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The incredible Larimar stone is a rare gemstone known for its unique and remarkable properties. It resembles the blue color of the famed Caribbean sea, and these gems standouts from other gems. Keep reading to learn more about this gemstone in detail. 

Meaning of Larimar

Larimar is the rare pectolite that comes exclusively from the Dominican Republic. Larimar meaning denotes the rare blue gem, which signifies the water and the sky of the Caribbean sea, where this stone was found for the first time.

The name is emanated from two words, Lari and Mar. As Larissa was the name of the daughter of Miguel Mendez, who found this stone on the seashore in the year 1974. Whereas ‘Mar’ is a Spanish word that represents water. 

Evaluating Larimar’s Color

The Blue Larimar stone ranges from light to dark in color, having white specks on the surface resembling sunlight over Caribbean waters. The intense blue Larimar is the most desirable, and so they are even priced higher than the other crystals. Moreover, the whitish Larimar is less valuable.

Larimar is a rare gemstone that ranges in blue to green-blue colors. The only source of the finding of the crystal is the Dominican Republic. It belongs to silicate mineral pectolite on the Mohs hardness scale 4.5- 5. According to astrology, it is associated with the Zodiac sign of “Leo,”. The crystal is known for its extraordinary spiritual and healing powers. It brings good luck for those born in the month of February and March. One can use the crystal by wearing larimar stone jewelry like Larimar rings, bracelets, and pendants. Rananjay Exports is an authentic manufacturer and wholesaler of silver larimar stone jewelry.

What does it symbolize?

Larimar symbolizes the peaceful regime of water and sky; as the stone of serenity, it alleviates the worries and ameliorates the mind, body, and soul. It mends physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Therefore, Larimar ring are preferred to be worn for everyday healing purposes. It allows the person to have a safe and sound sleep without facing the problem of lucid dreaming.

Larimar belongs to the pectolite mineral family group, which is blue in color and considered for the zodiac signs of Leo and Pisces. Blue larimar stone activates Throat, Third eye, and heart chakra, so one can claim all the benefits by wearing a Larimar ring. The caribbean sea Larimar helps to give us the strength to speak from the heart. Larimar rings can be worn on occasions and at workplaces also. Larimar is set into the silver sterling metal, which makes the best combination of silver and larimar. To explore more facts about the Larimar ring, visit the site of Rananjay Exports.

Styling with Larimar 

Larimar jewelry can be worn in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and many more. It looks amazing when paired with the official dress for business meetings. Moreover, it can be worn every day while going to the workplace, as it will uplift the aura of the individual, enhancing their confidence. 

Also, it can be carried along with causal t-shirts and bell-bottom pants with a light shade lip color. The person can wear it for hangout parties or for a random date too.

This stone has the power of water and fire together in it, so it will calm the person, and at the same time, it will allow the person to look hot. Everybody would be looking towards the wearer in the desire of the beautiful jewelry piece and their outfits.

Larimar a rare blue Pectolite mineral that comes from the Dominican Republic. The magical gem comes in blue, bluish-white, and green-blue. Larimar gem is considered for Leo’s zodiac sign and those born during the springtime. It is associated with the heart, third eye, and throat chakra. It can also be used while meditating. Larimar promotes tranquility, peace, calmness in the wearer. The stone is used to manufacture the Larimar jewelry accessories larimar ring, Pendant, and necklace. A person can enjoy all the healing and spiritual benefits by wearing a larimar jewelry accessory. Larimar jewelry can also be used as party wear that makes you unique from others. To get more information about larimar jewelry, explore the site of Rananjay Export.

Caring tips for Larimar 

Never use any kind of steamers and ultrasonic cleaners to clean the gemstone. Instead, simply use the water and the mild soap to clean the gemstone after wearing it and wipe it with a soft cloth.

In addition, keep your jewel away from all the chemical products, as they can cause a fade in color. You can keep the stone near nature like you can keep it near the rivers, sea, ocean, grass, trees, and mountain.

But always remember to protect it from getting scratches and damage, as it is a soft stone. So take it off while doing any harsh work, which can cause the stone to deteriorate. 

Where to buy from?

To get this gemstone at wholesale price, check out the website Rananjay Exports. They are the manufacturers and wholesalers of silver gemstone jewelry. They have a re-owned name in the world of gems throughout the globe as they always provide high-quality products whose shine remains forever.

Check out their website and explore the gemstone section, where you will get the options for more than 150 gemstones. Moreover, your order should be above $499. You can put them in a cart and order them by paying using PayPal. You will receive your order within 10-12 business working days with free shipping all across the world.

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have been a part of her passion from the start. Gems like Moonstone and other naturally obtained crystals are a part of her day-to-day writing.

With her work, she shares different facts and beliefs associated with these crystals. Read her other blogs at Rananjay Exports to completely understand her writing pattern.


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