Data Entry Skills: List of The 10 Key Required Skills


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With the advancement of technology and computers, it has become easy for business owners to secure their data into a computer, and later they can see the data when in need.

Just because of computers, data entry has become an easier job as compared to the older times before the invention of computers. Every business owner has hired few employees who work as data entry clerks.

The main job of a data entry clerk is to enter data into a computer system so that the data doesn’t get misplaced. Many people have given their whole life to this career and had made good money out of it.

Some multinational companies give you the privilege to work from home as a data entry worker which is also called a remote data entry worker.

 The key skills that are required to be a remote data entry worker:

 1) Typing speed:

The most important thing that matters as a data entry clerk is your typing speed. Your typing speed has to be fast. Most companies have the criteria that the candidate must be able to write 40 to 50 words per minute and even they test you on the time of interview.

If you fulfill their requirement then you will be considered for the job you applied for. You will be given a daily task to enter a certain amount of data into the system.

 2) Hand-on experience of Microsoft office:

Microsoft office software plays a very important role in data entry tasks. You must have at least the basic knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you are good at using this software, your job will get easy and you won’t feel the work pressure.

This software is widely used by almost everyone and excel is the most important among them because excel has the sheets, you can use formulae in excel, can create graphs and it is also used for KPI which is a key performance indicator. It tells you that how much an employee has performed in a day, week, or month.

 3) Basic knowledge of tools:

Data entry doesn’t stop with entering data into the database, it is further expanded to data mining as well. Data mining is a process in which you will be asked to find out the data about a specific company or a person. For this purpose, you will be needing some tools that are used for data mining. Below are some basic tools that will help you in data mining

* Email hunter: This tool is used for finding out the email of a person you are trying to contact/reach. It can also display the emails that are not given on the website.

* Instant data scrapper: It helps you with mining data of 10 pages in a single go. You don’t need to waste time on every page.

* Cando: For instance, you have got all the info about a person but you can’t find their email so this tool is used as an email finder.

 4) Content writing skills:

To be good as a content writer, you got to be good at English. Content writing requires good English means the content written has to be with no grammatical mistakes, proper tenses, and prepositions, avoidance of redundancy, correct use of active and passive voices. These skills are required to be a good content writer.

 5) Ability to operate machines:

Along with the data entry work, you got to have the capacity to operate machines that are relevant to your field. The machine which is relevant to your field are;

  •  * printer
  •  * scanner
  •  * photocopy machine

This equipment is the basic necessity of every office and you must have the basic knowledge about how to operate them.

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 6) Keeping confidential data:

Every company has a certain amount of data that they don’t want to share among their employees. Since you are the data entry worker, it is only shared with you so you have to make sure that you don’t leak or share it with your colleagues or any other office staff.

The confidential data may include the company’s income statements, their annual reports, employee salaries and packages, the company’s profits and loss reports, etc.

 7) Web research:

Web research is also in the scope of a data entry worker. This includes the research of a company, person, or any particular topic. The research has to be a detailed one, must be from the start to the end, the experiences and past projects accomplished.

You must also know the purpose of the research you’re doing. For instance, you are given a task to dig into a person’s profile, the purpose could be that the higher management wants to have a business meeting with that person so they need to know his jobs experience, interests, education, skills, and abilities so that when they talk to him in person, they can tackle him easily and turn it into a successful meeting.

 8) Virtual assistant:

Data entry virtual assistant is generally done from a remote place specifically from home. This consists of services such as making phone calls, arranging meetings, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, managing e-mail account, etc. These services fall into the administration field but data entry workers can also perform such jobs.

 9) Copy-paste:

It is the simplest of all. In copy-paste, you are given a document and you just have to copy and paste it into the software you use. This doesn’t require any professional skill, it can be done by anyone. Keep in mind when you are copying and pasting you got to be very conscious about each word, sentence, number, price.

Everything you copy has to be the same as the original format. A single silly mistake can put you in big trouble and might be possible that you get fired straight away.

 Opportunities of a data entry worker:

If you are passionate and motivated to get into this field, let me drop a piece of good news for you. Many individuals are in this field for many years and are happy with their decision.

According to genuine research from a reputable university, a data entry beginner earns $15 on average and this increases with the time, experience, and skills you gain and invest.

Data entry is a field that will continue for another 20 to 30 years because every business has data and it needs to be saved in a particular place where it is secure.

If you want to grow in this field, you can be a data scientist by learning the basics of programming and the most essential coding language which is a python to be a data scientist.

You can also work as a freelancer by registering yourself on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, fiver, guru, freelance, etc. Being a freelancer doesn’t require a workplace, you can simply work from home and make a good amount of money.


These skills are much needed to excel in the field of data entry. To acquire these skills you must invest in yourself by doing internships, gaining experiences, reading books, and networking with people who are already successful in this field. You don’t need any degree to be in this field.



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