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Pathways to Canada PR from Dubai in 2021

Canada PR

Are you looking forward to your Canadian immigration from Dubai in 2021? Well, then this is for you.

In 2021, Canada has come up with new pathways for its immigrants. They have recently announced a few new policies with a sole focus on temporary workers and international graduates. Over 90,000 of the essential workers have been constantly contributing to the Canadian economy.

Hence to honor their contribution in this pandemic situation a few rules are added. They have handed a permanent residency to those who have the skills and the experience.

If you look at Canada, it has always been the most polite and the most helpful of all. Along with being welcoming, it provides the best facilities to their immigrant families. With excellent healthcare amenities, it takes care of your family members.

It provides you with a top-notch education in their Universities. The educational institutions here have special courses that give students the confidence to excel in their chosen field.

Canada focuses on:


Canada PR from Abu Dhabi or any other Arab country can be difficult as the lifestyle, cultures, and people are different. But, Canada values their people and so immigrants from all over the world are accepted with big smiles. Being the friendliest and the most humble people of all, they respect each individual.

By providing them with the best facilities, they nurture one another with affection. Having this attitude by all, the crime rate in Canada is really the least hence it provides the needed safety and security for families.


Canada has an immense youth population in its country. Understanding their value, the Canadian Government provides all the facilities. This creates a positive environment all around.

Canada sees their youth as its currency. Hence they promote various activities in other keep the youth interested and help them develop themselves.

The diversity that they provide helps their youth to explore their education progressively. Their immigrant students from Dubai are also provided with the best of education and later a Canada work permit from Dubai with quite an ease.

Moving forward, let us understand the programs that act as the pathways to Canada PR status.

Express Entry Program:

In 2015, the Canadian Government introduced Express Entry Program to make the immigration process easier than before. Earlier the process was based on a mere ‘first come, first serve’ basis. The best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada immigration will suggest you the same program to apply to.

Due to its less processing time, within just 6-8 months your application gets completed. Basically, it is an online process that begins as you submit your online profile, an Expression on Interest (EOI) to Express Entry Pool.

There is an assessment through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The individuals who fall under the 3 Federal immigration classes, namely – Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class – can exclusively apply via this program.

Provincial Nominee Program:

According to the best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai, the best pathway to choose to relocate to any of the provinces in Canada is Provincial Nominee Program. However, there are exceptions to these provinces such as the Northern Canada territory of Nunavut and Quebec.

This program acts similar to that of the Express Entry Program. Both programs have been linked in 9 out of 13 provinces and territories of Canada. The creation of the program was aimed to aid occupation to immigrant skilled workers.

As Canada faces a lack of skilled individuals, there forms avoid and hence companies are always on the lookout for talent to add to their workforce.

Family Sponsorship Program:

In case if you have any relatives already residing in Canada with the help of the best Consultancy in Dubai for Canada, then you can make use of this program. Using the Family Sponsorship pathway, you can relocate to Canada or any of its provinces and territories.

The relatives who are eligible for this program are – Spouses, Conjugal partners, Parents, Grandparents, Dependent Children, Brothers or Sisters, Nephews or nieces, Common-Law partners, and orphan granddaughters or grandsons under the age of 18 years.

Your sponsor should provide you with financial support until you become a permanent resident. If it is a dependent child, financial support should be provided for 10 years or till their age of 25 years.

Start-up visa Program:

You can relocate from Abu Dhabi and work in Canada or any of its provinces and territories by simply acquiring a Canada work permit from Abu Dhabi. But in case that you want to buy an already existing business or start your own venture and settle in Canada, you can apply for your Start-up Visa Program. The Canadian Government offers a special pathway for businessmen and women from all over the world.

Quebec Immigration Program:

If you wish to relocate to Quebec, there is a special program, which a Canada Visa Consultant in Dubai will guide you perfectly to apply. The Canadian Government and Quebec Government, both are in a special agreement that allows immigrants to apply for their PR following Quebec Government rules and regulations.

The process starts as you apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]). As the assessment of your application is through, you will receive a certificate. Using this you can now apply for PR.

In short:

The year 2021 might be the sign that you take a step forward towards your betterment and the best option is Canada. For your Canadian immigration from Dubai, you need to seek guidance from experts, a Visa Consultant, or an agency.

With their expertise, your immigration can be done within no time and with the added benefit of having no complications. As they have the right experience, they can help you dodge all the bullets. If you are a student or a skilled employee or even a businessman or woman, you can immigrate to Canada by following a few simple steps.



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