How to Block Someone on Gmail 5 Steps

How to Block Someone on Gmail 5 Steps

There arises a question that what happens when you block someone on Gmail? the answer is that when someone bothers you on your mailbox, and you get irritated, then you simply block him and after that, he is not able to chat with you neither he can send you any other mails. He simply gets disconnected from you, as he never existed or approached you before. To block someone on Gmail, there are 5 simple and easy steps that you can follow and how to block on the Gmail app.


There is also a method and we will also write about it and that method is How to block someone on Gmail without an email if you are interested then comment down below in the comment section. If you want us to write a separate tutorial related to this topic.


Steps on How to Block Someone on Gmail Permanently

Many people ask me that if i block someone on Gmail will they know? The answer is No they will never know because after you block them on Gmail when they will send you mail it will go into your spam messages so they will never know that you have blacklisted them or blocked them on Gmail. But for now, let jump into How to Block Someone on Gmail.

Step 1: the first step is to Log in to your Gmail account, using your credentials, i-e your Gmail ID and Password.

Step 2:  Open any of the emails from the person whom you wish to block from sending any of the mail to you in the future.

If you have a lot of messages in your mailbox, then you can simply search for a specific person’s message by his name or email ID through the search box that is at the top of your mailbox.

Step 3:  Hit the down arrow   symbol that is on the right side of the sender’s name.

Step 4:  by one simple click on the Block option Block “Sender Name” from the list that drops down by clicking this  symbol.

Step 5:  Click on Block to confirm, and the user will be blocked.

So here it is! Now you will not get any messages from that person who used to bother you.

 Alternative Ways to Block someone on Gmail.

A few other ways to block someone on Gmail are as follows.

 Use a Gmail Extension

Google Chrome is recommended to be used so that you can Block a person on Gmail.

Step 1:  From the Google Chrome web store just add an extension named Block Sender for Gmail.

Step 2:  when you will open your mailbox, after opening any of the mail of the specific person whom you want to block, a new Block button will be available there.

By simply pressing the Block button, a new Gmail filter will be created that will block the sender.

Step 3:  is it done? That Great! A confirmation message will appear, that will ask you to undo the block if you had done it mistakenly.

Once it is done, the Gmail filter that was created will move the messages from the psychotic sender who sends you irrelevant messages, his messages will go straight to the trash bin instead of appearing in your inbox.

 Another method is Manually Setup Filters

Annoying sender’s messages can also be blocked manually instead of using the Google extension and by this method, you won’t ever get messages from the sender you have blocked

The answer to the question that how to how to block spam emails on Gmail using manually setup filters is as follows?

Step 1:  In the Gmail search field, click on the triangle ▾ that shows search options.

Step 2:  Type the name or email address of the sender here

Once you are done with these two little steps the next step that you need to follow is,

If you are getting a message from a different user with the same domain and you want to block this entire domain, then you can do that by this method 

Here is an example in which you will see the process to block the entire domain, for instance, if you want to block all the emails from two different users, i-e User A with email address [email protected] and User B with email address [email protected] having the same domain, then you’ve are required to type ““.

If you wanted to block more than one email address with the same or different domains

Then what you’ve got to do is separate each of them with a “|” (the vertical bar; typically you can find it above the backslash on your keyboard; don’t include the quotation marks, however).

Considering the last example, you can block more than one user, with the same or different domain, i-e User A with [email protected] and User B with [email protected] email addresses, simply type “[email protected]|[email protected]“.

Is it done? That really Awesome! Now is the time to get back to manually set up a filter for your own Gmail filters.

Step 3: just search with Create filter in the search box.

Step 4:  keep in mind that don’t forget to check to Delete it, When a new message arrives that matches your search.

Step 5: the last step is to click Create filter.

Once again we are emphasizing that you should make sure to check it Also apply the filter to [] matching conversations, so that the previously received messages from that sender/senders are also deleted.

Now if you want to unblock any of the people whose messages were a headache to you in past and now you want to have a conversation with him, and you don’t know that how to unblock them, here is the method explain below to unblock them whom you have already blocked (block emails on Gmail on iPhone) follow these simple steps to unblock emails on Gmail on iPhone:

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail on iPhone or Android

Now if you want to know how to block emails on Gmail on iPhone or Android then you have to follow the below-listed steps.

Step 1:  at the top right corner of your Gmail, there is a setting open.

Step 2:  Select this Settings option

Step 3:  in the Settings option select the Filters and Blocklist option

Step 4:  on the most right side you will see an Unblock option.

 An alternate method to unblock someone on Gmail.

There is another way that you might like to unblock someone on Gmail.

If you want to unblock a sender, whom you blocked earlier, but don’t find his mail in your inbox, try searching in the spam folder. 

Step 1:  Open the messages in your Gmail.

Step 2:  Click on the more options button  in your email’s header area.

Step 3:  Now select the Unblock “User” from the menu as shown below.

Step 4:  Now all you need to do is to click on the Unblock under the option Unblock this sender.

That was all on how to block someone on mail or Gmail. If you have any questions related to this topic then ask down below in the comment section. If this tutorial helped you in any way then share it with your friends on Social media. Also, you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.

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