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How to purchase YouTube Views – All you need to know


These top five sites for the purchase of YouTube views are based on the quality of the target views, the commitment of the viewer, the reaction time, and the moneyback guarantee (if they have one). Buybestfollowers is the website that has tested these services. For more information on the top YouTube view providers and how scams can be avoided, click here.

Tip: You want “high-reserve views”—views that have not just clicked on your video for a considerable period of time. This helps to classify your search engine.


Devumi is our first choice to purchase YouTube views, as it offers the best value for money. First of all, all Devumi packages are included, so after purchasing Devumi views there is no need to shop for dedication and retention. They have a 100% money-back guarantee and some of the fastest time on the market (for genuine high-retention views. Some bot services will be faster but YouTube’s TOS will not be able to use bots).

2. BuyViews

BuyViews are coming in at Devumi’s close second. They and their packages offer different welfare promotion options. The retention rate is also impressive – 60% – 90% as well as a 100% cashback guarantee. But their turnaround time is not as good as that of Devumi. They also offer no retention time guarantee.

3. Marketing Heaven

MarketingHeaven makes it very easy to purchase YouTube views. The video you want to promote on your website can be linked, from a download list, you can select the number of views and add a selection of preferences on your website. Although this usability is a plus, MarketingHeaven is a bit more costly than the top 2 websites on this list. It also takes longer to see results and does not offer any ways of promoting society.

4. 500VIEWS

You can buy everything at 500VIEWS, including views, likes, comments, and subscribers on YouTube. You have a very easy-to-use add-ons system. They do not, however, provide quality, retention, commitment, and support to customers such as the top 3 sites. Results from 500VIEWS can also take up to 1 week.

5. Social Shop

Social Shop has a nice packaging mix. On the bottom end, you have the $2,000 micro-package and at the top, you have a $999 Pro package that gets you 1,000,000 views. Taking this range of options into account, their 2-day turnaround is not bad at all. However, there are limited options for Social Shop engagement. They do not give likes, comments, or subscribers unlike other sites on this list. Your customer support does not too well compare with others on this list.


If you buy from reliable sources such as the above sites, you can buy YouTube View easily and securely. It also helps to understand how YouTube judges think about why choosing the right source is important.

YouTube classifies views based on the viewers’ location and visitor quality. If a user with a US or UK based uploads a video and receives the greatest number of views from Russia or Asia, it raises a red flag. YouTube examines how many video visitors are part of the demographic target of the user and that is reasonable. You want targeted YouTube views, as this can significantly increase organic retention rates. Untidy views can lead to high bounce rates, leading YouTube to believe, among other things, that your video is mistitled.

The best sellers of YouTube views are taking the extra milestone in providing a mixed demographic with targeted hits from the United States and the UK to prevent misinterpretation.

Some sellers simply rent IPs and send them to the video link from different places. Although YouTube may not detect this method, it offers very little retention because behind these IP addresses there are no real people. The best way to buy from sellers is always to send real people to watch your videos and to comment on them. Anything else is risky and can lead to increased YouTube scrutiny of your content.

The most important thing you need to look for in a good view is to ensure you get real people to watch the video instead of bots. This is the only way to achieve organic retention and commitment. As robots inflate your views, for those high numbers there will be little more to display. Search results won’t help you and can hurt your ranking chances (They also violate YouTube’s TOS and can take down your videos). Things can be different from human views.

Keep in mind that buying points of view do not guarantee long-term success or impact. This makes it a short-term approach to buying YouTube views to start organic growth and not to continue forever. To achieve meaningful results, content creators have yet to promote their content and build real contacts with their viewers in the long term.


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