​Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2021


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The Idea of Cloud Storage is beginning to change the whole memory system. Now, backing up your phone to a computer is a way too old method, just simply upload all data to cloud storage and then forget about it. Before going to the list of Top 10 Cloud Storage apps for Android, just read the importance of it.

Why Cloud Storage?

1. It saves your time and memory of both computer and phone.

2. You can upgrade to a paid subscription to store damn huge files.

3. The uploaded data is totally secured.

Best Cloud Storage App for Android

Now, let’s check out the Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps.

1. Amazon Drive


One of the best cloud storage services by Amazon Incorporation, Amazon Drive, has all the necessary features that a cloud storage app should have. If you are a current user of Amazon Prime, then you are going to love Amazon Drive. 5GB of free storage will be offered to Amazon Prime users only with an unlimited backup of photos and videos. Moreover, you can share your files as attachments and links via email, text messages, and third-party apps.

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2. Box –  Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps


Now this one may sound new to you but Box.com is a fresh cum powerful name in the field of cloud storage. After signing up for a personal account, you will get 10GB of free storage and afterward, you can upgrade it to 100GB at the cost of $10/month only.  For more features, you can also choose the business account which ranges between $5 – $15/month per user. Their easy user interface and affordable in-app purchases make it one of the Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps.

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3. Dropbox


Well, you may have this app pre-installed on your phone and that sentence itself describes that Dropbox is quite famous and useful. You will get 2GB of free cloud storage after registering and it can get upgraded to 1TB for $9.99/month only. To save more money, you can pay for a yearly package which will cost you $99.99. Sending files to friends, supports Microsoft Office, Auto photo backup, etc are some of the cool features of Dropbox.

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4. Google Drive


I’m not sure about Dropbox, but Drive is definitely pre-installed on your cell phone. One of the most widely used cloud storage apps, Google Drive is easy-to-use service with all necessary features. 15GB of free cloud storage is available for all users which include uploading of photos, videos, documents, all type of files, etc. At the price of $1.99/month, 100GB is being offered and 1TB for $9.99/month.

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5. MediaFire


At the start, MediaFire was a mere file sharing app but now it emerged out as one of the marvelous Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps. 12GB of storage is free for all users but you can earn up to 50GB by various methods. It offers 1TB for $7.50 per month and 100TB, the user has to pay $80/month only. The interesting features of MediaFire make it stand as a fifth out of the Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps.

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6. MEGA –  Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps


The cloud storage android app which claims to be the most secure one, MEGA assures that all the data of users are encrypted and decrypted by their own client devices. Moreover, MEGA is the only cloud storage app that gives 50GB of free cloud storage space only for signing up. In the list of Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps MEGA has gained the sixth position because of its unique and useful features.

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7. Microsoft OneDrive


If you are reading this via a windows computer or phone, then you must be aware of OneDrive. This popular cloud storage service is almost pre-installed in all Microsoft products. For beginners, 5GB of cloud storage is free and at the price of $1.99, you can upgrade to 100GB. It also has a very affordable subscription charge for Microsoft Office 365 as well.

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8. Resilio Sync


Previously known as BitTorrent Sync, now Resilio Sync is a very different cloud storage service.  It lets you create your own private cloud storage. You can easily transfer your essential files from device to device without any size limits. While the transfer is in a process, the Resilio Sync encrypts all files which are currently in use. Its other useful features include Automatic Camera Backup, Use any device and platform, One Time Send, Direct Transfers ( No Cloud ), supports all file types, etc.

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9. Tresorit


One of the most expensive cloud storage services, Tresorit, assures its users that the uploaded file will get secured through end-to-end encryption. 1GB of free cloud storage is being offered to every basic account member. The paid membership includes 100GB of storage for $12.50 per month while 1TB will price you $30 per month. The pro plans will add more security options that will bring your files under high-end protection. For the business sector guys, Tresorit is the best choice to keep data safe and secure.

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10. Yandex.Disk


Now here comes Russia’s most popular cloud storage platform, Yandex.Disk. Surprisingly, they offer 20GB of cloud storage for free and the user can always purchase 10GB, 100GB, or 1TB by paying a certain amount of money. Yandex guarantees that even if you lose your device, the uploaded files will be safe on Disk. To share a folder or file, send a link to it and save your internet data. You can easily send files from phone to PC via the app’s computer version.

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So these were the Top 10 Cloud Storage Android Apps. Try one of these awesome apps to save memory on your device.  Share your experience with us. Happy Clouding!


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