Tips on caring for your freshly delivered flowers


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The flowers are masterpieces of nature. Receiving flowers does make one feel happy, and if you happen to be the recipient this time, then you must be wondering about how you can take care of the flowers. There are so many occasions, and especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day, the flowers are given the most. However, you must know that you can only prolong the life of the flowers.

Many of us love flowers, but care needs to be taken so that the life of the flowers can be prolonged. One always needs to take a lot of care when it comes to freshly delivered blooms to ensure that they live longer. There are so many flowers that you can always opt for your loved one through online flowers bouquet delivery.

You can even opt for your favorite flowers as well; this will lift your spirits up. If you are thinking about the ways in you can take care of the bouquet that was delivered to you, then you can always read further and take the appropriate measures to ensure that the flowers are living longer in the right conditions:

The vase

The vase does play a crucial role when it comes to the life of freshly delivered flowers, and this is when you can ensure that the flowers that you have got are placed in a clean vase. Of course, you can always wash the vase with some soap and let it dry and then fill it with water and place the bouquet or your arrangement of flowers in that vase.


The water needs to be replaced every 2-3 days, and this needs to be done because the bacteria would start developing on the stems. Ensure that you are also removing the leaves which are there in the water as well. If the leaves are left in the water, then this will always introduce the new bacteria into the water, and the flowers will not be able to live long.

The stems

You must remove half an inch of the stem every 2-3 days. This will ensure that the flower gets the water adequately as the fresh tissue will be exposed while the flower is placed in the water.  Ensure that you are using sharp scissors to trim the stems of the flowers.

The stems always need to be trimmed at an angle so that the water intake is easier for the flower. If you are going to use dull scissors to trim the stem of the flowers, then it might damage the stem further, and the flower might not be able to take the necessary water. You can always ask your florist more about this.

The flower food

The flower food is always there, along with the flowers that have been delivered to your place. The flower food will ensure that the flower lives longer and is able to bloom for a long time as it will have all the nutrients that the flower might need. You need to mix the flower food in the water before placing your flower arrangement or bouquet in the vase.

The sunlight and other sources of heat

You must keep the bouquet away from the sunlight or any source of heat as the flower will transpire quickly, and soon, the bouquet will start wilting. This is why you must ensure that the flowers are kept away from the heat sources and are kept at a place that gives them the ideal temperature that they need.

The fruits or vegetable

The fruits, as they ripen, are known to release ethylene gas which is bound to speed up the process of growing. The ethylene gas would make the flowers go through the natural growth process, and they will start dropping their petals to produce the fruit. This is why the ripening fruits or vegetables are always kept away from the flower arrangements or vases.

You can always fill the water once the existing water has been consumed by the flowers, but you must change the water every alternate day and ensure that you are trimming the stem of the flowers.

The flowers are just beautiful, and you can always order flowers online for your loved one and yourself as well. The beautiful, fragrant flowers would be ideal for the house.


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