toll numbers. If you face the same issue and didn’t get any response from their side, then you can check the next step that explains that how to recover your account.

7. The Request Form is another method to Recover Your Account.

Apple support service is mostly available in all the countries but still, there are a few countries where they do not provide such services, and even in some of those countries where they offer these services, there are still such backward cities which these services are not offered. But there is no need to worry, you can still recover your Apple ID if you cannot get help on call from Apple support directly on the other hand you will have to stay patient for the account recovery duration. Normally we can say that sometimes it takes weeks or even more to get your problem solved to recover back your account. Here is the method explained to submit a request form to Recover Account:

  1. Visit the Apple webpage and then find the Apple ID page on the right top corner there.
  1. On this page click on Forgot Apple ID or password.
  2. Fill a request form with all the possible details that you think they might ask you about your account, which makes them easier to verify that it’s really your account.
  3. As soon you will submit the request form, you will get a confirmation mail with these details that when did you submitted your application, and also the date and time that when you are expected to regain access to your account.

You can track your application status anytime and from any place using your Apple ID during this waiting period, and in the meanwhile, if you remember your Password and your Apple ID, You can use them to sign in to your account and the waiting period will itself get canceled and you will get access to your account immediately. And if the waiting period is over and still you did not get access to your account then;

  1. Apple will send you a text message or automated phone call with instructions that how you can regain access to your account.
  2. Listen to these instructions carefully and follow these instructions to regain access to your Apple ID.
  3. Make sure you sign out of your account and sign in with your new Apple ID password. Learn more about what to do after the password reset.

We hope that this guide would have solved your issue to enable your account in App Store and iTunes, and if you have any queries feel free to ask us and do follow us and like us to get updated about the latest news and tips and tricks about all the problems that you face in your routine life regarding your electronic devices.

That was all on Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes if you have any issue related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section. Also, you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update. If this tutorial helped you in any way then feel free to share it with your friends.



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