20 Helpful Career Blogs you should read to grow in life


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This list contains a detailed about 20 helpful blogs for career growth continue reading these blogs help people grow in life and live a better life.


Ask a Manager.

Alison was a Chief of Staff for a Non-profit Company. She manages the hiring, firing, promotion management. Whether to ask for a raise or are in danger of getting fired, you can get the best advice from her blogs. You can even ask your workplace questions here. 

    Work it Daily.

Whether you need to learn any online course or easy-to-use Career support guidance one, can surely rely on her blogs. These are for the people who want more out of their work and help find more success in their Careers.

    Apartment Therapy.

If you want to pursue Interior Designing as your Career, then you must read Apartment Therapy blogs. Ryan started his work as Interior Designer, and along, they were blogging and making it a full-scale media company.

    Personal Branding Blog.

Stating YOU are the brand, this blog helps you to learn how to build a powerful personal brand that will differentiate you from others. It will also allow you to have the perfect knowledge to compete in the Global MarketPlace.

    Ms. Career Girl.

If you are a girl and want to find passion in your profession then, Ms. Career Girl has grown their Group of inspiring and motivational speakers. They guide you with every aspect, finding jobs to fashion to finance, and even relationships.

    A cup of Jo.

No matter what your dreams are, you can make them come true. Jonna started her blogging in 2007. Then I became a super lifestyle blogger. She shares the stories of her profession for mothers and even professional experience in lifestyle, designing, and food. 

    Undercover Recruiter.

These blogs are for the recruiter and the HRs. But you can get information on how you can face the recruiters who are inspired by these blogs. They usually inform, inspire and entertain the recruiters. It can be an indirect help to the recruits.

    Career Sidekick.

To be more confident is the main thing a recruiter sees. This blog is dedicated to the freshies to find better jobs, feel more confident, and earn more cash. Get the best and crisp advice on Job Interviews, Careers, Salaries, and much more.

    Tech Savvy Mama.

In this digital world, you can easily earn money with the best use of Technology. You can earn through digital marketing or websites like the best PHP web development service & many more. So, you can get here all the information here regarding the Digital Age and Technological Development.

  Nerd Fitness.

Being fit is very much necessary and making everyone fit is very hard. Jim started blogging for the ones who want to seek a Career in developing their career as a fitness coach. You can read the educational blog where you can learn more about working out.

  Jobscan Blog.

With Jim came to know about companies’ efficient recruiting portals were merely parsing, rating, and filtering resumes using a keyword-based algorithm, he started to guide every for the same. He designed Jobscan from the ground up to simplify the process, recognizing that he had to specifically customize his resume for each interview.

  Career Advice.

Think of it as talking to a job counselor, except this one is not even a counselor and is not being paid to support you. Career Advice will give you advice, and it will be up to you to know how to use it.

  A Millennial’s Diary.

The Millennials who are trying to pursue their Career don’t know many things happening in the Corporate World. So, this blog helps them to demystify themselves and provide them with the best Career Advice. These are very much helpful for the ones who are seeking guidance in the Corporate Sectors.

  Way Up Career Advice.

It is clear that if you want the best guidance you need to ask the ones who are recently facing or have faced the issues in their Career. It is the best idea where the Freshers can have the best guidance for their Career. 

  Pioneer Career Blog – Jane Biglin.

Jane is associated with Career Coach and coaches the infants to develop branding materials, new job search, job search strategies, and adapting various work Cultures. So, this blog serves the end-to-end process of Career Coaching.

  Travels of Adam – Adam.

If you want to pursue your career in Travel, then he is the best person you can follow. He provides all the information to make your hobby your profession. And also, how can you convert your passion into your earning.

  Freshersworld – Joby Joseph.

Finding a job just after a candidate completes their college is every Fresher’s dream. Hence, to fulfill all their dreams, Joby started a website where he guides the freshers and even helps them get the jobs from his website itself.

  Freesumes – Hertzel Betito.

Get instant access to a library of technical and modern resume templates in Microsoft Word, as well as the most up-to-date Career tips for landing the job you want. Hertzel tried and succeeded in guiding all the freshers to apply for better jobs.

  Inspire Global Solutions. 

IGS is a recruitment consulting company that delivers broad-based expertise at a reasonable price that will not burn a hole in our clients’ pockets. They offer a wide range of recruitment advisory services to our local, regional, global, and multinational clients, and they make every attempt to provide consulting services and hiring strategies. 

  Buddymantra – Amit Kumar.

This website promotes and provides updates on up-to-date information for both educational and professional purposes. It is a place where fun and entertainment meet awareness and education.

  Resumonk Blogs – Aditya Babbar.

Resumonk provides resume writing tips and job advice. Resumonk is an online resume builder that lets you develop professional and appealing resumes while saving you money and time. Resumonk can format and convert your resume to pdf format for you, enabling you to concentrate on writing quality material.

  Teach Thought – Terry Heick.

Teach Thought offers posts that focus on innovation in K-12 education. Teachers interested in growing and improving their skills can find advantageous pieces of advice in this blog. The blog was founded in 2012 by Terry Heick, an author and a former teacher interested in reshaping K-12 teaching.


Corporette is a design and lifestyle blog that focuses on people who work in corporate positions like bankers, lawyers, and consultants. The women who want to pursue their goals in the corporate sectors are provided with the best information. 


Algrim is a resource devoted to assisting new and seasoned Career experts with some of the hardest questions they may have about HR, job searching, technical interviewing, Career counseling, and more.


How2Become is all about assisting you in being the person you want to be. It will help you with everything from application forms to psychometric tests and passing an interview by offering preparation and information.

  Great Resume Fast.

One can get the best resume writing tricks and tips from Certified Resume Writers. Along with Resumes, one can have full knowledge from personal branding professionals. 

  Jibberjobber Job.

This tool is the best for all like, job seekers, job hunters, recruiters, and hunt for the best work or job they need. It is beneficial for both the recruiters and the seekers. 

  Vocation Village.

If you need to get help in finding your perfect Career, then you can have the best guidance from Austin. She is the Career coach and advises on increasing work and personal happiness.

  Career Sherpa.

As the name suggests, Sherpa means Elite or expert in their field. You can get the best knowledge from the experts in your field and can get the best knowledge you can. She preaches everything from getting the perfect job to being the best solopreneur.

  Career Shifter’s Blog.

If you are having some doubts about your Career and want to change then you can get the best inspiration. You can have the step-by-step process of getting the work you love faster and with very little stress.

  Job Mob.

Job Mob is the best place where the job recruiters and the job seekers come together and find their best choice. This platform is for people all over the world but the people in Israel use it the most.

  How did I got my job?

If you are not sure how you can get your preferred job, then you must read this blog. Here you can get the information regarding the people how they got their job, selecting the best Career path and you can learn lessons from their failures and experiences.


The best knowledge you can get about your industry of Technology and developments in Science. You can have the total experience from the learning. You will get all updates with every new improvement in Technology.

  Penelope Trunk.

If you want to begin with a great start-up you can refer to her blogs. She spends her spare time blogging about job tips and her professional experiences working for various corporations.

  Light Stalking.

If you wish to continue your future as a photographer, then this is the best blog you can read. They not only teach you different tricks for photography but also help you achieve the best Career in it. From being a novice to a Professional Photographer, all the details are there in their blogs.


In the trend of Digital Marketing, all wish to grow digitally and hence the need for a digital marketer is a great choice. If one wishes to do the same then Awario is the best place where you can learn about the aspects in the field of digital marketing. 


As the name suggests, one who is seeking a job, an internship can get all the information here. Even if anyone wants to learn about the Graduate Schemes then they can refer to Debut as their Career Guide and seek all the information they can.

  Career Pivot.

If you are not having effective results in your current Career plan and want to move to another, then you can have guidance from Career Pivot. They help you leap from one life to another in the best way.

  Executive Career Brand.

If you are searching for Personal Branding, Executive Resume, Biography then, this is the best place. Here, you can get all your needs. In the modern world of executive Career hunting, you will learn how to distinguish and sell your unique value proposition from this blog.


Want to go to China and pursue your dream Career, then Laowai is the blog where you can get information on the Career industry and their insights. You will get to know about the middle kingdom.

  May Busch.

Having positive changes is very much needed when it comes to selecting your Career. So, to have positive vibes and achieve your goals, you need to work enthusiastically. May Busch is not only providing advice to the freshers but also making them leaders.

  Gen Y Girl.

Want to have a great kick start in your twenties, then here you go. When you are studying it is necessary to have a passive income. Here you can get all the advice on generating your passive income, and can eventually grow towards your main interest.

  Career Enlightenment.

If you want the best Career consultation, then you must visit Career Enlightenment. They are even the best job search blog as they got an award. It is indeed one of the must-read jobs-seeking blogs.

  Professional Alternatives.

While selecting any Career in the job, it is necessary to have updates, with all the latest amendments and trends in recruiting, staffing, and HR. All of the information for the latest updates are available on their blogs.

  Career Alley.

It originated as a means to assist others in seeking employment and progressing their Careers. They have spent most of their jobs in financial services and have seen it all.

  Job Jenny.

This blog is for you if you are unemployed, secretly fantasizing about asking your manager to move off, or imagining a Career as your boss. Peace and Love. It is all about passion. There are still plenty of greenbacks you can have in this blog.

  The Chief Happiness Officer.

Alexander is a happy mind for his work. He speaks differently than any other Career Bloggers. He posts some funny videos and words which are funny, and you can even learn from the videos.

  Career Assessment Sites.

If you require guidance for personal growth for your better life, then it is the perfect blog. Providing online tests to support you in transforming your diverse desires, desires, and needs into a rewarding career and personal life.

  Kathy Caprino.

Kathy Caprino is a women’s Career mentor, blogger, lecturer, and teacher who makes you brave to find the right job and use it to light the world. She carries Expert Career coaching, leadership training, and resources for professional women.

  Things Career Related.

If you need advice from the expert, here you can get it all. Bob McIntosh is a Career trainer who leads more than 17 job search Career centers. In a dynamic labor market, his greatest satisfaction is supporting individuals in pursuing fulfilling jobs.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by top responsive web design services. He loves to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


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