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Best employee monitoring software 2020

Best employee monitoring software 2020

Computer monitoring tools are the most effective and mandatory kind of tool of this century. We all may have been coped up with the frequent and excessive use of desktop, laptop, tablets but the trend of using the spy app is still new for some people. The real thing is that use of employee monitoring and parental control app can help the users to keep a strict track eye on the teenagers and employees respectively.

So here is the list of some of the best computer monitoring software that offers excellent features.

The One Spy:

One of the best computer monitoring software that is on top of the list of the best app, is the spy app. Like some of the above-mentioned apps, it does not target one kinda audience. TheOneSpy offers employee tracking and parental control. Thus it can be used in your household to monitor the teenager. Employers can track at the workplace to manage the employees. Moreover, you can just use it for yourself as a security for your device or as a trustworthy data backup source. Being the cloud-based software all the data is saved on the online web portal and the user has remote access to the web portal at any given time. The mac and windows spy app versions offer the best quality service.

Mac spy app offers features like safari history access, users can know about the device status, and more. Users can remotely control the target device such as check the installed apps. Users even remotely remove apps, can set preferences according to the feature for data upload. TheOneSpy offers unlimited device switch options to the users and you can remotely update the app as well. In short, the mac version along with other regular offers extra features according to mac system.

Windows spying app version also offers device info, device status remote update, and customer support as well. The general feature that is included in the both Mac and widows PC tracker software versions are, real-time screen recording, access to built-in calendar activities, access to bookmark and track internet web browsing history, web filtering for blocking useless sites, social media spy, camera bug that uses the target camera to record surrounding, Listen to surround feature or mic bug, activity log, track productivity, online and offline tracking and more. The invisible tracking mode made this app easy to use both by parents and employers.

Step up your tech game with computer monitoring software and make your life tension-free.

OgyMogy Spy App:

It is a unique, secure, and trustworthy monitoring app for mobiles and computers. Moreover, it is even compatible with android. Feature include remote desktop control, geolocation, real-time reporting, web activity, keystroke logger, email recording, and many more. They offer one premier plan and there is no free trial for the users.


Hubstaff is cloud-based computer monitoring software that offers services for Mac and Windows systems. They also offer mobile tracker software as well. It is more like an employee spy app as most of the features focus on business-related monitoring. The features include email management, activity monitoring, reports, vacation and leave tracking, online time tracking, employee productivity analysis, and more.

Sniper Spy:

It is another comprehensive spy app that offers a different feature for pc monitoring. It reports all the activities of the target devices and the details in the form of reports to the user. The details of the feature include keystroke logger, screen capture, track website history, track social media, and remote desktop control. The drawback of this app is that they only offer one standard plan for one year and don’t offer a free trial period as well.

Desk Time:

Desk time is another employee monitoring feature app that can be used by the small or big business owner. Even job employers to keep track of the employee work routine and productivity rate. As it is solely employee spy-based software thus most of the features surround the employee’s category such as activity management, data import-export, time tracking, activity management in the form of access to the holiday calendar, auto screenshots of the screen activities, and more. Users can pay monthly or yearly. Moreover, they also offer a free trial to their users.



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