5 Long Lasting Advantages of Construction Site Hoarding


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Construction site hoardings come in many shapes and designs for a wide multitude of purposes. These forms of signages are some of the most common signs that we have all come across at some point in time. They are most seen placed in construction sites, not to mention, shopping malls and other public areas. 

Talking about its function, it is predominantly used to put a stop to any safety violations in the construction sites. Because of its size, it can also be used as a perfect tool for marketing and promotional campaigns.  

Without wasting any time, let’s dive deep into the benefits of these construction site hoarding and how they can help boost and safeguard your project at the same time. 

5  Benefits of Construction Site Hoarding 

#1 Provides Security To Your Project 

Building sites are high-value transaction areas where a project can go on for years. Implementing construction site hoarding in such areas provides added security and helps prevent financial loss and theft. Developers must implement a form of prevention for unauthorized persons as stated by construction design and management regulations. 

Implementing suitable safety signs and securing the perimeter is a must before any construction project is undertaken. Therefore, you should get hoarding signs printed from a reputed printed company that takes care of all your signage needs for your project in a cost-effective way.

Regularly utilized as a support board for signage and for mounting artworks, photos, and prints as a result of the additional weight and profundity it gives them. It’s produced using lightweight polystyrene foamex sandwiched between two bits of paper, and it very well may be cut efficiently with a tangle or utility blade. We have a huge stock of Foamex board which can be ideal for your application.

#2 Protects The General Public

Safety is the utmost priority when buildings are constructed not only for the workers but also for the general public at large. Site hoardings are an effective tool to reinforce safety parameters. This is done by creating barriers in and around the construction site. 

A construction site poses a lot of risks to daily commuters and the public such as falling objects, dust, vibration, slips near pedestrian walkways, and noise of the on-site vehicles and machinery. Always opt for a hoarding printing company that takes into account health and safety regulations to protect the public.

Foamex is an adjustable item that can be utilized for indoor displays just as transitory outdoor signage. It is likewise generally utilized as a printed presentation board to embed into exhibition booths. It can be printed at high resolution and accessible in 3mm or 5mm thickness. 

#3 Safeguards Your Interest 

A construction project goes through many different phases before completion starting from excavation to laying out of materials. If you do not want the ongoing project to be revealed and want to keep it under wraps, hoarding boards can provide you with all the privacy you need.

Construction site hoarding can be handpicked to completely blend with the surrounding areas to avoid exposure. Acting as a visible barrier, you can go incognito with your project without. From exhibition display panels to customized hoarding boards whatever your printing requirements may be, we can cater to them. Our elegantly designed Foamex boards are perfect to create appealing displays for your business, events, etc.

#4 Value For Money  

One of the biggest benefits of hoarding construction material is its ability to provide a developer with economic means of solutions. Hoarding boards are great value for money because they have dual functions. One is to protect the interest of the site, and the other is for advertisement purposes.

These boards can withstand any extreme temperature and are compatible with all weather conditions for long-lasting usage. 

The ease of customization also makes them a preferred choice for construction sites because images, graphics, artworks, and designs are easily printed on the foamex board that is lightweight, durable, and offers a premium look to these hoarding panels.

One can either opt for 3mm foam or 5mm foamex for short-term or long-term usage and they can also be reused for future construction projects. All this and more makes construction site hoardings a cost-effective solution to construction site challenges. 

#5 Marketing and Promotional Campaigns 

Extremely easy to install and advertise, construction site hoardings are your silent salesman. Promote your project with all the relevant details you want to add, and your hoarding boards won’t fail to catch the attention of the audience.

As we mentioned that commercial and residential construction sites are high-value transaction areas and hoarding boards are a perfect backdrop to convert potential buyers into leads. 

Not just for construction sites, you can use these hoarding boards in any given setting. They can be used for shop openings, highlighting sales and discounts during the festive season, and much more.

When you are preparing to market your business you will inevitably require high-quality banners, Foamex board, brochures, etc. Having a dedicated printing company to aid you in these efforts is a must.

Wrapping Up 

Moving ahead, even if the price of the hoarding board exceeds your budget slightly, it’s worth it because it will reap rewards for your business in the long run. Ultimately your choice of hoarding board will depend on your usage timeline.

To get value for money boards, choose the ones that last long because they can be re-used for many different marketing purposes. We offer a high-quality, light-weighted Foamex Board with specialized printing services to our valuable clients. Moreover, we make use of high-end printing equipment that facilitates superior quality printed boards.

It is important to work in tandem with a printing company and a team of designers who can take your requirements from start to finish. And print your vision and branding on the hoarding boards because they will deliver business to you around the clock as long as you want.

Rest assured, hoarding boards are the best safety and marketing material in the market today whose popularity is not going to fade away anytime.

As the marketing head at Foamex Printing Company, Alex has a reputed name in the industry. He consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.


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