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3 Ways to Change Fingerprints on Samsung Cell Phones of All Series

Fingerprints on Samsung

 A complete guide on how to change fingerprints on a Samsung Galaxy Android phone that you can do by following the steps I will explain. Not only in the flagship class but sophisticated mid-range smartphones from Samsung are also now starting to implement a fingerprint sensor to add a more secure system for its users.

When a user activates fingerprint on a Samsung cellphone, then we can use it to unlock the screen or unlock applications. The registered fingerprint is stored uniquely on the smartphone. 

This means that every time you register a fingerprint with a different person, it will be different when the sensor reads it. But the question is, how do you change the fingerprint on a Samsung cellphone when the smartphone changes hands?

How to Delete and Replace Fingerprints on Samsung Mobile Phones

Basically, users can register more than one fingerprint on a Samsung cellphone. But if you want to replace a saved fingerprint with a new one, you have to delete it first. This can be done when the Samsung fingerprint sensor is not functioning or has an error.

How to delete fingerprints on a Samsung cellphone

1. Through Settings

  • Go to “Settings» Lock screen and security “then select” Fingerprints “.
  • Enter the PIN then tap “EDIT” in the top corner and select the fingerprint to be replaced.
  • For example, with the name “Fingerprint 1” then tap “REMOVE” so that it is deleted.

2. Deleting Fingerprint From Application Data

  • Tap “Settings» Application Manager “.
  • Navigate to the “All” tab then scroll and search for “Fingerprint”.
  • Open the application then tap “Clear Data”.

3. Via Factory Reset

The last way you can do it is to do a factory reset. This step was taken not only to delete fingerprints on Android only. But it will clean all data stored on the smartphone. Do a backup before factory reset then tap “Settings» Backup & reset »Factory data reset then tap” OK “.

How to Change Fingerprints on Samsung Cellphones with New ones

After you have successfully deleted the Samsung fingerprint, it’s time to replace it with a new fingerprint. The method is no different from the first time you activate it.

  • Tap “Settings» Lock Screen & Security ”then tap“ Fingerprints ”.
  • After “Set up Fingerprint Security” appears, just select “PIN”.
  • Make a new PIN as a backup.
  • Furthermore, when the information “Place finger on Home key” appears, paste and then lift your finger repeatedly until the indicator is 100% and “Success”.

You can apply the above method to replace the fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, A3 2016, J7 Prime, A3 2017, Galaxy S7, A5 2016, Galaxy S6, A5 2017 and other series.

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