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Clever tips and tricks for Matching a Coffee Table with your space


A coffee table is one of the most practical pieces of furniture in the home. It offers us space where you can leave a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon, as well as being a very important point in the decoration of the living room.

If you want to know how your coffee table will look, a good idea is to mark the space with adhesive tape, this way you can see if the size is adequate.

The shape:

When deciding the shape of the coffee table, it is important that you take into account the shape of your living room. A rectangular coffee table is best suited to a narrow and elongated space, while a round coffee table is ideal for a large square space.

If you want to soften the appearance of your living room, a good option is to choose an oval-shaped table, since the curved contours help us rest the eye and create contrasts with respect to other linear furniture.

You can usually have fun with shapes. If you have curved sofas, a circular, oval or rounded coffee table generally works best. Balance is the keyword. If there are a lot of square shapes in the room, mix them up with an oval, rectangular or circular coffee table. I believe there are no rules and you can be bold with your coffee table to achieve something that stands out.


The advantage of having two (or more) smaller tables is that you can move them around as needed.

It is leave one in the middle and move the other to the side of one of the seats as a side table.

You can choose two similar tables but of different heights and overlap them, or two twins that you can put one next to the other.


Rectangular Shape: The most recurring option, it will work very well if your living room is long and narrow. It is best for small spaces since it will determine the sector very well and help you create defined spaces. The coffee table with shelf reduce the time and increase beauty in our living room

Round Shape: If your living room is spacious and square in shape, round coffee tables will look very good, as they will give dynamism and texture to space.

Oval Shape: Oval tables will help create relaxed spaces, with beautiful and interesting contrasts with the rest of the furniture with straight lines.


The important thing is that you know that the more space or “air” there is between the base of your table and the floor, the wider your living room will look.


Therefore, a table with legs is the ideal alternative for confined spaces.


Living room with green futon and white coffee table with elongated wooden legs


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The material:


There are many materials and finishes to choose from, therefore, when deciding between one or the other, personal taste comes into play. Take into account the general character of your room and your home, and bet on a finish that works well with the materials that already exist.


Glass or crystal: glass or crystal is the option for small living rooms since it will not take up much visual space.

Living room with glass coffee table

A coffee table covers it all. It is the type of furniture that combines form and function, style and service.


Your coffee table should be a little lower than your sofa or the same height:

You don’t want your coffee table to be taller than the height of the seat cushion.


If the room is neutral, a touch of color on your coffee table can serve as art in the space. Mirrored coffee tables make a living room more formal but have good looks.


The height of the coffee table should align  sofa and other seats to ensure that it is comfortable and aesthetically balanced. A few inches shorter will also work fine.

Texture: Texture is also a very important part in any interior, a beautiful wooden or stone coffee table can elevate the space.


We love offsetting straight furniture lines with a tree trunk coffee table in an organic and natural way. The irregular and natural shape contrasts with the furniture and straight lines within the room and is a great way to incorporate natural elements into the interior.

The height of the coffee table should align with the cushions of your sofa:

The height of the coffee table should align with the cushions of your sofa The height of the coffee table should align with the cushions of your sofa in the room by adding a circular or oval piece if everything else is rectangular. The rounded pieces are great for younger kids too, with no sharp edges.


when choosing the perfect coffee table for our living room, all are doubts, and that is, what should we take into account when choosing our coffee table?

Size and scale:

There are many types and styles of coffee tables, but it is important before choosing one, take into account the size that best suits your living room. A coffee table that is too large, small, high or low, will cause the decoration of your room to have certain imbalances.

The length:

Your coffee table should be about 2/3  the length of your sofa. Even if we end up deciding on two smaller coffee tables, they should occupy this space.


The height:

The correct height for a coffee table is approximately 18 inches.


To avoid circulation problems, it is important that there are 40 to 46 centimeters of space between the coffee table and all the furniture that is around it.

The function:

To choose the perfect coffee table, you need to think about the role that it will play in the living room. If you want a coffee table that allows you to store objects, a very good possibility is to choose tables with drawers or one that opens and can store things inside.

Decorative style:

When we choose a coffee table among all the available models, we must value the decorative style that we have used to decorate our room.

Although the most common coffee tables are rectangular or oval, there is a wide variety of designs that can totally change the decoration of your room. Round, hexagonal or asymmetrical tables are an excellent option if you want to give this space a more modern touch.

When choosing the coffee table, we must think about all the uses that we will give it. If you want the table to be the main piece of furniture in the decoration, you can opt for an unconventional design and material. Also, there are tables whose design is used to store objects such as magazines,  books, etc.

On the other hand, the table will serve as a support to place drinks,  snacks, and dishes, it will be necessary to think of a resistant material that is easy to clean. Similarly, if there are children at home, it is better to choose round corners tables and avoid materials such as glass.





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