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How to Design Custom Challenge Coins

Designing challenge coins is loads of fun, but at the same time, there’s a huge load of things to consider before beginning. As challenge coins are special items, depicting a sense of honor and belonging, the design must be in line with it.

Also, there are a lot of other things that you need to consider when designing custom challenge coins.

Keeping that in mind, we have shared some tips for designing great challenge coins. If you want to order your own coins, you can do it from us. We are manufactures of challenge coins and you’ll get all and every type of coins, such as military coins, navy challenge coins, or even corporate coins from us.

Coming Up With an Idea

Each challenge coin begins as simply a thought. Thus, the initial phase in coin configuration is concocting a thought. Consider what sort of fine art you need on the front and back of your coins. Who are the coins for, and what sort of occasions will they be a piece of? What tones do you envision?

These inquiries just start to expose what your coins will mean and how they will look, however, they’re incredible things to consider when you’re beginning. The absolute best challenge coin plans center around logos, mascots, and trademarks, yet we can make pretty much anything you can cook up.

Picking Challenge Coin Design Options

While fine art comprises of things like logos, text, and pictures, the plan of your coins is comprised of things like size, shape, metal plating, edging, and a few different components of coin development. The handcraft alternatives we offer give innumerable blends of surfaces and tones that can change how your coins look and feel.

Challenge Coin Size and Shape

The normal size of challenge coins is 1.75”, yet 2″ coins are turning out to be more well-known each day.

Challenge coins can even be as little as 1.5″. Nonetheless, it’s hard to make neat fine art and text on coins more modest than 1.5″. In case you’re searching for a custom golf ball marker or simply an additional little challenge coin, it’s critical to keep the fine art as straightforward as conceivable to catch the clearest fine art and plan.

If you need an option that could be bigger than normal, curiously large challenge coins start at 2.5″ and go up to pretty much any size you need.

Weight and Texture

Challenge coin configuration isn’t just about how a coin looks. It’s likewise about how a coin feels.

Redoing the heaviness of your coins and the foundation surface is perhaps the most ideal approach to make a plan that sticks out in an individual’s memory. There are a couple of approaches to change the weight and surface, and the first is thickness.

Coin Thickness

Most challenge coins are 3mm thick. Periodically, you’ll see challenge coins that are 3.5mm thick, however, an incredible greater part of coins are intended to be 3mm thick.

This gives them a fair weight and strong feel, yet updating from a 3mm coin to a 4mm coin will build the heaviness of your plan by 33%. Heavier coins feel more significant and sturdy. If you need to establish a major connection with your challenge coins, you don’t have to get an immense 3″ coin, you simply need to expand the thickness of the plan.

Coin Surface

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to change the surface of your coins is by including 3D fine art. While 2D coins have one raised and one recessed level, 3D coins have countless raised and recessed levels. The etched fine art of 3D coins gives craftsmanship mind-blowing profundity and detail and changes how the outside of the coin feels.

Challenge Coin Plating

Another thing to remember is that we can consolidate various kinds of plating on a similar coin. Gold and silver are consistently enjoyable to join in a similar plan, however, there’s an entire universe of potential blends. Probably the most striking plans we’ve seen join dark metal and silver or classical gold and old fashioned copper.

Challenge Coin Edges

Crosscut and angled line challenge coins have an extraordinary surface that changes how individuals cooperate with your coins. Our creation group utilizes a machine to cut them by hand, giving them a practically sharp feel. A great many people instinctually need to deal with them with care, yet there is no compelling reason to stress. They’re entirely protected.

Requesting Artwork and Revisions

The last advance in challenge coin design is art and corrections. So, send in your artwork to the manufacturer you choose and then ask for revisions and art proof from them. If you choose to work with us, we’ll provide you with as many art proofs as needed to make your final design unique and smooth. Additionally, you’ll get all and every type of challenge coins from us. Be it military coins, or navy challenge coins, you’ll get the best deals from us.


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