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Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation

Children's Burn Foundation of Florida

The Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation is a network of agencies, churches, and non-profit groups that help young people who have been sexually abused or neglected. This is a network that offers support, guidance, and resources for young people who have been in the experience of sexual abuse.

The Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation was created to address the unique needs of children in the aftermath of these traumas. The Foundation works in collaboration with other concerned entities to ensure that children heal from their experiences without losing hope or becoming victimized again.

As an organization, the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation looks at healing from child abuse as a process that starts in the family.

The basic premise behind the work of this organization is that the trauma of child abuse can leave a long and lasting scar on a child’s psyche. The scar does not just go away; it continues to affect a child’s identity and sense of worthiness in the community.

This is why the organization offers support, guidance, and tools for healing. It offers services that foster healing in the community, ensuring that young victims do not go on to abuse others.

In its various programs, the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation offers residential care for its clients, as well as outpatient services for children who do not feel safe going back home. There are also outreach programs for different religions and sects of children, such as the Holy Rollers and the Little Rock Nine.

There is also a youth ministry that caters to different religious groups and sectors. It ensures that the trauma of the experience does not prevent children from being able to fully enjoy their lives.

To provide its services to the children, the foundation has developed an intensive therapeutic model. Known as the Multi caregiver Model, this approach heals not just the child who has experienced the trauma, but also the people around him or her.

The model aims to build strength in the family and to build communication lines between the family and the child. This approach has been proven to be effective in healing a child and his or her family.

As part of the Multi caregivers Model, the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation provides support, guidance, and tools for families that need this after the child has been rescued.

The program also develops activities that strengthen the family and increase self-reflection for the child who has been traumatized.

The focus of the recovery program is to ensure that children continue to build on their strengths and enhance their self-esteem.

To address the needs of the children, the Burned Children’s Recovery Program sponsors many fundraising campaigns. One such program is the “ishable gift” program that encourages children to give their gifts in the name of healing and hope.

This program raises funds for the program in the name of providing financial support. Additionally, the program hosts fundraisers to support the holistic programs and services provided by the organization. Fundraisers include clothing drives, silent auctions, and raffle sales.

For individuals who are thinking about becoming foster parents, the organization welcomes them to participate in any of its programs that they feel will benefit children. If you have experience caring for a child who has experienced trauma and are looking to deepen your own understanding of the issues involved, the Burned Child’s Care allows you to do just that.

There are over 18 care facilities across the United States that are affiliated with the Burned Children’s recovery program. Each of these children’s care facilities are supported by dedicated and passionate psychologists, therapists, and social workers who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion to the programs.

In addition to daily intake and medical care, children enrolled at these facilities are offered intensive therapy and behavioral management programs as well. Participating in a Burned Children’s program allows you to give back to a child who has suffered trauma and offer him or her the support and help he or she so badly needs.

Many of the programs at the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation utilize the brightest minds in the field of psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. These highly trained and experienced professionals can work with your child to help him or she understand and overcome the traumas that have caused him or her to develop problems in life.

You will learn how to effectively teach your child coping skills and how to turn these skills around in his or her life. Besides, you will learn techniques for keeping children from succumbing to peer pressure and how to give voice to the voiceless.

Through the Burned Children’s programs, you will be learning and gaining tools that can help you not only heal your child’s past but also to heal his or her future.



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