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Create your year in Photo book


The best thing about spending beautiful memories is, they make us extremely happy. But the only disadvantage is, they are in the past. And we cannot experience the exact moments again.

But by creating a memory of 2021, you get to accumulate and seize your special memories together in one place. This helps to visit the memory lane, relive those cheerful moments, and feel nostalgic.

It would serve as a complete record of whatever special events you witnessed in the year 2021.  

However, your year-in-review photo album consists of small snippets as well as big events like your holidays or various trips. Instead of trying to keep your pictures on your mobile phones, you can get them printed and have them as a keepsake.

The best part about having these beautiful photo books is that you can relish your memories anytime. Not only this, but photo books also serve as wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

Moreover, they are not age-restricted. You can have a photo book for your newborn, your parents, and even your partner. They surely serve as wonderful gifts. Let us figure out how to bifurcate the year into beautiful memories. Here are some ways for you to make make a perfect yearbook.  

Ways to Arrange Your Year Book Efficiently 

There are a plethora of ways you can arrange your year in review photobook. We have chalked out some ways for you to create a wonderful year photo book.  

1. Organize According to the Month 

A photo book is the best way to have a yearbook. Organizing your photos in the chronological order of months help to keep the memories intact. In addition to this, add some texts to associate with the pictures. And do not forget to leave some space for handwritten notes. After all, handwritten notes add life to the art piece, and as it is your yearbook, it will hold more importance to you.  

2. Arrange According to the Season 

Another way of arranging your pictures to make them beautiful is to arrange them according to the season.

You can group them up according to the season, like Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This way, you would have your series of events in one place.  

3. Organize According to the Event 

If you click a plethora of pictures on events, you would surely want to flaunt all of them. To take this into consideration, you can organize your beautiful memories according to the event to relish their beauty.

Along with this, reserve a separate section for holiday trips, and do not forget to add an extra note stating how much fun you had on your trip.  

4. Assemble your Memories as per the Arrival of the New Family Member  

We cannot neglect the fact that when the kids go through the photo books containing their pictures, they get extremely happy. And not only kids but even the elders also get that cheek-to-cheek smile on their faces.

So, how about preserving at least one or more pages for all the family members. In addition to this, do not forget to add some text and mention a few words about their personality.  

5. Arrange by Your Favorites 

At times, it is absolutely fine to be disorganized and just select your favorite pictures and select them randomly.

You can highlight your top pictures on the full page to make a statement and stand out from the rest. After all, at the end of the day, what all matters is, it is your yearbook, and you can be as creative as you want.  

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Tips to Create a Year Photo Book 

Here are a few tips for creating a mesmerizing year photo book.  

Narrate Your Tale 

What is better than narrating your family tale, that too, in your photo book? In your yearbook, narrate your family tale to relish the best moments spent with your loved ones.

However, narrating your tale might sound nerve-wracking, so it is better to do it bit by bit every month. In addition to this, review your pictures every month, as later reviewing them might be too overwhelming.  

Review Your Photos 

It becomes really important to review the photos after you have planned to upload them. In addition to this, you can also rename them according to the season or even month so you can easily trace them whenever required.  

Opt for an Organizing Software 

Some organizing software helps you rate the pictures and tag the pictures you find special. You can maintain the constant rating and tagging to save yourself from burdening up by the end of the year. You can add your favorite pictures on the album in software. This way, you will have a good collection of photos to choose from.  

Have your Photos in a Linear Order 

As it is the yearbook, it is supposed to be in chronological order. You can start arranging your photos in January, followed by the other months. Along with this, add a bit of text here and there to maintain the beauty of your yearbook.

Adding the text will help you to have the association between the pictures and the events. For example, you can add a text signifying your kid playing in your garden and a text like, ‘my life.’ When your kid reads it after growing up, he will surely love it. And he would get to know how much you love him/her.  


The year 2021 is surely the one to remember. And the end of the year is undoubtedly the appropriate time for you to cherish the best moments spent in the entire year.

However, you can create a beautiful photo book as your yearbook and pepper it up with a plethora of memorable memories.

And we cannot forget the fact that photo books are a great way to preserve your special moments.  There are a lot of known companies that offer photo book printing online 

All you have to do is get in touch with a trustworthy company that offers the best services for photo books. And you are good to go. Also, please do not forget to choose the theme of your yearbook.  



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