Construction Hoarding and Signage: The Beginners Guide


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Creating signs for your next construction project? To begin any outdoor signage or construction site hoarding project, you must first decide where and how you’re going to get started. A variety of signs are available, some of which are more suited for certain circumstances than others. 

We’ve included some of the most popular and successful signage and hoarding options below.

Steel hoarding

Steel hoardings, known for their long-term durability and fire and arson resistance, are appropriate for a wide variety of construction building sites. For example, the anti-climb mesh may be used to create more secure hoarding panels.

Temporary or emergency setups may be accomplished in a matter of minutes using steel hoarding. Steel hoarding is more environmentally friendly timber hoarding signage because it provides both strength and significantly longer usage life.

With steel hoardings, pedestrian and vehicular gates might be included in the perimeter run. Easy to install and set up by hand, it is surprisingly lightweight. For increased visibility, it comes in a range of colors. 

Timber Hoarding 

With its reputation as the most secure alternative for long-term installations and major building sites, timber hoarding is often considered to be the best option. Post-mounted, set in concrete, or counterweighted with concrete blocks are all options one can use to install timber hoardings in many different settings.

Timber hoardings can be easily accessed and procured in different colors and shapes. You can paint it in the company’s colors and other visibility colors for enhanced safety and signs, site warnings, and instructions. 

Timber hoarding can be used for gates for both pedestrians and vehicles to regulate access. To minimize environmental damage, choose timber that is ethically obtained. You can easily reuse timber hoarding, so that a perimeter stretch might be employed over several sites or projects, providing value for money. 

Water-filled bases used for hoarding

As a temporary and short-term solution, water-filled bases for hoarding may be used on a wide variety of building projects. Perimeter runs may be quickly and easily put up using this interlocking system.

Using water to create in situ stabilization, which is appropriate for locations that are difficult to reach with large loads or where there is limited area for digging-in alternate perimeter kinds. Making it simple to empty, deconstruct, and redeploy as work continues water-filled bases for hoarding is a popular choice. 

Single-Sided & Double-Sided Signs 

An easy and cost-effective option, single- and double-sided signs may be employed to their full potential. Small to medium-sized businesses and those on a limited budget can use these signages for a wide range of purposes Single-sided and double-sided signs can be bought in many sizes, finishes, colors, and lamination options.

Single and double-sided signs are fantastic, but they don’t work in all circumstances. It’s much more difficult if you’re not positioned correctly. A custom-built wood, metal, or concrete frame is often used to support the required sign size and height which renders long-lasting durability under different weather conditions. 

Wayfinding Signs 


You can easily put up, move about and store these signs since they are so simple to do. A-frames may be used for a variety of purposes, including directional signage in construction sites, advertising, and navigation at large.

In most cases, A-frames are built of wood, although they may also be made of plastic. Designs are occasionally printed on vinyl and then mounted to a wood, plastic, or metal frame, but most of the time they are printed directly on the substrate.

Corrugated Plastic 

Corrugated plastic signs are lightweight, watertight, recyclable, and stain-proof. These are quite frequent and highly popular since they’re affordable. “H” wire stand is the most common kind of frame. As a result, the frame may be placed into the ground more readily with the addition of an additional “step” in certain configurations. Corrugated polypropylene plastic, better known as chloroplast, is used to make this signage.

What are the main benefits and characteristics of site hoardings?

Hoardings of steel or wood with rails running the length of them and panels affixed to these rails make up construction site hoarding.

Hoardings are often completed with header strips/boards, footer boards, and cover strips/boards to enhance security and improve the overall appearance of the structure. A gate or gates for people and/or vehicles are necessary on the hoarding unless access is given elsewhere, and an access control system is generally built to let authorized individuals or vehicles in and out as needed.

Printed hoardings may also incorporate other elements such as viewing panels, information panels, illumination, and high-security toppings like barbed wire, razor wire, or revolving spikes.

Today, printed graphics are a typical choice for providing information, enhancing aesthetics, promoting development, or raising cash by selling advertising space. Depending on the kind of printed hoarding panels, read our product pages for further information on timber hoardings, steel hoardings, aluminum composite boards, and security hoardings.

One of the fastest-growing areas of outdoor digital signage includes the installation of huge outdoor screens on roadsides. The hoarding signage is taking over the huge prints that were erected along highways, expressways, and roads.

The advantage of outdoor hoardings is that the content can be uploaded from a remote location. This is a huge benefit for advertising firms in that they do not have to send personnel to repair posters or hoardings. This is all handled centrally.

Outdoor hoarding signs, as well as LCD enclosures, are turning out to be a huge boon for outdoor marketers. They will require an initial investment into the system however by using an excellent quality LCD enclosure, the display is expected to last for the same as if it were viewed from a dry and warm front room.

The products your company produces are of high quality and come with a low price tag. However, the unfortunate fact is that you’re not attracting enough customers to market your company’s products. What do you do? The first thing to accomplish is to conduct the right advertising for your company.

The more advertising and marketing campaigns you run the more attention your products will be as more and more people are aware of your product. Printed hoardings sign at workplaces can help in different printing tasks that are routinely done, such as, printing letterheads banner printing, brochure printing, print bills leaflet printing, printing for hoardings as well as every other printing task that need to be completed for the business processes of an organization.


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