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8 Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Budget

8 Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Budget
7 Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Budget

One person’s budget is different from the other. One might have a savings budget, and another might have a splurge budget. Today many people are guided by personal financial parameters. In this article today, you will learn to be stylish with any form of funding.

Creating a good wardrobe that is comfortable and stylish is not as complicated as you think. However, the simplicity and nuances change with time. For a long time, your taste will change, and you will forever be updating and changing your wardrobe. Below are seven ways to stay fashionable on a budget.

1. Stop Wearing Old Clothes

Avoiding old clothes is the best advice that has to start the article. You can build a chic, modern style within a budget. However, you have to start by getting rid of the old stuff. There are a handful of garments that deserve to stay in your closet.

Older garments remaining are an exception but not the rule for most items. For example, if you have a Burberry trench coat or your mother’s Chanel jacket, you will most likely treasure it for a lifetime. This exception pays respect for the craftsmanship, quality, and enduring style. 

Keep in mind that craftsmanship, quality, and the durability of the clothing are the main things to look for when you’re shopping for new clothing. As specialists for normal people with a minimal budget, we have noticed too many women hold on to old clothes. 

2. Quality Pieces

The number of people who keep stained and soiled garments stops them from buying better garments. And do not be afraid to spend a little more on some pieces like jackets and dresses.

Quality over quantity should be important when you shop for clothes. Buying some quality pieces that will last you a long time is more like an investment. You buy them once but you will wear them for many years to come.

Unlike buying a synthetic leather jacket that will begin to flake after one year of being in the closet. Some pieces are just better to spend a few more bucks on than others. 

3. Remove Dated Pieces

Fashion and style evolve. That’s why it is easy to come up with an 80s costume party. The more worn out a garment is, the further humans drift from it, and the look becomes defined by it.

This discovery of knowing that a particular style belongs to the 80s or 90s is enough to make you give your wardrobe a better edit. Every year you should try and assign one day to clean out your closet.

Use this as an opportunity to clean out clothing you no longer like, and get rid of faded clothing, and worn-out pieces. If you have clothing you wore in high school and you’re 25 it is time to give them up and make room for new pieces to love. Unless the dated pieces are designer or are in great condition you should consider replacing them.

4. Define Your Style

If you want a crisp style on a budget, it’s good to know your likes and dislikes. Style, in the long run, saves you a lot of money and time and pushes you to make better choices while shopping.

Over time, our preferences change, yet we tend to stick to the same style when it comes to our clothing. A person is not stylish for wearing expensive clothes or following every trend.

Having style is adding your own personal touch to your clothing. Having fun with its personal style is a very fun way to express yourself and to be seen the way you want to be. 

5. Match your Clothes to Your Hardware & Jewelry

Hardware is any additional garment or item like a shoe buckle, zippers, belt, or chains. By coordinating your metallic colors, you create a more cohesive look.

Having hardware means that if you wear a navy blazer with gold buttons, do not put on shoes with silver buckles. Wear a golden one instead, or skip the metallic look altogether.

However, if you are staying with the hardware, be careful not to wear many pieces of clothing. For example, if you dress in a zipper or heavy jacket, do not wear heavy hardware or have busy patterns. The key takeaway is to make sure all of the metals you’re wearing match. A gold shoe buckle should be paired with a gold plated purse strap. 

6. Work With Texture, Neutrals, and Basics

For a better look within a budget, it’s good to go for basics such as neutrals and pieces with texture within your budget. You will probably get more use of your pieces, but you will also pull a more well-organized look.

When neutrals are put together, they create a rich outcome regardless of the budget. Neutrals are more than just tan, white, brown, and black. Burgundy, navy, and gray give the same effect. Plus having a few different neutral options in your closet for both your pants and tops provides a great benefit. You can create a myriad of outfits by swapping out your tops, jackets, and pants. You can step up the outfit by simply adding a blazer, jacket, or cardigan.

Think of your neutrals as the base to any outfit you’re looking to create. Neutrals are perfect for casual and formal events alike making the clothing in these shades more diverse.

7. Mixing Patterns

No matter what fashion blogs tell you, mixing patterns need a lot of color theory understanding, balance, and composition to pull off. There are ways to mix patterns and have them look cohesive.

Patterns such as marble print clothes, pinstripes, animal prints, and even textures are great. Incorporating them together will for sure elevate your look. One way is to add a solid layer over your mixed prints.

But the best look with patterns is a solid pair of pants with your pattern top or jacket and pattern shoes. You can also wear patterned pants with a solid colored top and solid pair of shoes. This is why it is super important to always have a good selection of solid-colored clothes in your closet. It allows you to create fashionable outfits with fun patterns.

8. Avoid Super High Heels

Many women love wearing high heels. It adds a touch of sophistication and grace to your walk. Along with the added benefit of elongating your legs and adding a couple of inches of height.

But, wearing high heels takes practice. Do not try to go out in high heels if you’ve never done so before. Give yourself some practice runs until you can properly wear the shoes. Another tip is to start with a smaller heel and slowly work your way up until you can easily and gracefully walk in high heels.

Walk around your home in your heels as often as you can to continue working on this skill. There are many ways to give yourself extra height other than wearing extreme heels.

Make sure your pants hit your best length and wear elongated necklines and necklaces. Just add enough illusion that you are tall. You can also ruin an entire outfit by wearing ill-fitting shoes. If a finger can slide in at the back of your shoes, they do not fit.


This article has handed you a mouthful of information on looking great with just seven tips. It is good to recap it all. First, purge your closet and remove all the hoarded clothing you no longer wear.

Secondly, find your style and create a cohesive look that your hardware compliments your face; it makes a difference. Thirdly, work with textures and neutral colors, and lastly, avoid super high heels.




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