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Decorative coffee table for a trendy living room


The decorative coffee table is the central element of your living room. Find in this article our advice to combine practicality and style for a coffee table adapted to your needs and your decoration.

The decorative coffee table is a central element for your decoration

A decorative coffee table is the central element of your living room. It completes the sofa, brings your guests together, and presents the decoration or the food you have. But which coffee table to choose according to its interior decoration? Find in this article our advice to combine practicality and style for a coffee table adapted to your needs and your decoration.

The different shapes of decorative coffee tables

As far as coffee table shapes are concerned, there are many from the most classic to the most atypical. Depending on your living room’s organization or decoration, one shape is more suitable than another.

Several coffee tables for a practical side

Take for example the nesting tables. These are tables, usually two or three, of different sizes that overlap to create a harmonious and mobile whole. Nesting tables are perfect for somewhat tight spaces. They allow you to modulate the space as you wish. For even more fluidity choose the rounded or circular corners, this facilitates movement around the table.

Rounded and soft angles

The round coffee table is also a good solution for a small living room. It allows good circulation around the sofa without hitting the shins in the corners. It makes it possible to soften a sofa with harder angles by balancing the volumes. If you opt for a round coffee table, choose a sufficient size if you plan to receive it.

In the same spirit, the oval table is becoming very fashionable again. Some have a real oval shape, but most often, it is table bases with a rounded triangular aspect that are the most popular. Very present in the Scandinavian style, they are available in many other styles. In addition, they soften an overly angular living room by bringing a design and original touch.

Marked and structured angles

On the other hand, the square table requires sufficient space to install it. The angles are more marked the passage is less fluid around this table. But if you have a large living room, it is enjoyable to receive people around a large square coffee table. The often massive style of square decorative coffee tables brings a very structured look to the room. Also, it marries corner sofas very well, because the space is filled and what is on the table’s surface is accessible from the seat.

Finally, the rectangular decorative coffee table also offers many advantages. It has a sufficient surface to present dishes or an aperitif but is shallower than its square counterpart. Therefore it is more practical if you have a less spacious living room.

Several decorative coffee tables offer variations. Whatever your layout problem, you will find the coffee table adapted to your needs.

Trendy materials for your decorative coffee table

The choice for all decorations

As far as materials are concerned, there is also something for everyone. It also depends on what you will use it for. For example, the glass may not be the first choice if you have young children. If you want to create a dining area on your table and you like wood, be sure to coat it to protect it. And finally, some marbles are also sensitive to acidic elements such as lemon or vinegar.

Also, marble or brass will bring a sophisticated and chic touch to your decoration. Wood is often chosen for its warmth and rustic look. You will also find decorative metal coffee tables on the market. Glass, acrylic, and Plexiglas are used for transparent deco coffee tables. Finally, some more designer tables include concrete.

The decorative coffee tables of 2023

For 2023 the trend is wood. Wood is found everywhere so it is present on the decorative coffee table. We like its raw and simple, warm side. It is versatile and adapts to many decorative styles, from contemporary to Scandinavian, ethnic or charming. According to the different styles, the wood varied, more rustic for the charm and worked for the contemporary, lighter for the Scandinavian, and dark for the ethnic.

Wood is also associated with other materials, such as glass. Indeed, glass remains a safe bet for an elegant table without being imposing.

Metal is also present lately, it combines very well with other materials. It also works perfectly on its own. Finally, marble remains in the news in 2023 and is part of the trends of the moment. It can be very worked with golden brass for example, or more minimalist in the simple block.

Which coffee table for which decorative style?

Depending on the decorative style in your living room, the choice of coffee table is essential. Either to emphasize this chosen style or to break up the room’s total look a little and bring a different touch.

A black metal table is ideal for an industrial style, with or without wood, according to your preference. Opt for metal and glass if you want a more refined industrial side. The transparency will bring a light contrasting effect.

In a Scandinavian room, nesting tables in light wood will be perfect. For a slightly quirky touch, choose black or gold metal legs.

The ethnic style often features round tables made of wood and metal. You can vary with a more rectangular version and simplify in blocks for a clean look.

If you like the charming style, wood is your ally on a table with decorated legs. For a more chic touch, brass or marble are ideally suited.

Opt for the brass which also lends itself to the vintage chic style for a slight art deco atmosphere. You can also choose a decorative glass coffee table to lighten up your vintage decoration.

If you are minimalist and like timeless pieces, a block of marble will be elegant over time. Or opt for a large decorative square or rectangular coffee table in natural wood, bringing a warm aspect to the room.

The final touch: the coffee table decoration

Finally, once you have chosen the coffee table of your dreams, you must decorate it! Be sure to keep a rather refined decoration or at least easy to move if you are used to eating or entertaining around your coffee table.

The candle is your best friend if you want to bring warmth to your relaxation area. Scented or not, it sits in the middle of the coffee table and brings a little spark of life.

Are you passionate about a particular subject? Art, fashion, decoration, travel, or animals? Choose an excellent book illustrating your passion to place in the center of your living room. It will be decorative and you can leaf through it whenever you want. It also works with a cute photo book for keepsakes close at hand.

Finally, a touch of nature is always nice. Do you like the ocean? Choose a beautiful seashell to display. Rather than the forest? A wooden object or a plant will give a touch of naturalness. In addition, a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers always has its effect.



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