How to get offers on credit card emi :5 best tips


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Use Credit Card EMIs to Fetch the Excellent Offers during the Festive Season

A credit card is a manageable debt available to the customers when they are looking to spend beyond their means. An excellent feature of the credit card, “use now pay later “makes It a dear option for everyone to conduct digital transactions.

Unlike other means of digital transactions that insist you have money in the account, credit card usage will no longer need you to have cash in your account to conduct a transaction so, it is known for increasing purchasing power of the user.

However, you are ought to repay the credit card bill every month, missing the repayment of the bill penalize you with huge interest rates. A good alternative to address this scenario is to convert your outstanding bills into EMIs.

There are many benefits of converting outstanding bills of the best credit cards into EMIs, let’s discuss them further.

Easy repayment option during a cash crunch

Repayment of the credit card bills during times of cash crunch is the biggest hurdle that anyone will face. Rather than missing the repayment of the credit card and being hampered with a late fee, you can easily convert the outstanding bills into EMIs.

Converting outstanding bills into EMIs will help you manage the credit card bills easily as the total outstanding credit card bills are now paid in small monthly equated installments.

Cutting down interest outage

When you miss the payment of the credit card bill, you will be liable to pay huge interest on the outstanding amount that stands somewhere between 1.5% to 3.5%.  Converting the outstanding bill into EMIs will reduce the interest outage.

It is important for you to know the late payment fee of different cards and Compare and apply for a credit card online. Converting the outstanding bills into EMIs will reduce the interest on the credit card balance helping you to repay the outstanding amount quickly.

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Improve Your Credit Score

Irrespective of holding the best credit card in India, your credit score will be impacted if you don’t pay the credit card bill on time. Converting credit card bill into EMIs makes it easy for you to pay the bill on time. Not only it gives you comfort in repaying the bill, but it also improves your credit score greatly.

No Loan Approval Required

All the credit cards that are available online do not provide an EMI conversion facility; you should check for this feature Compare and apply for a credit card online. If your current credit card is not offering this EMI conversion option, you can transfer the balance to the best credit card in India that offers an EMI facility.

Unlike other loan products which need approval from the lender, you can easily convert outstanding credit card balance into EMI if the option is available.

Attractive Online Offers

Most of the best credit cards in India tie up with the retailers that offer attractive discounts on converting the credit card purchase into EMI, the discount you receive on the product will subside the interest you pay on EMI conversion. Additionally, you will enjoy the convenience of repaying the credit card bills in easy installments.


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